Book 6 Chapter 36.2

Book 6 Chapter 36.2 - Previous Generations

As if she knew what Snow was thinking, Helen surprisingly raised her head to look at Snow, instead saying, “You’re different. You are my child, which is why the gene duplication limiter within your body has already been removed.”

I am mama’s child… Snow first felt a great feeling of bliss, and then her mind sunk slightly. Wasn’t that illegitimate child also Helen’s child? Not only did they have the same mother, they also had the same paternal body. However now, under Helen’s deemphasized statement, the illegitimate child’s fate was sealed.

I was the one chosen by mama… Snow thought.

When she obtained this new awareness about her own identity, Snow’s dependence on Helen decreased slightly, and her feeling of danger suddenly increased. She decided on something, to share some of Helen’s worries and difficulties. Meanwhile, nothing was better to work at than the war before them.

“Mama, the war on the surface still hasn’t ended, why don’t I go and help out? Or maybe we should leave this place?” Snow asked probingly.

“There is no need, the war on the surface isn’t important… Oh, my intention is, its importance is currently being evaluated, I might have something even more important to tend to. As for leaving, of course we won’t, I like this place and thus won’t easily leave it. Unless…” Helen raised her head, looking into the darkness completely devoid of all matter before her, as if she was thinking about something. Only after a moment had passed did she lightly say, “Unless there is a… very special reason.”

Snow was extremely smart, which was why she didn’t ask what this special reason was, instead crouching down by Helen’s body, straining herself to look at the light screen flickering with data endlessly. She prepared to analyze the data with full force to help alleviate a bit of Helen’s burden, the thought centers in her small brain were definitely not there just for decoration. However, when she tried to keep up with the changing data, all of the thought centers instantly released heat, all of them unexpectedly entering an overloaded state!

Ah!” Snow released a low sad cry, forcefully shaking her head, giving up on her unrealistic thoughts. She looked at the light screen with shock, not expecting the data stream to be so fast! One had to understand that her current self’s processing capability was completely comparable to that of an olden era supercomputer, yet she couldn’t even get involved in Helen’s research! As a result, Snow felt even more adoration for her mother, as well as more respect.

Helen placed her left hand on the table. Several dozen fine electrical leads directly inserted into her fingertips, through this method, she actually linked herself up to the intelligence system. Right now, Helen’s brain became a core processor.

“Mama, what are you researching?” Snow finally couldn’t hold back her curiosity, asking this.

“Who the human race’s most dangerous enemy is.”

Snow nodded, and then obediently laid down, however, she was still confused. Wasn’t the human race’s most dangerous enemy those limitless machines? Even Snow herself felt a deep sense of fear towards their sheer numbers.

“... could it be the apostle and his mechanical army?” Helen thought to herself. Behind the pure sea of digits, countless possibilities and scenarios were being calculated and simulated, all of them ultimately pointing towards this answer. However, Helen’s mind still remained heavy. She just felt like she seemed to have overlooked something.

She calmed herself down, and then changed the analysis pre-condition to ‘what is this planet’s most dangerous enemy’. However, before inputting the condition, a type of vague intuition made Helen couldn’t help but feel a wave of coldness, making her subconsciously want to huddle together. Only after hesitating for an entire second did she set the resolution to carry out an analysis with this condition, moreover changing the range of targets to ‘all’.

Regardless of what kind of answer it was, what should come should just all come… I’m already prepared; this was what Helen silently thought.

The analysis was long and difficult, but with the previous data as the base, a new result would appear within a few minutes. Helen closed her eyes, and then released a bitter laugh.

The ranking of danger was, in order, Su, the unknown apostle, Spider Empress, Helen herself, and only afterwards was it the apostle who started up the mechanical army, behind this Snow and Su’s other children.

The light screen’s data stopped their movements. Helen sat quietly in the darkness, only after some time had passed did she release a weary sigh.

“Mama?” Snow cried out softly.

“I am very tired, let me sleep for a bit.” Helen waved her hand, and then she stood up, walking towards the room next door. There was a bed there, apart from this bed, there was nothing, a place Helen used for rest in the intervals between her research. Only, in all these years, the number of times this bed had been used was extremely small.

Helen laid down on the bed, only feeling an irresistible fatigue. She quietly laid there for a bit, and then entered a deep slumber.

Snow was shocked once more, she never thought Helen would really fall asleep. A great war was still blazing on the surface! Heaven knew when a guided missile would directly hit this place! The private hospital wasn’t large, a single miniature guided missile able to overturn this place. The war had already continued for close to half an hour, the fact that the private hospital still hadn’t been destroyed yet was simply a miracle. Snow definitely didn’t believe miracles could happen continuously, nor did she have the eleventh level Mysterious Fields ability Attainment, so this world wouldn’t show concern for her. Snow understood well what degree of intensity the battle on the surface had already reached, the reason she stayed here to accompany Helen was actually was actually to shield her with her own body when they were struck by a missile. 

However, why was it that at this time, Helen actually fell asleep?

Snow’s limbs moved, and then her small body floated upwards, defying general knowledge, and then disappeared from the air! Several lines shout out like streaks of electricity, and then Snow reappeared on the rooftop. She straightened out her body, releasing an angry roar of challenge towards the mechanical bug swarm above that was dense like a black cloud! Her voice carried a youth and tenderness, yet it wasn’t as simple as it sounded. Waves of high frequency sound waves scattered outwards quickly, directly entering the mechanical bugs’ communication frequencies, transmitting her intentions to the various mechanical bug intelligence terminals. As for whether or not they understood her challenge, that wasn’t something Snow would concern herself with.

She only stood there proudly like a general who was about to face a great army alone.

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