Book 6 Chapter 35.12

Book 6 Chapter 35.12 - Covered In Dust

The heavy pressure and deep sense of despair didn’t only appear on O’Brien, Eileen, and Persephone’s bodies, it similarly lingered about the seven soldiers who silently followed them. This was the last of the forces Arthur Family could mobilize, the others all stationed at various strongholds. With the war already reaching this state, apart from the few bases whose defenses were especially great, the other places were likely all already ruins. O’Brien had already continuously fought in four different bases, clearing out the surrounding mechanical units, but the soldiers he commanded also decreased from twenty to seven. Even though the three of them weren’t injured, they didn’t have any time to rest or recover, which was why as their stamina and energy was exhausted, they could only watch as they sunk into the abyss of despair.

O’Brien already saw the large black expanse of mechanical bugs hovering about in the distance, the energy light beams so concentrated even the sky was completely lit up. Meanwhile, from the ground, streak after streak of fireworks rose from time to time, exploding into blazing balls of fire. The moment they exploded, the brilliance even overwhelmed the rain-like high energy light beams! With every explosion, large amounts of mechanical bugs would fall around it, but when he saw the number of bugs that fell, O’Brien’s face didn’t seem to look that good. The bases’ retaliation was extremely fierce, but the number of electromagnetic guided missiles in reserve was already reaching critical levels. Moreover, these high powered guided missiles were originally the ultimate weapons for dealing with the mechanical bug swarm, but after just a few hours had passed since the battle began, the amount of mechanical bugs destroyed by each guided missile was already less than a third of the beginning. This was partly due to the mechanical bug swarms’ formation being more dispersed, partly because they might have also changed their manner of defense.

Apart from their numbers, the mechanical bug swarm’s adaptive abilities similarly left them with a deep impression.

“How much stamina do you all have left?” O’Brien asked seriously.

“67%” Eileen said.

“79%” Persephone replied.

For high level ability users like them, they understood their own body situations like the back of their hands, to the point where even getting it down to a few decimal points was completely possible. When she heard Persephone’s reply, Eileen was quite surprised. She couldn’t help but ask, “You recovered this quickly?”

“This is Mysterious Fields we are talking about! It only has the bit of advantage in recovery.” Persephone replied.

Eileen released a snort, not commenting on this. Her Mysterious Fields level was even higher than Persephone’s, so how could her recovery speed be less than half of hers? Only now did Eileen understand why the battle against Persephone that year across thousands of miles was so difficult. This freakish recoverative ability would make any thoughts of fighting Persephone in a war of attrition into a complete nightmare.

O’Brien calmed down considerably, he only had around half of his stamina left, 20% being enough to deal with the battle before him. As for what came afterwards, he’ll think about it after finishing this battle.

Persephone suddenly thought of something, and then couldn’t help but cry out, “Where does their energy come from?”

“Energy?” O’Brien stared blankly. His mind had been completely focused on the battle situation, so he still never thought about this issue before.

“Right, energy! Have you thought about this? They are basically made out of this planet’s natural resources, apart from the energy needed for operation, an even greater sea of energy is needed to manufacture them! If you then consider their numbers, this means that the one creating these machines has an unending supply of energy! Where did they get all this energy from?” Persephone said.

O’Brien’s mind jumped. Persephone’s words made him develop a vague feeling that this might be a crucial point to defeating the mechanical bug swarm. However, his mind immediately returned to the battle at hand. Even if he knew the mechanical bug swarm’s weakness, he had no room to take advantage of it. Perhaps hope, could only be placed on those legendary great figures’ backs.

Dragon City was submerged in the flames of war for the first time.

This place was the core of the Blood Parliament, the city where a sea of resources was concentrated, prosperous to the point where it was almost superior to the olden era, while the degree of technological advance was far above. In this place, the first generation of environmental altering technology was currently being used, slowly altering the vile environment towards that of the olden era. Perhaps after another hundred years of development, when the environment altering technology fully matured, the earth’s environment would become suitable for olden era humans once more. At that time, Dragon City would definitely become an imperishable masterpiece that would stand tall through all of history.

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