Book 6 Chapter 35.5

Book 6 Chapter 35.5 - Covered In Dust

When she gave General Morgan the materials earlier, Helen already came to a conclusion that the bug swarm’s technological system originated from outer space. It was precisely an extraterrestrial intelligent species that descended on earth, a plot that had long been overused in olden era science fiction novels. Only, what was different from these novels was that this really did happen, moreover not just once. Before the war began, an interstellar spaceship already landed in the olden federation’s barren zone. The rescue and research of the spaceship, before the eyes of the human race, revealed a new level of life. Dr. Rochester who was in charge of the largest number of projects, even more so appeared, verifying the existence of abilities, thus opening up Pandora’s box, sending the human race into an era of crazy mutation and evolution.

The other area that was different from fiction novels was that the olden era fiction’s extraterrestrials were always powerful, powerful to the point where a single spaceship could easily wipe out the entire earth, yet the mechanical bug swarm that came from outer space seemed to still be manageable. In reality, the mechanical units weren’t weak, in terms of firepower, ten thousand combat units were equivalent to an olden era tank armored division. The firepower of a bug swarm on the scale of millions was greater than the combined sum of all of the olden era’s weapons since the beginning of history excluding nuclear weapons. However, this was only a number in theory, in a true war, ten thousand mechanical bugs could completely annihilate an armored division without suffering any damage themselves. That was why it was actually because of the new era’s ability users being too strong that made the mechanical bugs seem weak. However, when the mechanical bug swarm reached ten million in number, and many giant motherships equipped with tactical attack abilities appeared, what everyone thought was no longer if they could win, but rather how many would survive.

Only, before despair, everyone still didn’t give up. As long as they persisted, there would be hope. It was unknown just which well-known figure from the middle ages spoke this quote, but at that time, it was to encourage the soldiers to persist for a bit longer when fighting an enemy army with an absolute numbers advantage to wait for reinforcements that didn’t actually exist.

Ten minutes before the bug swarm’s front line arrived, the entire Blood Parliament’s military strength already concluded. Lieutenant Colonel Julio finally released a breath of relief, everything before his eyes darkening, and then he sat on the ground in paralysis. In the blink of an eye, cold sweat drenched the lieutenant colonel’s new Black Dragonrider uniform. Only after two staff officers used all of their strength did they move the lieutenant colonel from the ground to the couch, allow him to sit a bit more comfortably. Then, together with Julio, all of their attention was concentrated on the large screen. Right now, what they had to do was already done, what was left was to wait.

Unknowingly when, a light screen rose before the second floor command platform, blocking the view of the staff officers in the main hall below. Behind the light screen, General Josh Morgan watched the bug swarm quickly approach on the large screen. He lowered the cup of coffee in his hands, lightly tapping on the command platform. The automatic door silently opened, and then the female secretary carried a metal chest that was more than half a cubic meter in size over. This chest looked like it was at least a few hundred kilograms in weight, yet the usually cool and charming secretary only seemed to be slightly strained when carrying it. She placed the metal chest on the ground, pressed the switch, and then a light motor sound could be heard. The metal chest was automatically opened, inside of it rising a human frame, on it an entire set of armor. This armor’s style wasn’t all that outstanding, the black and gray painted surface almost not reflecting any light, on it only a few simple dark golden decorations.

General Morgan removed his general uniform, and then began to put on the armor piece after piece. His movements were relaxed and unhurried, as if he was making preparations for a banquet. The female secretary had long withdrawn, she knew when she should appear, and when she should leave. The armor’s workmanship couldn’t be called exquisite, and when comparing its material to the most modern alloy armors, not only was it not that outstanding, there was quite some disparity in their performance. This set of armor’s greatest value, was actually already its commemoration meaning. It had accompanied Morgan through an entire Blood Dusk, and it was also the origin of the Black Dragonriders’ emblem. After the final battle of Blood Dusk, it had been preserved all the time, only today did it return to General Morgan’s body.

It was actually an extremely ordinary set of armor, its light weight perhaps its only merit. It didn’t have any special functions, nor did it have any motion support. There was even less of a chance of motion capture, power amplification, and other new era mobile armors’ functions to exist on this set of armor. There were some areas that still had damage that couldn’t be completely repaired, every single streak and scar bringing Morgan back to the events of the past.

Jost Morgan stroked the war helmet in his hands, his mind as if returning to that year when every day was filled with blood and smoke. Back then, there were many comrades that he had fought shoulder and shoulder with, these individuals brimming with talent, yet were like falling stars, fading away after releasing the most dazzling brilliance. Among them, there were quite a few who had even greater talent than Josh Morgan, who were even stronger, yet they lacked a bit of luck. Only an existence who had overwhelming power like Lanaxis in the late stage of the war, was able to survive through that extremely chaotic time.

And now, it was time to fight a battle to the death once more.

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