Book 6 Chapter 36.9

Book 6 Chapter 36.9 - Previous Generations

The starship already completely emerged from the sea, starting to slowly increase altitude. The over ten million combat units relied on their great speed to fill up every position, starting their volley of attacks.

Correct, volley of attacks.

Tens of millions of attacks, not even this mechanical bug swarm was able to coordinate this much. However, in the first volley of attacks, there were already over two million combat units that fired at the same time. When the endless high energy light beams reached a hundred meters from Dark Red Castle, they couldn’t help but converge together, turning into a massive ball of light. This was the purest energy flood, sweeping through Dark Red Castle’s walls, and then flowing through it. Under the cleansing of the energy flood, Dark Red Castle’s surrounding rocks quickly became a dark red color, softening, ultimately turning into flowing magma. Meanwhile, the energy flood possessed extraordinary pressure, sending the melted magma in all directions, all the way until it poured into the great sea, instantly producing large amounts of steam. It was unknown what kind of materials Dark Red Castle was made of, not only did it not deteriorate in the slightest, only certain paths became a bit more red. When the magma beneath the castle was removed, the castle’s foundations were thus also exposed. This was an entire piece of rock, its shape similar to a diamond that had just been roughly carved. However, the amount of area Dark Red Castle covered wasn’t that small, close to half a square kilometer.

Under the cleansing of the energy storm, the rock that served as the foundation proved how different it was. It didn’t melt like the other rocks, instead remaining unmoved. Only, in the dark black base color, strips of dark red patterns began to appear, just like on the castle itself.

The second and third volley quickly unfolded. When the fourth volley arrived, there were already over six million mechanical combat units firing at the same time. The energy flood’s intensity was instantly increased more than ten times, the temperature of the blazing flames reaching close to ten thousand degrees, far exceeding even the surface temperature of the sun. There originally shouldn’t have been anything on this planet that could endure this type of temperature, yet Dark Red Castle could. The energy flood was incredibly ferocious. The small island that supported Dark Red Castle had long disappeared, the sea surface only having a terrifying, close to a hundred kilometers diameter whirlpool. An endless amount of seawater turned into steam, rising up. The berserk energy stream formed a giant tornado, unexpectedly supporting Dark Red Castle, slowly bringing it into the sky.

Under the contrast of the countless energy light beams, this black and red castle looked extremely beautiful, yet also incredibly strange.

As if able to sense the uneasiness of the operators, every single mechanical combat unit raised its firing frequency to the highest, the energy motherships forced to the most dangerous position, replenishing the energy of these combat units that were frantically sending out attacks. The rain of light illuminated everything, making this space become a blazing star. Ordinary humans couldn’t look straight into the dazzling ball of flames in the sky at all, this was a light even more intense than the sun, able to directly blind their eyeballs.

There were still countless miniature guided missiles flying about in the sky, yet they didn’t shoot towards Dark Red Castle, but instead towards the energy mothership in the back. The bellies of the motherships opened their bottomless gates, swallowing up the swarm of miniature guided missiles, once again turning them into pure energy to replenish the combat units ahead. High temperature was the most powerful weapon, this type of pure energy level battle was already no longer something the miniature guided missiles could contribute to.

Dark Red Castle was completely surrounded by the pure, blazing energy, as if it was blasted by a nuclear warhead after certain intervals of time. However, it was unknown just what kind of material it was made of, no energy force field effects visible from its surface, yet it remained completely indifferent to the high temperature that could melt all known materials. Meanwhile, at this time, the castle’s inverted crystal shaped foundation also displayed more and more dark red patterns, from the looks of it, already completely mixing together with the main castle itself.

The mechanical bug swarm’s attacks seemed never-ending, the blazing energy storm truly displaying a mountain shifting, sea moving power. However, in reality, not much time had passed at all, that incomparably massive star system warship had just completely separated from the ocean surface, flying to an altitude slightly higher than Dark Red Castle. The starship began to level out, countless complex and brilliant patterns gradually lighting up, the sign of the warship starting to charge energy. Only after an entire minute would it completely finish its energy recharging process, flying above Dark Red castle. At that time, under the gravitational force field’s effects, its incomparably massive mass would be increased by the thousands and tens of thousands of times, the pressure Dark Red Castle faced would be in the hundreds of millions. Apart from those special extremely sturdy celestial bodies in the cosmos, even planets couldn’t endure such great pressure.

Within Dark Red Castle’s depths, the dark and deep starry sky also began to flicker about. Angelina’s figure flickered between light and dark, no longer that clear. However, that refined and calm temperament seemed to remain forever unchanged. The teacup on the table also rocked back and forth, the half full cup of tea would still sometimes reach the brink, spilling out. She already lowered the collection of poems in her hands, raising her head towards the endless night sky. An almost indiscernible smile appeared on the corner of her sharp lips, lightly saying to herself, “A minute it is.”

The star system warship finally adjusted its stance, rising above Dark Red Castle. The patterns on the ship body were already completely lit up, a dark force field that was almost impossible to see with the naked eye was released from the ship’s body, crushing down on Dark Red Castle. The starship’s movements weren’t that fast because it was too large, the energy it contained also too great. This was a weapon that originally shouldn’t have appeared on this planet, if it was sturdy enough, it might smash straight into the planet’s core, and from this destroy it entirely! If the material was good to the point where it could last until the planet was completely destroyed, then it could already be truly considered a star annihilating weapon.

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