Book 6 Chapter 38.1

Book 6 Chapter 38.1 - Embrace

After who knew how long, Su finally emerged from the boiling biological solvent, gradually rising into the sky. He was completely naked, regardless of whether it was his body or appearance, he was still perfect, his light golden soft short hair fluttering about, green pupils flickering with a bit of bewilderment.

As if he woke up from a dream, only after a long time had passed did Su release a sigh, a bit of divine radiance returning to his eyes. He first gave his own body a look, and then his line of sight landed on the biological solvent below him. The original half solid biological solvent continuously boiled, already completely liquefied. There were large amounts of bubbles that continuously emerged from the depths, and then they ruptured, releasing highly toxic gas.

Within every single drop of biological solvent, the original cells were fighting crazily against intruder cells, no, to be more precise,...

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