Book 6 Chapter 31.5

Book 6 Chapter 31.5 - Unknown

He closed the window, put out the living room’s light, and then walked into the bedroom, laying down at Persephone’s side. Right now, Su didn’t need sleep at all, the close to a hundred second class thought centers could take turns resting. As long as two or three were still active, his processing ability would be comparable to the entire olden era federation’s parliament. The parliament members might not be particularly smart, but they definitely weren’t stupid, their stamina definitely greater than most people’s. They would always be thinking nonstop, or they would at least look like they were thinking, which was why their thinking ability, as a collective sum, was definitely not a small amount.

The room was extremely quiet. Persephone’s faint body fragrance and her steady breathing made this temporarily remodeled little house appear incredibly peaceful. Su released a breath of happiness, stopped his final thought center’s operation, and then entered a state of sleep.

After the absolute darkness and peace, Su’s body was activated by a preset signal: the smell of breakfast. He yawned in satisfaction, stretched out his body, and at the same time, suppressed the protests his instincts made, thus slowly getting out of bed, completely like an ordinary human male getting out of bed. Meanwhile, even though the instincts knew that resistance was futile, they continued to go against this, pointing out that everything Su did right now was meaningless, as well as a waste of time.

Su obviously wouldn’t pay this much attention. His instincts could only see this world through a single perspective, it couldn’t understand the meaning and value in this type of calm lifestyle. These were the most calm and peaceful days Su had spent since his birth. He obviously still had regrets, for example, he still didn’t know about Madeline’s whereabouts, nor did he know when Bevulas would find this place.

Several hundred kilometers of distance, for ability users like Su and Bevulas, was not a hindrance at all, even crossing the continent was merely an issue of time. That was why hiding a bit closer or a bit further made no difference at all, what was important was avoiding the other party’s perception. Just in this bit, Su had enough confidence in. Bevulas’ perception ability was powerful, but it still didn’t reach the level of the apostle when it was searching from a parallel plane. Even if there was a Perception Domain expert who scanned this small town, Su could still screen out the other party’s perception, to the extent where he could completely kill the other party. The range of his Panoramic View was far greater than most ability users’ perception range.

When Su walked out from the bedroom, breakfast was already arranged on the table. As such, the two began to slowly eat, starting another day of leisurely lifestyle.

“Today seems especially peaceful. Is no one else coming to look for trouble?” Persephone asked.

“They’ve all been dealt with.” Su replied without even raising his head, completely focused on the bread that had just left the oven.

“But it really is a bit strange for there not to be any new trouble today. When did the chairman’s people become so obedient?” Persephone still felt like it was a bit strange.

Su raised his head, and then began to think to himself. 

Indeed, this morning was a bit too quiet, quiet to the point where it was a bit strange. Normally, soldiers would still pass by from time to time, customarily trying to plunder something, but always ultimately become a part of the trash heap. Even though Su only killed when he had a reason to, they always gave him more than enough reasons, enough for them to die ten times over. Compared to the empress’ side’s scattered troops, it was the chairman’s side that came more frequently. If there were any particularly strong ability users who intruded into this small town, Su would specially leave their corpses on the roads around the small town, using them as the most primitive symbols of warning. In this age of war, this type of warning was the only effective type.

Even under the ravaging of war, the little town still carried vitality, carrying signs of life. Regardless of whether it was the scattered troops or the regular army, this was an extremely enticing target in their eyes. This signaled that there were people here, that there was wealth, and it might even have pretty women. That was why Su and Persephone’s daily life would always receive some disturbance, and Su’s job was to deal with all of the problems, using this era’s methods to do so.

However, only after Persephone’s reminder, did Su recall that it had already been three days since any bandits arrived in this small town. The armed mobs in the surroundings had all been incorporated into the two sides’ troops as cannon fodder. The empress side’s scattered troops became less and less in number, but the chairman’s army seemed endless like mushrooms after the rain, another batch emerging right after the first batch was picked. For no troops from the chairman’s side to attack them for three days, it really wasn’t that easy.

However, this wasn’t all that important either, being able to peacefully live was what was truly important, even if he understood well that this fake bliss couldn’t be continued much longer.

Su lazily started up a few thought centers, and then after using up a bit of energy, he began to think over everything from the current situation’s viewpoint. After using half a minute to analyze the activity and behavior of all intruder cells he sensed recently, Su suddenly discovered that the chairman’s side seemed to have suddenly come to a stop. Moreover, just yesterday, a medium-sized troop from the chairman’s army suddenly erupted into disorder, and then it split into several small troops, each going their separate ways.

After combining all of the information he perceived, Su reached a conclusion he found hard to believe. The chairman’s side seemed to have underwent a tremendous change, the war unexpectedly showing signs of ending!

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