Book 6 Chapter 38.8

Book 6 Chapter 38.8 - Embrace

Inside Starship Valhalla, Serendela was already dressed in armor, in her hand a several meter long alloy greatsword. Beneath her feet rested Spider Empress’ giant pillar-like broken finger. In Serendela’s surroundings floated more than ten duplicated soldiers, two of them were Gusglav, the remaining all Su. The dozen or so duplicated soldiers similarly delivered visible damage to the Spider Empress. Aside from the duplicated bodies, there were over a hundred flesh puppets. However, in a battle of this level, flesh puppets almost couldn’t display any use, only the strongest few able to leave small marks on the Spider Empress’ arm.

When they truly entered combat, Serendela instead calmed down. She discovered that the Spider Empress wasn’t as frightening as she imagined. Even though the aura she exuded and the source of fear in her memories were extremely similar, it wasn’t overwhelming like the source of the fear. Before that type of power, even Serendela...

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