Book 6 Chapter 37.3

Book 6 Chapter 37.3 - Eruption

At the southern extremity of the great sea, Su laid on his back, gazing into the deep night sky. The clouds of radiation just happened to have a hole opened, revealing bits of starlight. This was a rare scene, yet it was blocked by a group of slowly moving mechanical bugs. When looking up from below, he could only see several giant motherships fly south under the escort of countless combat units. This place already bordered the great sea, so if the mechanical bug swarm went further south, they would enter the great sea, and after that, the southern continent.

Su still remembered that the southern continent’s northern region was covered in a lush tropical rainforest, as well as the natives whose life force was as tenacious as roaches. The rainforest was filled with all types of strange dangerous creatures, not even Sun Empire having any plans of taking root there. From a human race perspective, there was a...

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