Book 6 Chapter 37.6

Book 6 Chapter 37.6 - Eruption

If Rochester really was an apostle, then he was the first of the apostles to awaken. Even though Su didn’t know what he did for the few decades after war erupted, he definitely didn’t idle his time away. Sun Empire, for an ultra life form like the apostle, was a complete joke, it could only be a tool to hide Rochester’s true goal. As the father of abilities, Rochest’s understanding towards abilities and evolution definitely far exceeded that of Serendela and Fitzdurk, the characters similar to the Bisindle divine language he saw within the temple even more so making Su feel doubt. The energy and knowledge released by those mysterious symbols were basically the reason why Su was able to evolve to this day. Even now, he still knew absolutely nothing about the Bisindle divine language’s origins or creation. Meanwhile, Rochester clearly already...

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