Book 6 Chapter 35.9

Book 6 Chapter 35.9 - Covered In Dust

Ricardo breathed in and out heavily, his body feeling completely drained. Mental Domain’s area control type abilities were extremely useful on the battlefield, but their shortcoming was that they exhausted too much stamina and energy. However, right now, it wasn’t time to grumble and rest. When the shaking weakened slightly, Ricardo rushed into the underground passage, grabbing a thin steel plate along the way. The soldiers in the bunker seemed to have woken up from nightmares one after another, quickly crawling up, grabbing thin steel plates before following Ricardo into the tunnel.

In a completely collapsed small house, a pile of bricks on the ground suddenly exploded, Ricardo jumping out from the rubble. As soon as he leapt out, there were several specks of light that lit up in the sky. Under these extremely chaotic circumstances, these specks of light were weak to the point where they were impossible to notice, yet they were noticed by Ricardo’s terrifying combat intuition. He reacted instantly, immediately moving his body below a broken wall, unfolding it into an arc to protect his body. More than ten streaks of light immediately reached from the sky down to the ground, shining on the thin steel plate, and then most of the light beams’ energy was reflected by the special protective layer. However, there were just too many of these high energy light beams, and it was bombarded continuously, so the areas that were struck quickly increased in temperature, moreover making the reflective layer darken. If it continued to be blasted by the light beams, the steel plate would be melted through. However, Ricardo continuously moved the steel plate, not allowing one single area to suffer too much heat, which was why melting through this thin steel plate wasn’t that easy. After somewhat blocking the light beams, Ricardo looked towards the sky, seeing thousands of mechanical combat units currently flying around this stronghold, continuously attacking it. Meanwhile, above them was a dark mechanical bug swarm that stretched on limitlessly, covering the entire sky as it rushed into the distance!

Ricardo suddenly jumped out, his speed instantly increasing several times. The judgment of the mechanical units in the sky was all mistaken, streak after streak hitting nothing. Ricardo rushed to a special location, undid the steel cast protective well cover, and then pressed the reserve switch on the well walls, immediately rolling and crawling, frantically trying to evade the attacks in the air, running into the bunker.

A stream of heat suddenly sprayed out from the steel well, an entirely silver guided missile slowly rising, accelerating, and then shooting into the sky like a silver arrow! Then, it silently exploded into a blast of silver fireworks, blazing radiance instantly illuminating everything within a hundred meter radius.

All of the mechanical bugs that were illuminated by the radiance released electric sparks from within them. Then, while carrying roiling black flames, they rocked back and forth, dropping from the sky. The mechanical bug remains fell like rain, at least tens of thousand mechanical bugs destroyed under this explosion. A hole suddenly appeared in the bug swarm above the stronghold.

“Go fuck yourselves!” Ricardo excitedly raised his fist!

What followed was a new cycle of defending against high energy light beams, occasionally retaliating, paying close attention to the miniature guided missiles, and then wait for the bug swarms in the skies to become concentrated once more. They would then fire another electromagnetic shockwave missile, and then the cycle would repeat once more. Until now, Ricardo already successfully fired three rounds of shockwave bullets, the number of mechanical remains in the stronghold’s surroundings already exceeding a hundred thousand. However, the issue was that there was only one shockwave bullet left. What were they supposed to do afterwards? Should they hide or run? The sky was already completely occupied by the mechanical bug swarm, so where would they even run to?

Ricardo had no extra brainpower to think that much, his previously nimble body now heavy as if it was covered in lead, attacks that he should be able to easily avoid now requiring him to go all out. The attacks were never-ending, not giving him any time to rest, yet he couldn’t take any injuries that were too heavy either. All injuries that were serious enough to hinder his mobility were the same as death. The stronghold would fall sooner or later, the bug swarm’s numbers already great to the point of driving one mad. They only needed to transfer over a small portion, and it would be enough to overwhelm and kill Ricardo and the ten soldiers who were still alive. They were originally hoping for reinforcements, but when they saw the bug swarm’s numbers and movement speed, Ricardo knew that there wouldn’t be any reinforcements. Unless...

Unless it was the Spider Empress, or Josh Morgan, only then would there be a chance of clearing open a path through the bug swarm. Or, maybe Su could as well?

Ricardo didn’t know why he suddenly had this type of thought. Even though Su was formidable, the biggest impression he left Ricardo with was that face that was so pretty it even made women jealous. Also, his body was beautiful to the point where Ricardo couldn’t even feel jealousy. If Ricardo had a thing for men, then Su would definitely be an excellent choice. However, Ricardo only liked women, and his tastes were also extremely unique, regardless of whether it was the sword wielding Madeline or the ice-cold Helen, neither of them were women who normal men would get aroused by.

“That is why I am not a normal man!” Ricardo always consoled himself like this, this time no different. He didn’t know how much longer he could persist for, only knowing that it was counted in minutes, that is, if he was lucky. For this sea of bugs, this stronghold was small to the point where it could be completely overlooked, the only reason there were combat units sent out to attack was because the mechanical bugs wouldn’t leave behind any life.

After avoiding another wave of attacks, Ricardo prepared to flee into the underground bunker, but a feeling that was hard to describe suddenly attacked him, as if he was slowly falling to the depths of the ocean, ice-cold, dark, and full of despair. He raised his head, only seeing a giant shadow. A warship that was larger than any he had ever seen before appeared in the sky, slowly passing a few hundred meters above him! As it moved, a gorge that was kilometers in width, several meters deep, arrived in a perfectly straight manner. The earth that was blasted aside was like ten meter tall violent waves!

“It’s gravitational force! Gravitational force!” Ricardo roared out frantically, his voice even passing through the ten meter earth, directly sounding in the bunker! However, he could only shout that it was gravitational force, not giving them any countermeasures.

There were no countermeasures.

Ricardo looked at the giant warship in the air in despair. He suddenly saw everything around himself warp, as if it all became soft, able to be stretched limitlessly. Even without looking, Ricardo knew that he himself was also like this. Soon afterwards, everything before his eyes darkened, his consciousness immediately falling into darkness.

The moment before losing consciousness, Ricardo thought to himself, “I really died too quickly. However, this isn’t that bad, without too much pain. However, I’ve definitely already been crushed to pieces by now, right…”

Earth surged, instantly submerging the town underneath, and then caving down under the powerful pressure. The soldiers in the underground bunker were all crushed into a bloody paste under the hundred-fold gravity, becoming one with the crushed stone and earth, completely indistinguishable.

The giant ship moved slowly under the escort of several million mechanical units, as if nothing happened at all. However, wherever it passed, there was an eye-grabbing scar left on the great earth.

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