Book 6 Chapter 33.1

Book 6 Chapter 33.1 - Storm

Su reclined on a large tree branch, his body gently moving up and down with the wind. Before him was a great lake region that extended like a great sea, behind him a forest that stretched as far as the eyes could see. There were originally a few strategic industrial towns nearby in the olden era, but after being abandoned for a long time, they became part of the forest once more. In the age of turmoil, what evolved frantically weren’t only the various types of mutated creatures, this was also the case for plants. Trees also developed sufficiently invasive characteristics, the forest currently spreading at an unprecedented speed. Meanwhile, the various dangerous mutated creatures and carnivorous plants that depended on the forest for survival became an accomplice to its expansion. However, the most important thing was that the olden era forest’s greatest natural enemy, the human race, had decreased substantially in number, the amount of space and land they needed also shrinking, thus giving the forest space to grow.

The great lakes stretched endlessly, the surface producing scale-like ripples. The water surface was gray, what it reflected was the color of the sky. The radiation here was still strong, strong enough to kill the most robust humans and low level ability users, as well as injure mid level ability users. Su felt a slight stinging pain on the surface of his skin, the feeling brought by radiation. However, the radiation that used to bring him damage, now only supplied him with energy, even though this amount of energy was negligible for the current Su. His chest cavity was still empty, within it now burning an eternal flame, maintaining a subtle equilibrium with the various tissues and organs within his body. If any part of his body exhausted a large amount of energy, then the flame would replenish the energy through an explosion like method. Meanwhile, the small condensed energy crystals in his diaphragm would also explode, releasing energy in this way, thus replenishing the flame, omitting the endless digestion process.

When the flame streams in his chest cavity were released, then it would be a fatal weapon in close combat. These flame streams that were over three thousand degrees were even hotter than liquid steel, able to easily melt through even the sturdiest armor.

Su narrowed his eyes, gazing into the northern sky. That direction was an expanse of darkness. The dense clouds and cold weather gave one a stifling and depressing feeling, the boundless waters even more so like the mouth of some giant beast, waiting to devour sacrificial victims. Right now, of the more than a hundred thought centers, aside from a select few that were carrying out essential rest, the remaining thought centers were all working, using the greatest speed to analyze everything he perceived. All of the data looked extremely normal, this celestial body was also quite normal, but Su knew that danger truly existed. Right now, all of his analysis was done to find out where exactly this danger was located.

After delivering Persephone back to the Arthur Family, Su began to wander about on his own, as if he returned to being a lone wolf in the wilderness. At that time, he relied on a shoddy modified sniper rifle for survival, truly like a roaming wilderness refugee, willing to take on many life-threatening missions just for a bit of food. As for that modified sniper rifle he had taken care of so meticulously, moreover paid such a great price to remodel, its power was now completely a joke. However, if he had a choice, Su was still more than willing to return to that age when he relied on his eyes, patience, and bullets to eliminate enemies.

Fine rustling sounds could be heard from behind him. A few foragers jumped out from the trees, leapt into the air, and then arrived by Su’s side. They lowered their heads, spat out a few energy crystals, and then turned around, returning to the forest, continuing their search for food. After the foragers left, a small handful of sparkling gemstone-like energy crystals was added to his hand. The crystals continuously flickered with radiance, representing overflowing energy, the energy field that was released giving Su great joy. Its appeal far surpassed all conventional delicacies. After giving it a look, Su customarily placed the energy crystals in his mouth, swallowing them with a single gulp. In reality, producing a ‘mouth’ directly at the center of his palm and then swallowing the energy crystals like that was a simpler method, but Su still liked to use his mouth to ‘eat’ things.

Currently, the symbol that contained the knowledge pertaining to biological weapons had already been withdrawn from the depths of his right eye, currently shining within the single third class thought center. Within his consciousness, a completely new biological weapon holographic material diagram was currently slowly spinning. Its shape was similar to a stingray, the wide wings were where its propulsion and energy storage regions were located, perception organs dispersed throughout its body. Its long tail could produce many types of powerful force fields or energy fields. The sleek skin was covered in energy cells that could produce a vacuum layer, allowing it to not only be able to reduce air and water pressure, but also construct a protective layer that could defend against all types of energy attacks. With the appearance of the holographic material diagram, its information also passed by the depths of Su’s mind.

Laika, mid-level biological weapon, a bomber type creature. Its main characteristic is its wide range of adaptability to different environments, able to tolerate extreme temperatures of negative hundred and fifty degrees to over a thousand degrees of extreme heat. A single instance of energy replenishment allowed for three months of survival, or a week of battle. Like other mid-level biological weapons, Laika similarly relied on the energy crystals produced by the foragers for survival, its original body not equipped with eating and digesting abilities.

At this moment, Su picked another biological species from the countless biological weapons stored within the symbol. After making the adjustments for adaptation to this world, its outer form resembled an elephant. It relied on its eight short and thick legs to move, its stomach swelled to a somewhat disproportionate degree.

Enam, mid-level biological weapon, mother beast, creation type. It possessed satisfactory adaptive strength to its environment, able to live favorably in most environments on this planet. Its attack power was weak, perception ability weak, defensive strength lacking. Its main purpose was to serve as a mother body for producing other biological weapons, but it could only produce mid-level and lower biological weapons. It could produce many of them each time, and the breeding cycle was shortened to a third of the normal period.

Before he had time to digest all of Enam’s information, Su’s eyes suddenly narrowed. At the end of his line of sigh, a group of mechanical bugs was currently silently flying over. They weren’t many in number, only several dozen or so, not a single large-scale war machine among their ranks. Su’s perception ability far exceeded these mechanical bugs, able to clearly ‘see’ their appearance from tens of kilometers out. Most of these mechanical bugs were a type of dove-sized scouting bugs, their bodies covered in all types of detection devices. Whenever they flew out a dozen or so kilometers, a scouting bug would leave the group and fly high into the sky, only stopping after rushing up over a thousand meters, about to touch the clouds of radiation. Meanwhile, the remaining bug swarm continued to fly south.

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