Book 6 Chapter 36.8

Book 6 Chapter 36.8 - Previous Generations

Ten million light beam cannons began to charge energy, the countless specks of light carrying auras of death flickered about like stars in a night sky. All of the miniature guided missiles’ tails began to release energy radiance, able to accelerate to a hundred kilometers per hour. Meanwhile, this wasn’t the only method, countless energy force fields overlaid on top of each other, enveloping Dark Red Castle. Even if the castle was made from fine steel, it would still completely distort under these force fields!

The ocean surface suddenly caved in, a several kilometers diameter giant vortex appearing on the ocean surface to the east of the small island. At the center of the vortex appeared a metal prism. When the metal prism grew to a kilometer in length, one would find that this was only the bow of a massive warship. This was a several dozen kilometers long warship, a star system level weapon, not something that should appear inside a planet at all. It was millions of tons in weight, able to easily subjugate or even eradicate an entire civilization. It only had one attack method, which was when it moved through the sky, its weight would have to be endured by all things beneath it. Apart from the planet’s great earth itself, no living creatures could endure this type of pressure. Its attack method was simple and crude. When this reached an extreme, apart from facing it head-on, there was no other way of dealing with it.

Dyke Avidar still towered on Dark Red Castle’s balcony, the two mushroom clouds still slowly rising into the sky. The clouds were red and black, flames still roiling about, in the end turning into thick smoke, adding bulk to the mushroom clouds in the air.

After the giant explosion, heaven and earth seemed to have lost all sound, only the flickering flames irregularly illuminating Dark Red Castle and the Spreader of Darkness on its balcony. The old man’s life force was already completely exhausted, but his body still stood perfectly straight. His head was turned towards the east, from his eyes that were brimming with life, one could see that the vortex in the sea already reached several dozen kilometers in size. An inconceivably massive starship was currently struggling out from the sea. The ice-cold great sea completely erupted, endless snow-white foam surging from the ocean surface, each time a bubble popped, several to several dozen mechanical units would emerge from within. In that instant, millions of mechanical bugs emerged from the sea, with a seemingly endless amount still to come.

Dark Red Castle’s only path of retreat to the east was thus completely sealed up.

Dyke Avidar saw this, but his mind wasn’t placed on the unprecedentedly massive giant bug swarm, his thoughts already drifting extremely far away, extremely high up. In that instant, he saw the entire continent, even seeing the other side of the sea. At the same time, the dozens of years he spent in this world also swept through his mind. He had never been this powerful before...

Inside Dragon City, Snow’s entire body trembled. She couldn’t help but turn her head southward. An extremely powerful and tyrannical aura transmitted from that direction. It wasn’t that she never encountered people with more powerful auras than this, but not a single one was as terrifyingly explosive as this. This was power completely equivalent to that of a nuclear warhead!

Josh Morgan’s calmness was just disturbed by Snow’s sudden change in behavior, and now, his expression changed once more, also looking southward. Even though he couldn’t see what was happening, he could almost imagine the scene of the giant mushroom cloud rising up.

“Elemental Storm, moreover two of them!” General Morgan’s expression became pale, his brows even more so tangling together. Eleventh level magic ability Elemental Storm, if it was fully activated, it was equivalent to a nuclear warhead in power. This was a terrifying result of artificially created material fusion, the first appearance of this made through consulting the principles behind the hydrogen bomb. This was the Spreader of Darkness’ ultimate ability, as well as an ability only he had. However, even if it was him, he could only fire a single Elemental Storm at most, the price for doing so ten years of his life force. However now, the energy waves from the south clearly originated from two Elemental Storms!

“Old friend, another one is now gone…” Josh Morgan released a long sigh, slowly lowering the Bahamut in his hands.

Meanwhile, in Valhalla’s control room, Fitzdurk and Serendela’s expressions were both a bit unpleasant. “Elemental Storm…” This thought simultaneously exchanged in their consciousness. Elemental Storm’s destructive power wasn’t that great on paper, experts above ten levels, even if they were in a nuclear explosion, they could still survive, eleventh level experts even more so able to survive at the heart of the explosion. However, Elemental Storm was a true strategical ability, not even the two apostles having such devastating methods. What they were thinking was that if even a subordinate had such terrifying abilities, what about the Spider Empress herself?

Perhaps only the inheritor who also used Magic Domain abilities could compare to the Spider Empress. However, where was the inheritor? There was still not even the slightest clue to be found. The issue now was, that star system level warship, would it be able to deal with the Spider Empress?

At this moment, Dark Red Castle’s internal composition already underwent a great change. Behind the main entrance was a large hall, while at the end of the large hall, there were no walls, only an endless darkness. If one stood at the edge of the floor and stared forward, it would feel as if one was gazing into the cosmos! Inside Dark Red Castle, there was actually an immeasurable amount of space. The darkness wasn’t completely empty, instead decorated with specks of stellar light, just like the real cosmos. At the center of the darkness suddenly appeared a clump of light, within it a table and a chair. A calm and refined woman sat on the chair, currently concentrated on the book in her hand, her bearing full of a classical type of beauty. This space was dark and peaceful, everything that was happening in the outside world seemingly completely unrelated to this place.

At this moment, Angelina Von Lanaxis was just like a medieval age dame, with only novels and poetry to pass her idle afternoon time.

However, her serenity didn’t continue for much longer. The entire starry sky swayed a few times, and then the cup of milk tea on the table also began to rock back and forth, a bit even spilling from the brim. Only at this time did Angelina raise her head, looking towards the sky. Her eyes instantly passed through the darkness, seeing the outside world.

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