Book 6 Chapter 34.5

Book 6 Chapter 34.5 - What Was

After entering the main building, Su saw the elder laying on the ground, and then the scene before his death was instantly restored in his consciousness. This was an eighth level ability user, if placed in the Black Dragonriders, he even had the power to become a general, able to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle that was difficult to imagine in this era, yet he still willingly protected this place. Su shook his head, deeply moved inside. If this was before the civil war, the elder’s persistence was worthy of admiration, because at that time, an eighth level ability user was definitely powerful. However, this civil war that continued for less than a year changed everything; even though the war ended, ability users were like rats that ate their fill, starting to emerge nest after nest.

Compared to the olden era, the new era was a crazy age. However, if the civil war was a dividing line, one would find that the world before the civil war was at least still a reasonable one.

The Blood Parliament’s civil war was like adding a powerful stimulant to an already excited world, making it operate even more crazily. The various invisible chains restricting ability users seemed to have snapped, no longer like several tens of years ago where they had to carefully count evolutionary points, continuously search for abilities suitable to their own needs. Now, as long as they killed a few people, almost anyone could produce abilities.

Su thought to himself while walking into the dark passage. Currently, his numerous thought centers completely allowed him to still think many random thoughts while moving at full speed. From the information he obtained from the flesh puppet’s body, he knew that the one in the passage was definitely someone Su knew, the woman he had previously fought a life and death battle against in the spiritual world. It was precisely that battle that made Su develop doubts towards his future for the first time.

Serendela, the all-seeing apostle. She might be prey, but she might be a hunter as well.

The dark-colored passage gradually extended into the underground depths. After a few steps, Su slowly entered the darkness, becoming one with his surroundings. Streaks of perception repeatedly swept through the passage, but when they made contact with Su’s body, they separated like flowing water, and then gathered behind Su again. Just like that, Su completely disappeared from Serendela’s perception.

All-seeing apostle, just like Su, she excelled in the Perception Domain. From this moment forth, the battle between the two Perception Domain experts had already begun.

Su started to increase speed, like a long stretched shadow, he instantly moved a hundred meters. Completely screening off Serendela’s perception like this was a state he could only maintain for a short amount of time. When Serendela also adjusted her perception method, or when Su approached a set distance within Serendela, he would be discovered. At that time, it would also be when Su released the most ferocious attack!

At the crucial moment, by relying on his instinct’s power, Su knew that he could touch upon the border of twelve levels of Perception Domain ability. Clairvoyance, Su had already experienced its power in the Land of Rest. With this ability, even the Perception Domain ability users who weren’t known for their combat strength could compete against Magic and Combat Domain ability users. 

Meanwhile, Serendela, if Su’s memories didn’t fail him, what she had was the second twelfth level Perception Domain ability, Perfect Duplication. Unlike Clairvoyance, Perfect Duplication also needed the support of ten levels or higher of Mental Domain and Magic Domain abilities. More prerequisites often meant greater power, bt this wasn’t always the case.

Clairvoyance versus Perfect Duplication, a contest between the only two Perception Domain twelfth level abilities. It was still unknown which one would come out on top.

The instant he appeared in the depths of the prison, Su saw Serendela just starting to turn around, a hint of shock flashing past her face. Next to her stood a man that was even larger than her, his skin dark, all of the lines rigid as if forged from black steel, his beard like steel needles. From the outside, he looked like a muscle for brains fierce male, but those pupils were bottomless, flickering with a radiance of wisdom. When his eyes landed on Su’s body as well, Su actually felt wisps of scorching heat on his skin!

Who was this man? He was strong, extremely strong! However, Su couldn’t find any information related to this male from his memories.

Serendela’s pupils suddenly contracted. She gave Su a fierce look, and only then did she turn around, saying something quietly to the man beside her. From the surface, she seemed to have only contempt for Su, but the three of them all understood clearly that from the moment Su arrived, the speed at which energy circulated within Serendela’s body became constant, not changing any further. For ability users, the movement of energy within one’s body was the true sign of taking action. That was why the moment Su appeared, Serendela was already pretty much confronting him. As for the male beside her, the energy within his body was close to a static state. His strength was extremely special, condensed and rough, like steel and iron, full of a biting cold aura.

The three individuals were in a delicate state of equilibrium. If either side’s energy fluctuation displayed the slightest changes, then an intense battle would begin.

“You should come with me.” This didn’t seem like something spoken by Serendela, but it did come from her mouth.

The male shook his head with a bitter smile. “There’s no way that can happen. If I go with you, you will never be able to become a complete apostle. Also, I cannot leave either.”

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