Book 6 Chapter 37.9

Book 6 Chapter 37.9 - Eruption

“Number one!” Su was shocked. Dr. Rochester’s words were like a switch, instantly unlocking all of his memories. Right now, those nightmarish memories that tormented him endlessly throughout his younger years returned to his mind, and they were incredibly clear. Right now, the scenes that had troubled him already all had answers. It was a perspective produced from gazing out of the breeding tank, moreover not through eyes, but rather through perception abilities to ‘see’, because at that time, Su still didn’t have eyes.

Su had previously entered the base he was being raised in, and he also saw the three experimental bodies’ breeding tanks. The scenes in his memories belonged to experimental subject number three, but his memories weren’t completely real.

“I am number one?” Su asked with a bitter smile.

“Correct. Even though you already evolved to a completely different life form than...

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