Book 6 Chapter 35.2

Book 6 Chapter 35.2 - Covered In Dust

That was why Su understood when the apostle aura surged into the heavens in the distance, there would definitely be a soul wrenching howl of despair. It was precisely him who personally crushed her final hopes, all for the sake of releasing the apostle consciousness. As for why there was a need to do this, Su couldn’t really say either. His original intention was to find out what exactly happened to Madeline, but after he discovered Serendela, breaking her consciousness of this world naturally became the highest level of priority. When he thought of apostles, every inch of Su’s body would surge with an ice-cold, powerful hatred, this enmity boundless, as if it had already persisted through countless generations. This was the hatred engraved within the innermost depths of his genes, completely suppressing Su’s concern towards Madeline, to the extent where even his love for Persephone was moved aside. In reality, as long as he was still a biological body, there was no way to resist this powerful hatred. Not even the word natural enemy was enough to describe this type of hatred!

Su didn’t know what happened in the past, only knowing that there was no reason to this hatred. However, the concrete cause was something not even his instincts were willing to recklessly touch. Only when Su’s strength reached a certain level one day, would his instincts open up a portion of sealed memories, letting Su experience this hatred. This was also to protect Su, prevent him from doing anything stupid before he had enough strength.

Su stood there quietly, Serendela’s howl and Gusglav’s roar drowning out everything.

On one side was an eternal hatred, on the other empathy for Serendela, as if he felt it himself. These two types of emotions, two feelings, were completely opposite, yet still had similarities. One was like a flame, one like a deep sea. Su was in the middle, momentarily at a loss for what to do. After a long time had passed, he could only release a sigh, turning around to leave.

Serendela had already turned into a true apostle. The real war began from this moment. Su raised his head to look towards the sky. He already felt this world, this celestial body’s abnormalities. The entire outer space was locked down by a formless power, but the force field was extremely stable, moreover constantly changing. Some magnetic fields that were extremely great, only seen on certain extremely large stars or black holes, were now visible on this small planet. If one only analyzed this place from the perspective of these force fields, then this planet should explode tomorrow, yet until now, it still existed perfectly fine. However, all of the creatures on this planet were stimulated until they frantically mutated, the evolutionary process, under this environment of powerful radiation, speeding up further. Millions and millions of years of time were actually condensed into just a few decades. In the cosmos, this type of situation was still rarely seen.

Su continued to gaze into the sky.

His eyes already penetrated layers of sealed clouds of radiation, all the way until they entered the nothingness. If his Panoramic View was condensed in a certain direction, he could extend it by more than ten kilometers, already reaching the lowest parts of outer space. However, in this place, Su detected an energy spatial fault. This was an area of nothingness, even though there was thin air, there was almost no energy fluctuations in existence. In other words, this was completely an energy black hole. When Su’s perception tried to break through this region, then continue into the depths of the cosmos, energy quickly dissipated, this process completely unstoppable. That was why when he only peered a few dozen meters into the energy black hole region, he couldn’t reach any further, and then due to the exhaustion of energy, he had no choice but to withdraw from this area.

After his perception was retracted, Su stood there in contemplation.

The clouds of radiation possessed powerful interference and isolation effects to begin with, all olden era communication methods unable to pass through these clouds. Even if a satellite was launched into space, it was still equivalent to trash. If planes wanted to fly past the clouds of radiation, aside from the pilot needing a powerful constitution that could withstand strong radiation, the plane itself couldn’t have too many electronic devices either, or else most of them would be destroyed when they approached these clouds of radiation. The more modern the airplane, the less of a chance they had of approaching the cloud layer. The best of the olden era fighter aircrafts wouldn’t even be able to take off. At the same time, the clouds of radiation interfered greatly with the perception ability of humans, if one had less than nine levels, they could forget about trying to see through these clouds.

The clouds of radiation were incredibly heavy, existing throughout the years from the war until now. Their characteristics were one thing, but the fact that they could exist for this long was a miracle in itself. According to natural laws, even if the entire world was enveloped in nuclear war, perhaps radiation matter might still exist after a few decades, but the clouds should have long scattered, sunlight returning to the great earth. However, after decades passed, the clouds of radiation covering the planet never changed. The entire world’s climate and environment already became entirely different from the olden era, as if its sole purpose was to maintain these clouds of radiation. The Blood Parliament’s technological strength already far exceeded that of the olden era, powerful ability users emerging in large numbers, the military strength already enough to overlook the two continents. Top-notch military force, for example, an existence on the Spider Empress’ level who already crossed into the level of an ultra life form, already exceeding planetary level existence, could already be completely described as deep and immeasurable. However, despite this being the case, the Blood Parliament could still only slightly modify a small area of the atmosphere around Dragon City, still far away from being able to affect global climate. That was not a project that could be completed in merely a few decades of time.

There were clouds of radiation, an energy black hole region in outer space, perhaps even other special regions outside of this black hole region, layer after layer. This made Su develop a vague thought.

This planet, could it be a natural prison?

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