Book 6 Chapter 35.7

Book 6 Chapter 35.7 - Covered In Dust

Just when Morgan was reminiscing about the past, the screen suddenly darkened, the preinstalled power source of the monitoring lens exhausted. General Morgan really wanted to replay it, but after some hesitation, he withdrew his hand, instead pressing the button at the edge of the table.

The separation screen of the command platform slowly descended, the staff officers who were holding their breaths raising their heads one after another. When they saw General Morgan dressed in the old-fashioned combat armor, all of them became speechless from shock. At the same time, the images of the command hall had already been transmitted to every corner of the Blood Parliament with the highest level of authority. All those with the qualifications to do see this scene, including the families’ intelligence leaders and important military strongholds’ commanders, were holding their breaths as they looked at Josh Morgan dressed in his martial attire. A few people who were already getting on in their years revealed serious expressions, their somewhat muddled eyes even releasing sharp radiance. These people all remembered what kind of grandeur Josh Morgan possessed when he wore this armor. Perhaps most people in the present world didn’t remember the Black Dragonriders’ origins, but they definitely knew about Josh Morgan’s founding position in the creation of the Black Dragonriders. The Black Dragonriders’ emblem, was not because of anything else, but purely out of respect for Josh Morgan.

In front of the screen, General Morgan stopped for a whole few seconds. After everyone in the Blood Parliament held their breaths, only then did he say with an overcast and fierce voice, “Brothers! We are all humans. Regardless of whether our statuses are noble or not, there is only one thing to do! That is, to get rid of those extraterrestrial filth!”

The general’s pre-war speech was simple and crude, but moments later, almost every single position, every single stronghold erupted into angry roars! Danger came too fast, too sudden, not giving them much time to react at all, to the point where most people entered a complete state of flusteredness and despair. However now, a single sentence from the general converted the fear at the bottom of everyone’s hearts into anger.

The sky became darker and darker.

When one gazed out from the outermost position of the Blood Parliament through the sentry post, they would see an expanse of dark clouds surging over. Everything below these clouds was dark like the night, while the defense positions were still bright. With the black clouds as a dividing line, on one side was day, while the other side was an eternal night. Before the sentinel’s eyes, a blinding streak of white light suddenly lit up! This streak of light was extremely bright, the contrast extremely great, which was why his eyes also felt a stabbing pain, as if they had been pierced by needles. He couldn’t help but close his eyes, and then he immediately opened them again, moreover ignoring the intense pain to stare forward. Fear already completely gripped his heart, while in his field of view, one could only see an expanse of blazing light!

“All of you can go fuck yourselves!” The sentinel suddenly roared out with all of his strength, his voice even suppressing the several thousand miniature guided missiles’ ear-splitting screaming sounds. The moment before he was disintegrated by the high-energy light beams, he miraculously moved his body two meters, and then one hand pressed down on the alarm, the other holding down the trigger, firing the few missiles at the side of the sentry position.

Hundreds of high-energy light beams gathered into a giant streak of light, almost completely erasing the sentinel position off the face of the earth. Of what remained, there was a hand tightly gripping the missile firing device, thumb pressing down rigidly on the button, as if it was cast on its surface.

This was a permanent defensive point that only had ten soldiers manning it, this position in charge of the patrolling and alert of the surrounding dozen or so kilometers. However, under the first wave of attacks, the alert position was already completely destroyed under tens of thousands of streaks of high-energy light beams and over a thousand miniature guided missiles’ repeated bombardments, the several meters deep giant crater in the ground making one instantly give up any thoughts of searching for traces of its existence. However, the missiles winded about into the sky, instantly exploding when they made contact with the high energy light beams, the powerful electromagnetic shockwaves making close to a hundred mechanical combat units release electrical sparks, rocking as they fell towards the great earth. Compared to the entire bug swarm, this amount of mechanical bugs wasn’t enough to make a splash, but their remains were indeed the last traces of this defensive position left in this world. These mechanical combat units that continued to tremble after landing on the ground, from another aspect, vaguely bore witness to the human race’s determination to fight back before inevitable death.

The bug swarm rushed past, bringing darkness across the great earth. Within the darkness was more darkness, a giant shadow moving across the great earth. This was a giant ship that was close to ten thousand meters long, when it flew past at low altitude, the gloomy shadow was stifling to the point of making one suffocate.

The great earth was like a dark picture scroll, sparks blossoming continuously on its surface. Meanwhile, the bug swarm was like flowing ink, quickly contaminating the entire painting. The sparks were large and small, but under the flowing ink, many of them quickly died out, the few that remained burning with difficulty, even though they were swaying in the wind, they still never went out. In the innermost depths of the darkness, there were still sparks that produced light, where they existed, the flowing ink would produce holes of varying sizes. The surrounding darkness continuously filled up these holes, but was then dissolved by the sparks once more.

When one looked down on the planet from above, the war was like two colors that mutually contaminated each other, fighting for dominance, what was ultimately left behind was only a muddled color. Meanwhile, from another point of view, the war was like a giant millstone, left behind on one side were crushed steel components, the other flesh, blood, and lives.

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