Book 6 Chapter 39.10

Book 6 Chapter 39.10 - Silent

After stopping his coughing with great difficulty, O’Brien gripped Eileen’s hand, giving her an apologetic smile, and then looked below the mountain. The moment his eyes shifted, he suddenly saw an enormous black cloud currently surging from the horizon! The dark cloud moved extremely quickly, and it headed almost straight for Arthur Family’s territory. When they were a bit closer, one could see that this wasn’t some dark cloud, but rather countless mechanical bugs! The bug swarm’s close to a hundred kilometer radius clearly told them that this was a bug swarm that was on an even larger scale than the last. Meanwhile, the last battle was faced with Arthur Family’s complete defensive facilities, ample preparations, and a net supported by the crossfire of numerous allies, and only then did they last until today. However now, a mechanical bug swarm that was almost ten times larger appeared without any warning!

This place was deathly still, only the loading trucks’ engines still ignorantly rumbling. Everyone else stood there silently, looking towards the sky. They didn’t do anything, not resisting, not running, and not hiding either. Dazzling searchlights lit up the factory sites as bright as day, the brilliant lights visible even from several dozen kilometers away. Everyone had experienced the last battle, so they also knew what the sky-covering mechanical units signified. All actions were meaningless, even if only 1% of the combat units fell, they could still blast these several hundred people to death.

O’Brien laughed bitterly, and then coughed violently again, but didn’t take action to attack. Right now, apart from the Spider Empress’ strengthened Doomsday Storm, he definitely didn’t think there was any chance of winning against an enemy of this scale, only able to ensure his own survival. Since attacking was useless, then what was the point of making the first move? This was actually already despair.

“Eileen, if there is a chance, you and older sis should go first, don’t worry about me.” O’Brien ordered.

“No!” Eileen directly refused.

“Eileen! You know my body…” O’Brien frowned and berated. Right now, he already possessed great awe when he displayed anger.


O’Brien began to cough again, no longer trying to hold it in, instead raising his head towards the night sky. At this time, the mechanical bug swarm’s front line already arrived at the edge of their firing range. Based on past knowledge, they should have already seen specks of flickering light in the night sky, the sign of high energy light beams’ arrival. However, the night sky was still an expanse of darkness, the mechanical bugs at the vanguard quickly entering miniature guided missile firing range, but there wasn’t a single missile fired. They only silently flew past, as if they didn’t see the several hundred people gathered beneath at all. When the bugs in the front flew past less than a hundred meters above the ground, a young man finally couldn’t endure this invisible pressure, pulling out his automatic rifle with a scream, and then firing crazily at the mechanical combat units in the sky! Clusters of bullet shot into the air, hitting at least three mechanical units. However, when they reached a hundred meters in the sky, the power already decreased substantially, only producing a string of sparks, not blasting down even a single one. The moment the young man went crazy, a few seasoned old soldiers already noticed that something wasn’t right, but they still couldn’t stop the youngster who suddenly went crazy in time.

The attack finally drew the mechanical units’ reaction, several dozen familiar lights appearing in the night sky. Then, dozens of high energy light beams shot at the youngster, instantly blasting him into a charred corpse. Several hundred mechanical combat units stopped, circling about slowly, and then the large bug swarm passed over their heads. The mechanical units’ high energy light beam firing devices released a bit of light, but they didn’t charge all the way.

The survivors on the ground stood there, stupefied, not daring to move anymore. They gripped the weapons in their hands tightly, but didn’t dare raise the muzzle even slightly. This was a death-like stillness, death-like pressure. Thick sweat continuously tumbled down from their foreheads, but no one thought about wiping at it.

A low buzzing sound could be heard in the sky. Countless mechanical units flew past the sky like a great river that rushed into the distance, as if it would never end.

Following a cha sound, a match was lit from the mountain top not too far away, the flickering flame clearly not matching its surroundings. Over a hundred mechanical units raised their vigilance level, aiming their high energy light beam firing devices at the match that was lit. However, the match only lit a single cigarette. O’Brien took a deep breath, and then he began to cough intensely again, his body even bending.

When the coughing settled slightly, he straightened his body, looked towards the massive mechanical bug swarm that gradually departed into the distance, and then asked, “Sis, where do you think they’re headed?”

Persephone remained silent for a moment, and then said, “Perhaps the southern continent.”

“That’s what I think too. However, what important objective is there in the south that is worthy of such a large scale mechanical swarm moving out? I have a feeling that this target might be someone the two of us are quite familiar with.” O’Brien slowly said.

Persephone frowned, and then she sighed. The sister and brother were of the same origin, actually the same in many areas. Her Mysterious Fields Domain was higher level, her premonition and intuition stronger. The instant she saw the bug swarm, she already sensed something. The more she thought about it, the stronger this feeling became. This was a feeling that lacked all reasoning. Being impossible to explain was a trait unique to the Mysterious Fields, as well as the greatest difference from Perception Domain ability’s ‘Clairvoyance’.

The cigarette quickly reached its end. O’Brien faced the cold night winds, took a deep breath, and then said, “Older sis, have you carefully thought to yourself about what kind of person Su really is? Or, what is he really?”

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