Book 6 Chapter 31.7

Book 6 Chapter 31.7 - Unknown

Compared to the wilderness enveloped in the destruction of war, the small town’s surroundings were peaceful and quiet, truly a bit unexpected. Within a range of several dozen kilometers around the little town, the amount of battle traces was pitifully few, while the damage the little town suffered itself was next to nothing, almost unaffected by the ravaging of war. In the outskirts of the little town, there was a giant garbage heap that was a bit striking, Dyke Avidar able to see the layers of corpses piled up high from more than ten kilometers away. From the colors of their uniforms, it seemed like these corpses ranged from armed mobs to the chairman army’s elite special forces, people of all types of identities included. In addition, even the road signs next to the paths leading into the small town had several corpses hanging from them, large amounts of red paint sprayed all over their bodies. The corpses were dealt with in a bombast and striking manner, naturally prepared in a way that allowed others to easily see them. In addition, their identities indeed made them worthy of being noticed, with just a single look, even Dyke Avidar recognized one of them, a high level officer from the chairman army’s special forces, a seventh level Combat Domain ability user. He never expected that this person would be hung on a road sign, treated as a scarecrow to frighten people off.

“Really is flamboyant.” Dyke Avidar shook his head, thinking somewhat helplessly. However, he also felt a bit of admiration for the bravery of those in the little town.

Just two days ago, Bevulas’ strength was still like a midday sun, so those who dared hang the corpses of important figures from the chairman’s army really had quite the guts. Even though this place was at the edge of the Blood Parliament’s territory, its position remote, judging from the number of corpses in the trash pile, the number of people ‘passing through’ wasn’t that small.

In that instant, the Spreader of Darkness developed a bit of curiosity towards his last target. He walked out from the shadows, and then with an ordinary person’s speed, he calmly headed into the little town. He believed that any fella able to kill a seventh level ability user could definitely sense him, because he didn’t try to hide himself. Meanwhile, the Spreader of Darkness was even more curious about the last person’s identity, this person had to at least be equivalent to a clan elder of a family with at least some power, as only then would the Spider Empress point him out, right?

The little town was extremely quiet, full of signs of life, to the extent where there was a faint fragrance of food wafting about. This was a lingering smell, so it was almost impossible to make out, but it still couldn’t escape Dyke Avidar. He took a sniff, and then revealed a smile, feeling quite the admiration for the chef’s skills. The little town’s intact portion wasn’t that great, five or six buildings at most in total, which was why Dyke Avidar easily found his target, a gas station and the garage that was attached to it.

The garage had already been remodeled, abandoned steel welded into a garage door. The door wasn’t locked, only closed. However, the instant he was about to push open the garage door, Dyke Avidar’s hand suddenly trembled. He stopped his footsteps, and then carefully examined this half opened door, feeling more shocked the longer he looked at it. The surface of the garage door was two layers of steel plating, sandwiched in the middle were all types of steel chunks, steel reinforced bars, and other things as padding. There were all types of things used as filler, everything a complete mess, most of it forcefully welded together, a small amount able to freely move. However when he pushed the door, the reactive force that transmitted from his hands made Dyke Avidar feel that the force exerted on the garage door was transmitted throughout its incredibly complex composition. His attention then shifted to the door bolt, this area also able to transfer the force of impact into the walls. Meanwhile, the outer wall, as well as the steel pillars, wiring, and other things inside would disperse the impact through the entire wall. This meant that if someone kicked the garage door, it would be equivalent to kicking the wall. Unless one had the strength to knock down the entire wall with a single kick, one could forget about sending the garage door flying. Meanwhile, if one wanted to make the garage door distort, then it would require several times more power. With Dyke Avidar’s eyesight, he could tell with a single look that those without eight levels of strength could forget about kicking apart this door, seven levels was definitely not enough.

To make a door that was comparable to the everlasting military quality doors out of seemingly ordinary materials, the secret laid completely in the detailed internal structure. Dyke Avidar tried to push open the door again, trying to calculate the directions of power redirection, but the amount of data instantly erupted to an inconceivable level, making his brain feel a bit dizzy! He took a step back, his expression changing a bit, becoming more and more serious. Just through this garage door alone, Dyke Avidar sensed that the owner of this place was deserving of his respect.

He slowly entered the garage, carefully observing everything, not even letting the smallest detail go. The garage wasn’t large, but it was divided into several rooms; there was a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room, everything needed available. The living room was cleaned until there wasn’t a speck of dust, the walls and floor repainted, several green plants decorating this place just right, actually making this simple and crude residence develop a unique charm.

The kitchen tools were arranged neatly, on the chopping board that was placed on the counter even two eggs. The blankets in the bedroom had been newly folded, the water heater of the bathroom already starting up. Outside the room, the diesel fuel engine was still working tirelessly, providing this small yet fine room with power and warmth. Time seemed to have stopped in this house, the mistress of this place about to prepare breakfast, while the male master suddenly felt an urge to tidy up the outside flower garden. When he came back, he would take a shower and eat breakfast, thus asking her to go out with him. Time stopped right here.

The problem was, it was already two in the afternoon. Dyke Avidar gave his watch a look, and then a hint of seriousness appeared between his brows. It was clear that the people in this residence sensed something, already leaving ahead of time. If they rested normally, getting up at nine to tidy up and eat breakfast, then their perception was definitely terrifyingly sharp. One had to know that at that time, Dyke Avidar still hadn’t set out for this place yet. Even now, the Spreader of Darkness didn’t know the identity of the master of this place. There wasn’t the slightest clue left behind in this house for him to analyze, terrifyingly clean, the only thing he could consider a clue was the garage door’s incredibly complex structure. However, this type of composition, aside from telling Dyke Avidar that the owner’s calculation ability far exceeded his own, it didn’t give him any other bits of information.

After remaining silent for a bit, the Spreader of Darkness walked out from the garage. The moment he walked through the door, heavy darkness suddenly erupted, enveloping the entire small town within absolute darkness! A few minutes later, the darkness gradually scattered. Dyke Avidar stood at the center of the town, his expression ashen. He already did everything he could, yet he didn’t find a single clue from the entire small town!

No, to be more precise, there were still clues, for example, there were traces of two strange creatures in the little town. One was claw marks, the other was a small pile of excrement-like waste products. What he was sure of, was that Dyke Avidar had never seen creatures like this before. However, he also rarely left Dark Red Castle, and he wasn’t omniscient or omnipotent, so it was extremely normal for there to be creatures he didn’t know about. That was why the clues still ended here.

After standing here in silence for a moment, Dyke Avidar finally shook his head, silently leaving. In his mind, on the last destination on his itinerary, there was an X that represented failure.

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