Book 6 Chapter 36.10

Book 6 Chapter 36.10 - Previous Generations

However now, under this strange planetary environment, it didn’t dare use the greatest amount of energy to prevent affecting this planet too much, causing space to collapse. Before finding the brain and inheritor, not even the apostles dared destroy this planet, so they could only use the most primitive method to sweep through all intelligent species on this planet, in order tofind clues pertaining to their companions. It was because in this place, even the apostles became weak, and they also discovered that they were strangely and intimately connected to this world, the consciousness of this world almost ever-present. Even now, Fitzdurk always vaguely felt as if a trace of this world’s will existed within the depths of his instincts, the proof being that he would still often recall Pandora, that puppet that had successfully betrayed him and escaped from him. Strictly speaking, she could also be considered an ultra life form, yet she didn’t have much value to the apostle, the type that should be destroyed. However, when Fitzdurk commanded the mechanical combat units to conduct their search, he didn’t deliberately seek her out, to the extent where it could be said that he was intentionally avoiding her. This was a completely meaningless action, because after completely cleaning out this planet, Pandora would inevitably have nowhere to hide, unless she already evolved to the point where she could separate herself from this planet. However, this special planet was a prison, not even the two apostles able to free themselves from it, so how could she escape?

Either way, she was going to die sooner or later, so Pandora can just live a bit longer. After all, she had done all those things for him. Fitzdurk felt that this reason he found was enough, but he knew that this was completely a reasoning that belonged to the consciousness of this world. The two apostles had almost no secrets between each other, so Serendela definitely understood how he truly thought inside, but she didn’t say anything. After all, within her cabin in Valhalla, apart from the flesh puppets, Gusglav and Su’s duplicates were still standing. As for why Su’s duplicate was there, Fitzdurk wasn’t clear, it perhaps still had research value, but if he were to say that Gusglav’s duplicate had nothing to do with this world’s consciousness, that was something not even Serendela herself believed.

Time could pass quickly, but it could also pass extremely slowly. A minute, for apostles, was already enough to complete an extremely large amount of work. Within Valhalla’s calculation center, the analysis towards this planet had long been started, but the current progress was less than 5%. When the analysis was fully complete, it would mean that the prison’s secrets were fully deciphered.

A minute could be divided into sixty seconds, and for ultra life forms, every second could be changed into an endless amount of time.

The star system warship moved about with difficulty. It finally reached its ideal location, the offensive energy it outputted also reaching its peak at this time. At this moment, even Fitzdurk and Serendela’s consciousness froze, all of their attention already placed on a single place, waiting. Their intuition told them that something important was going to quickly begin.

Intuition, this damn thing, was something else that belonged to the consciousness of this world!

Before the two apostles were able to wake from their cursing, Angelina Von Lanaxis closed the poem collection in her hands, standing up. The soft radiance in the darkness slowly disappeared, her figure thus also disappearing. Only stars were left, still floating in the sky.

As if unable to endure the cleansing of the massive energy flood anymore, all of the dark red patterns on Dark Red Castle that had always calmly floated in the air lit up, color flowing about, becoming like blood that never coagulated. Dark Red Castle began to shake, small pieces of stone continuously falling from the foundation, entering the energy flood, immediately melting into magma, and then dispersing. Great waves over ten meters tall surged, rolling into the distance, not weakening even after traveling more than ten kilometers. This place wasn’t far from dry land, so when it reached the shore, it would definitely become a decently sized tsunami.

Dark Red Castle’s shaking became more and more intense, but there wasn’t any more crushed rock that separated from the foundation. The foundation that was like an inverted crystal produced many cracks, trembling, unexpectedly truly splitting apart! A blood-colored radiance appeared between the cracks, the entire foundation splitting into several stone pillars that were straight like spears! These pillars continuously spread outwards, miraculously not cracking apart, nor did they fall off, even the rubble that separated ridiculously few. The stone pillars spread, growing longer and longer. Then, in the middle, two cracks appeared, both of them breaking in the middle!

No, these stone pillars bent but didn’t break, still connected together. Only, they began to brandish about, movements somewhat shaky at first, eventually more and more familiar and quick!

“It… its alive!!” Fitzdurk who had been paying attention to Dark Red Castle through the mechanical combat units the entire time said with difficulty, his voice incredibly dry and hoarse.

Right now, Dark Red Castle’s foundation already completely unfolded, turning into eight thick unimaginable limbs. The dark and red patterns now seemed full of life force. Dark Red Castle’s foundation already became an incomparably massive creature!

This wasn’t all, dark red patterns on the castle’s outer walls also gradually lit up, producing countless cracks. Piece after piece of rock moved about, melting, and then reorganizing together. As a result, a pair of circling arms appeared on the outer walls, and then waves appeared, wavy long hair made from giant stone. When the arms moved out, the woman who was originally holding her head in her arms unfolded her body, then raised her head, also revealing that face that was like the most perfect sculpture to this world!

On this continent, every powerful individual who had previously approached the peak wouldn’t forget this beautiful and ice-cold face: Angelina Von Lanaxis, someone who was previously a nightmare in many powerful individuals’ hearts, as well as someone who would forever be a nightmare to them. From Dyke Avidar to Bevulas, they were shaken by her one after the other, these individuals only able to watch as her path of evolution reached further and further into the distance. In the end, even her rear figure was something they could no longer look up at.

The father of abilities, Dr. Rochester had previously said something else that seemed to have been forgotten by the people of this world: The human race will eventually evolve into a different species, the differentiating sign, are precisely abilities.

Valhalla was completely silent. Fitzdurk and Serendela were completely silent, but the light bands of data that were as dazzling as fireworks quietly gave away what they were feeling.

The entire Dark Red Castle was the Spider Empress’ body?! Such a massive lifeform, the apostles deeply understood what this signified. In many situations in the universe, pure size represented unsurpassed power.

Within the central control room’s incomparably massive space, the entire scene above the sea had long been reconstructed. Lanaxix’ lower body was an incredibly massive spider body, her upper body that of a human woman, the perfect body almost completely uncovered, nor were there any clothes that could cover such a giant body. If the foundation’s original volume was included, the Spider Empress’ current size was equivalent to that of the island. This size, momentarily made even the star system warship above seem not all that large. Meanwhile, the energy motherships were like twigs that were easily snapped, while the smaller combat units in the surroundings couldn’t even be considered mosquitoes.

None of the mechanical combat units stopped their attacks, the star system level warship even more so outputting offensive energy exceeding the critical point. However, the attack that should have been able to destroy everything in theory seemed completely ineffective on Lanaxis’ body, to the extent where it couldn’t even restrict her movements. She already completely unfolded her body, currently stretching out her limbs as she wished. Her eyes remained closed during this entire process.

When Lanaxis opened her eyes, in that instant, Fitzdurk and Serendela simultaneously had the misconception that her gaze already passed through the obstruction of time and space, landing on their bodies!

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