Book 6 Chapter 36.7

Book 6 Chapter 36.7 - Previous Generations

Dyke Avidar pressed a bullet into the barrel, raised the gun, then aimed at the energy mothership. A hint of a smile appeared at the corners of his lips, and then he said softly, “Go fuck yourself!”

The bullet left the barrel!

This was no longer the bullet Serendela saw, the power of this bullet was already no less than that of a small nuclear warhead! The bullet coiled with black energy, unexpectedly condensed with half of the Spreader of Darkness’ life force!

“This…” Serendela and Fitzdurk were momentarily speechless. They never expected Dyke Avidar would entrust a bullet with half of his own life!

The bullet’s speed wasn’t that fast, the initial firing speed of a thousand meters per second wasn’t much in the apostles’ eyes. However, the bullet was burning, drawing out a dark black trajectory through the air. For some reason, in the apostles’ eyes, this black color was extremely brilliant.

The bullet passed through all of the mechanical units’ obstructions, causing at least a hundred combat units along the way to explode, turning into the most dazzling flame. While wrapped within black flames, the bullet directly entered an energy mothership. There was first a flash of light that appeared in the sky, brilliant to the point where it was enough to blind the most powerful mutated creature’s eyes. Then, the energy mothership was also lit up, ultimately turning into a blazing ball of flame, this ball continuously growing larger, as if a sun rose in the sky! This mothership that could support one and a half million combat units carried an incomparably massive amount of energy, which was why when it completely exploded, the ball of flame that was produced already reached ten kilometers in diameter, the surface temperature even more so exceeding ten thousand degrees!

This was completely a star!

Within this star’s radius, close to a million mechanical units silently disintegrated, turning into nourishment for this ball of fire.

When they saw this scene, Fitzdurk and Serendela’s brains went momentarily blank, completely unable to comprehend Dyke Avidar’s actions. An eleventh level ability user, even though they didn’t attach much importance to him, in battle, they still had to face him seriously. Once one reached eleven levels, that was close to understanding the essence of life, one’s life span thus becoming nearly limitless. However, that bullet carried half of his life essence, this was not as simple as just shaving off half of his lifespan. Dyke Avidar would live for another three years at most before he would die due to genetic collapse. Serendela wasn’t the only one who saw this, even Fitzdurk realized this point. However, they just couldn’t understand this. Giving up an almost eternal lifespan, could it be that it was only for the sake of destroying the mechanical bug swarm? Forget about a million bugs, even if this bullet destroyed ten million, so what? As long as he was given enough time, Fitzdurk could turn the entire planet into a sea of mechanical bugs!

The two apostles instantly exchanged countless thoughts, yet they couldn’t find any explanation. “Why is he…” Serendela and Fitzdurk produced this thought at the same time, feeling shock towards Dyke Avidar’s following actions.

The Spreader of Darkness pressed another bullet into the barrel. Meanwhile, during this process, the rest of his life essence was almost completely turned into pure destructive energy, applying it to this bullet!

The rifle’s muzzle was raised once again, aiming at the remaining mothership, and then the trigger was pulled by the forefinger under the glove. Only Serendela knew that the instant the trigger was pulled, that forefinger instantly became covered in wrinkles and age spots, moreover becoming dried-up like winter branches.

The instant he fired the rifle, Dyke Avidar’s lips opened and closed, unknown what he was saying. This time, not even Serendela could understand what the Spreader of Darkness was saying.

“This is eternal parting, Angelina, my love. I cannot stop you, so I can only take a step before you. Forgive me, forgive my cowardice for not wishing to see the final conclusion.”

This was what the Spreader of Darkness said.

“Why did life have to be wasted like this, if I became more powerful, perhaps today’s appearance could have been avoided…” This was Dyke Avidar’s final regret.

A second ball of flame appeared above. After illuminating the entire world, it then turned into a mushroom cloud, gradually rising into the air. What created this mushroom cloud, were another million mechanical units.

Dyke Avidar stood there perfectly straight like a spear. His eyes slowly closed, on his face instead a smile, as if he was freed of his worries. A morbidly white color began to spread from his neck, climbing upwards until it reached his neatly combed hair. His body gradually became stiff, all the way until there was no organic matter left.

The past Spreader of Darkness now already became a statue, a stone sculpture.

What he obtained in return, was nothing more than two million mechanical bugs’ destruction. In the eyes of the apostles, they couldn’t even be considered cannon fodder. Fitzdurk knew this, Dyke Avidar understood this as well.

“He did this because…” Fitzdurk asked probingly.

“I do not know either, it is merely stupidity. This human species just loves to do these foolish things.” Serendela coldly replied.

Only one million combat units were left. This was not enough to deal with the Spider Empress. The mechanical bug swarm, after losing the energy mothership, their combat power decreased by more than one level, less than thirty percent of their original power remaining. From this perspective, the Spreader of Darkness’ sacrifice seemed to be worth it.

However, this imaginary value, after an energy mothership emerged from the sea, was greatly discounted. When the second mothership appeared, this value was close to zero. When the third energy mothership emerged from the sea, it already returned to zero. After three energy motherships appeared, the great sea completely boiled, countless mechanical units leaping out from the deep sea, hiding the sky and covering the earth, completely patching up the damaged sky curtain. A bug swarm of ten million covered Dark Red Castle, all just for the Spider Empress alone!

Inside Valhalla, Serendela raised her hand. When her hand lowered, all of the combat units would attack at the same time, the attacks of ten million mechanical bugs converged at a single point, equivalent to the simultaneous explosion of several dozen nuclear warheads. Not even Serendela herself daring enough to take on this type of attack, unless her body was completely in an energy form, only then would there be a chance. However, since she knew this, how could the Spider Empress not know?

Serendela clenched her teeth. Her hand that was raised finally dropped!

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