Book 6 Chapter 38.10

Book 6 Chapter 38.10 - Embrace

Just from the amount of damage Madeline inflicted onto the Spider Empress,it was clear that the power of the giant blade could completely split Valhalla in half. The two apostles didn’t dare face her sword, even being brushed by it would inflict unendurable damage. Moreover, their own attacks, just from seeing the attacks the Spider Empress used against Madeline, definitely couldn’t break through her defenses.

Meanwhile, the Spider Empress didn’t deliberately protect herself, instead staring at Madeline, brandishing her arms from time to time to stop Madeline’s path of flight. Her eight limbs were still tightly fastened to Valhalla, not allowing the starship to break free. However, because of this, the Spider Empress lost all flexibility. Even so, when compared to her massive body, there was no way the empress could compete in mobility with Madeline either. Under Lanaxis’ attentive gaze, energy bubbles formed at Madeline’s side, and then exploded, endless energy streams that only had high temperature as their distinctive trait flowed out, all of it spraying on Madeline’s body. No matter how fast Madeline was, these energy flame streams still accurately struck her.

Only, apart from Madeline’s figure becoming a bit indistinct, the Spider Empress’ attacks didn’t seem to display any effects. The heat streams that sprayed out from the energy bubbles were hundreds of thousands of degrees, definitely not something ordinary ultra life forms could resist, but Madeline allowed them to splash onto her body, as if she didn’t care at all. Meanwhile, she herself flew about the Spider Empress, continuing to inflict endless injuries on her.

The Spider Empress suddenly released a light laugh. Following the laughter, Madeline suddenly became covered in coldness, immediately withdrawing at full speed! However, it was already too late. Her body temperature suddenly dropped rapidly, instantly reaching close to absolute zero! A dark blue colored coldness suddenly appeared in the void, freezing the young lady within! The icy coldness immediately burst, Madeline emerging from the crushed ice, but her expression was already pale, bloody wisps even more so reaching out from the corners of her lips. She forgot that under the continuous bombardment of individual Doomsday Storms, her body temperature already rose to over ten thousand degrees, and now that it suddenly dropped, the drastic change immediately brought her body tremendous damage.

Madeline’s giant sword was raised horizontally, aiming at the space between Lanaxis’ brows. Her expression was still indifferent, as if the one who was injured wasn’t herself.

The Spider Empress laughed, slightly lowering her head towards Madeline and saying, “Apostles’ sword? It seems like the little fella I raised back then still awakened in the end, even able to use ‘Absolute Defense’, truly leaves one in admiration. However, this planet is my homeland, even though it is now in its current state, and in the future, I’ll have no choice but to leave it as well, I still won’t allow you all to destroy it. This place does not need apostles, which is why you all need to find other ways to leave, and not by completely exhausting this place’s resources. Otherwise, I don’t mind destroying all of you, have you all drift endlessly in darkness until one day, you all have the chance to reawaken in some other desolate place hundreds of thousands of years later.” 

Absolute Defense, Combat Domain ultimate twelfth level ability, the effects were just like the name. Those who had Absolute Defense would survive even if they were at the heart of a nuclear explosion.

Madeline didn’t say anything, Valhalla also quiet, the starship becoming lifeless, no longer struggling. The Spider Empress was covered in wounds all over, but the injuries were currently recovering at shocking speed. For an ultra life form on her level, it didn’t matter no matter how many injuries she received, as long as her recovery speed didn’t change, it meant that she didn’t suffer any true damage. However, under Lanaxis’ final attack, Madeline’s energy level began to fluctuate irregularly. There was still a disparity between the young lady and the Spider Empress’ energy levels, but at the crucial point, the moment the Spider Empress released an attack, Valhalla was completely silent. The Spider Empress who was no longer inhibited by Valhalla attacked in an easygoing manner, seriously injuring Madeline with a single move. Meanwhile, with the two apostles on Valhalla together with Madeline, their power clearly already surpassed the Spider Empress. If the empress wanted to leave, she could easily do so, while if she wanted to fight to the end, she could at least bring down Madeline or the two apostles on Valhalla with her. That was why the two apostles in Valhalla weren’t willing to display the slightest activity to avoid incurring the Spider Empress’ wrath.

From a certain type of meaning, this was actually fear.

Only Madeline remained calm, but she wouldn’t do pointless things, for example, attack when there was clearly no chance of winning.

Rumbling sounds suddenly rang out from the Spider Empress’ belly. Her expression changed, lowering her head to look at her spider body. In the end, she helplessly raised her head, looked towards Madeline, and then slowly said, “I’m hungry, need to find some things to eat. This will take some time, so it can also be considered giving you all a chance. You all can properly think it through, whether you will leave this place, or be eaten by me. Even though I can imagine that the taste of apostles definitely won’t be very good, it’s fine, it can at least stave hunger. As for you, Madeline, I do not know if your will of this world still exists, but I am willing to give you a chance as well. I hope that when I return after eating my fill, you do not force me to eat you as well.”

After speaking, the Spider Empress’ eight legs moved. The trapped Valhalla was finally freed, and then it fell just like a chunk of scrap iron, only starting to reduce speed when it was around a hundred meters from the ground, and then it floated quietly just like like that, not displaying any movements, to the extent where not even the damage on the ship’s surface was repaired. The Spider Empress gave Valhalla another look of contempt, and then her limbs moved about, moving her massive body. As if there was an invisible giant spider web in the air, the Spider Empress climbed upwards, her massive body entering the clouds of radiation, gradually departing into the distance.

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