Book 6 Chapter 36.6

Book 6 Chapter 36.6 - Previous Generations

In the plan, a ten million bug swarm was enough to flatten the Blood Parliament, five million of this number prepared for the Spider Empress. This legendary figure of the Blood Parliament was now the main enemy of the apostles, this was not only what Serendela thought, this was also what Fitzdurk believed. However, what was unexpected was that just a trifling Dragon City pinned down close to five million mechanical bugs, the bug swarm deteriorating at a rate of close to a million every hour, moreover without any hope of taking down Dragon City. Because of this, the mechanical bug swarm that rushed in Dark Red Castle’s direction was less than three million. After seeing Dragon City’s degree of resistance, even without an apostle’s intelligence, he could still tell that this number of mechanical units wouldn’t do much before Dark Red Castle. Dragon City had at least a few thousand ability users, as well as several times this number of soldiers. Meanwhile, Dark Red Castle only had two people, Spider Empress and Dyke Avidar. However, their power couldn’t be evaluated purely through numbers, just like how the two apostles never placed the countless creatures of this planet in their eyes.

Fitzdurk’s consciousness scanned over the thirty million mechanical units, and only then did the vague unease alleviate somewhat. Even though the Blood Parliament was much harder to deal with than expected, he already made preparations, moreover taking direct action.

The bug swarm formed from countless combat units gathered into a dark cloud, passing over Rhodes Island. This was where the mechanical bug swarm encountered the most intense retaliation, the losses the most severe. Even though Waterfront Castle had already been completely abandoned, because it was where the Blood Parliament was located, the island’s defensive installations were complete, and there were many guards. However, the mechanical bug swarm only attacked targets within their range of fire, not dispatching units, their speed of advance not slowing down in the slightest either. The massive bug swarm quickly passed over Rhodes Island, disappearing above the boundless great sea. When the bug swarm’s front line reached Dark Red Castle, only then did its tail separate from the coastline.

The bug swarm was roughly three million in number, with two kilometers long energy motherships to support it. The bug swarm didn’t directly cover Dark Red Castle’s skies like before, instead stopping at the shoreline several kilometers from the small island. Then, the bug swarm continuously changed forms, their surface area quickly enlarging, two wings spreading out, ultimately forming a giant arc. The focal point was precisely Dark Red Castle. The energy motherships suspended a thousand meters above, a large half of the ships’ bodies submerged within the clouds of radiation, using this to protect and hide themselves.

There was already no wind blowing through the small island. The cold winds that swept over from the great continent rammed straight into the mechanical bug swarm, all blocked by the massive force field, left with no choice but to flow to the sides, continuing until they made a detour around the entire small island, only then did they surge crazily. Every single combat unit carried a force field production device, and right now, the force fields of the entire bug swarm condensed into one body, slowly surrounding Dark Red Castle like a massive half spherical curtain of heaven. When the curtain of heaven took form, the mechanical bug swarm no longer avoided the small island’s skies, instead slowly extending over Dark Red Castle. In the blink of an eye, the half facing the deep sea was the only opening left, the only path of escape.

On the castle’s balcony, Dyke Avidar pushed open the oaken door, in his hands a massive suitcase, one in which he could completely fit himself inside. He placed the suitcase on the ground, and then opened it. The suitcase was packed with components, everything organized neatly and tidily. Every component was wiped spotless, clearly well-maintained. Dyke Avidar removed the components one after another, starting to assemble them. His movements were graceful and practiced, neither too fast nor too slow, as if he didn’t see the mechanical bug swarm that covered half the sky at all.

Several minutes later, a giant rifle that was simple and unadorned in appearance emerged in his hands. Dyke Avidar then opened the bottom of the floating suitcase, revealing the neatly stacked rows of shining bullets. These bullets were of interchangeable caliber, but just the bulletheads alone reached five centimeters in length. It seemed like Dyke Avidar wanted to use this rifle to deal with the bug swarm above him.

A cold sneer silently swept through the skies, Serendela and Fitzdurk both placed their attention on this place. Every single combat unit served as their eyes, ears, and noses, which was why not even the finest movement Dyke Avidar made could escape their surveillance, to the extent where the fine composition of his snow-white gloves was clearly revealed before their eyes. There were only a hundred or so rounds of bullets inside the case, while there were but close to three million mechanical units in the sky. Even if every single one of these bullets possessed the strength of olden era cruise missiles, it would still take at least ten thousand rounds to wipe out these mechanical units. Moreover, this would only happen if the mechanical units didn’t move at all, and didn’t put up any defense. Right now, there were only a hundred or so bullets, yet Dyke Avidar’s motions were so calm and unhurried, could it be that he really thought that what was in his hands were some miniature nuclear warheads?

All of the bullets had solid cores, the copper outer shell filled with alloy, that was it. They had extremely simple armor penetrating bullet designs without any advanced technologies. Even if it was merely through the mechanical units’ observation systems, Serendela still understood the bullet’s contents. It was to the extent where as long as she wished, she could see the internal composition of Dyke Avidar’s body clearly.

An ordinary eleventh level ability user, an ordinary rifle, together with ordinary bullets; the other side was going to deal with millions of mechanical units with just this? En, perhaps what was praiseworthy was his crazy self-confidence or acting skills, right? This was what Serendela thought. However, she knew that regardless of what this human was relying on, he would soon be shocked. She suddenly really wanted to see Dyke Avidar’s panicked expression, and as such, she gave an order.

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