Book 6 Chapter 38.2

Book 6 Chapter 38.2 - Embrace

In a certain small town on the western shore of the continent, life was still peaceful. Roughly three hundred people lived in this small town, and just like in every inhabited area, life was difficult, yet also stable, cruel, yet had basic structure. For some reason, this small town wasn’t purged by the mechanical bug swarm found throughout the continent. Meanwhile, the people here were completely oblivious to the events taking place a few dozen kilometers out. The environment here was blessed by heaven, as long as one went out to sea to fish, then there was no need to worry about food, to the extent where even the phenomenon of wasting food existed in this small town. There were just too many fish in the sea, if a boat went out to sea, a day and night’s worth of work would result in tons of fish. The reason why the population of the town didn’t increase was because the amount of radiation within the ocean fish was too strong, and the mutation the people suffered was too severe, lifespans thus shortened to less than thirty years. 


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