Book 6 Chapter 36.10

Book 6 Chapter 36.10 - Previous Generations

However now, under this strange planetary environment, it didn’t dare use the greatest amount of energy to prevent affecting this planet too much, causing space to collapse. Before finding the brain and inheritor, not even the apostles dared destroy this planet, so they could only use the most primitive method to sweep through all intelligent species on this planet, in order tofind clues pertaining to their companions. It was because in this place, even the apostles became weak, and they also discovered that they were strangely and intimately connected to this world, the consciousness of this world almost ever-present. Even now, Fitzdurk always vaguely felt as if a trace of this world’s will existed within the depths of his instincts, the proof being that he would still often recall Pandora, that puppet that had successfully...

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