Book 6 Chapter 36.1

Book 6 Chapter 36.1 - Previous Generations

Dragon City was also trembling in the flames of war. Even though the city had complete fortifications, many ability users, and an almost never-ending supply of weapons and ammunition, to the extent where there were even large amounts of energy and food reserves, it was still a city in the end, moreover a giant city modeled after the olden era. As the thousands to tens of thousands of ability users scattered throughout this land, they were like sand scattered into the water, only able to produce some ripples, the areas that couldn’t be protected still making up the majority. That was why after only a few minutes had passed since the start of the war, all of Dragon City was already immersed in a sea of flames. Stray miniature guided missiles made it through the defensive ring, exploding in the city, every single missile able to easily wipe out several ancient buildings...

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