Book 6 Chapter 34.6

Book 6 Chapter 34.6 - What Was

“It doesn’t matter even if I don’t become a complete apostle!” It seemed like Serendela had already tried to persuade the man before Su arrived, yet didn’t succeed.

“It does matter.” The man sighed. He gave Serendela a deep look, and then said, “Apostles have eternal life, you all have endless time. I am a human, my lifespan limited. Even if my abilities also reached the twelve levels that is unknown to even exist or not, it isn’t like my life has no end. That is why we will never be the same type of life form. Also, can you give up on those war comrades you have fought together with for hundreds of thousands of years? They definitely wouldn’t let me go, and you, who haven’t completely awoken yet, won’t be their opponent. If… if you completely awaken, you wouldn’t feel that these experiences are precious. The time we spent together, towards eternal life, is like a short dream, at most reminiscing a bit after waking up, it is already not bad if you don’t feel foolish or annoyed at that time.”

“That’s not possible!” Serendela said without any hesitation.

However, the man’s bitter smile became even more clear. He sighed, and then said, “it isn’t a possibility, but rather the inevitable. You said that you already found a past companion, then… what about our child? Don’t tell me that he is still alive.”

Serendela stopped, not continuing this topic.

The man didn’t continue this either. He took a deep breath, and then said, “I cannot leave. The Spider Empress won’t let me leave.”

“Spider Empress?! What ability does she have to keep you here? We are leaving right now! As long as we can get rid of this problem, then we can leave.”

“It isn’t that simple.” The man’s smile became increasingly pained, the wrinkles on his face even more so as if carved by knives.

“It is indeed not that simple.” This time, the one who spoke was Su.

He could already clearly sense Madeline’s aura from Serendela’s body, and there was one piece of remnant information that was definitely upsetting. Su originally wanted to drag Serendela into a spiritual world battle even though she already awakened a larger half of her apostle functions. In a spiritual battle, Su still had about fifty percent certainty in winning. When facing an apostle, forget about having fifty percent certainty, even if there was only ten percent certainty, he should be going for it. However, Su didn’t expect to encounter a man here, moreover such a powerful one. The aura this man released from his body was even above O’Brien’s. In the battle between Su and Serendela, he was already no longer a deciding element, but could completely stand as a third party.

Moreover, from the words just now, the man already revealed his relationship with Serendela. This was definitely not some good thing, because it meant that Su’s original plan had already come to a premature abortion. If Su dragged Serendela into a spiritual battle, it definitely wouldn’t be a momentary matter. At that time, as long as this man released a simple blow, it would be enough to remove Su’s head.

There were no shortcuts after all, this was what Su thought. The energy in his chest had long ignited, the blazing heat close to eruption. Meanwhile, his pupils continuously changed from green to a darker color, ultimately becoming a dark forest green. In the depths of his pupils, all human emotions had already completely disappeared, what was left only an emptiness and icy coldness. In that instant, his instincts had already become one with Su, no way to distinguish one from the other. Su didn’t suppress his instincts, nor did his instincts try to seize authority over his body. Before a powerful enemy, both sides knew that only by killing Serendela first would there be things to discuss afterwards.

The entire world was broken down before Su’s eyes, transforming into countless digits, and then reconstructing the original world. However, this world was already different, Su could grasp its finest transformations and flow, absolutely everything, regardless of whether they were big or small, all evolved and changed in Su’s mind. When a creature could calculate all possibilities of the surrounding world, it was already close to true clairvoyance, because whenever a branch of history appeared, one would know its inevitable result.

This was Clairvoyance, a terrifying ability when one’s calculation ability reached the very extreme.

Before the calculation ability reached its limit, within the range it could cover, the one with the Clairvoyance ability was god, the ruler of all living things.

That was why Su got up, walked forward, and then with three steps, reached the originally empty position, sending a fist towards the air! His fist didn’t strike nothing, when it moved, it was still empty, but when it was brandished halfway, the man’s sharp and distinct face already appeared! Su’s fist smashed fiercely into the man’s face, smashing the mountain range like nose completely into his skull, the powerful impact even sending the man flying out, completely sinking into the prison cell wall.

“So fucking heavy!” Su’s consciousness complained from the bottom of his heart. The man’s body didn’t look that frightening, but his weight exceeded five tons, truly unknown just what his body was made of exactly to reach this level of density, even saying that he was cast from metal wasn’t too excessive. However, right now, Su had close to ten levels of power, sending something that was five tons in weight flying still wasn’t too strenuous, but smashing him into the wall still wasn’t easy, because the wall was made of an extremely tough green rock that was no different from steel.

After this strike succeeded, Su didn’t hesitate at all, directly rushing at the man, his fist even more so releasing a short yet sharp bony spur, the deep green radiance flickering on its surface a reflection of extreme poison. Su’s current poison was something no one wanted to touch, this the case regardless of whether it was Gusglav or Serendela.

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