Book 6 Chapter 39.1

Book 6 Chapter 39.1 - Silent

There weren’t only six duplicated Sus, which was why Madeline grabbed towards the air a second time, and as such, a second eruption of bloody rain burst here. However, when Madeline raised her left hand a third time, Serendela finally couldn’t endure this any longer, screaming out ‘stop!’, reaching out her hand towards the heavy sword’s blade edge in Madeline’s hands!

The heavy sword deviated for an almost undetectable angle, the vibration frequency also changed somewhat, and then it easily hacked through Serendela’s arm, immediately leaving her stupefied.

The severed limb separated from her body. Serendela instinctively tried to call it back, but discovered that she already lost all connection with that severed arm. Then, right...

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