Book 6 Chapter 31.11

Book 6 Chapter 31.11 - Unknown

Eileen and O’Brien were geniuses who completely grew up, so they were able to make extremely clear judgments on situations, long understanding that the one on the other side possessed power that was difficult for them to contend against. As for their naked bodies, that wasn’t a big deal at all. Under the perception of truly powerful ability users, the use of clothes could already be considered negligible.

When the light smoke scattered, it was as if nothing happened in the small church. O’Brien looked at the individual on the other side in shock, momentarily unable to say anything. He naturally recognized Su, but Su’s appearance didn’t change in the slightest, and the person behind Su was someone he was even more familiar with, there was no way O’Brien wouldn’t recognize his own older sister. What left O’Brien shocked were Su’s abilities.

When they first met, Su still needed to rely on the environment and tricks to face him, but after he joined the Black Dragonriders, the distance between Su and O’Brien was gradually pulled apart. However, when O’Brien decided to stand against the chairman when the war first started, O’Brien also removed the shackles that had bound him the entire time, moreover advancing further and further following the series of battles, growing at flying speed between life and death. Now, he was also a powerful expert with ten levels of ability. This growth speed, within the entire Blood Parliament, even if it wasn’t the best or second best, it was rarely seen. However, when they encountered each other again, O’Brien discovered that he still couldn’t see through Su, and he sensed a strong smell of death from Su’s body! He would only sense this type of smell before the most dangerous battles!

O’Brien narrowed his eyes slightly, carefully examining Su, not willing to let even the slightest detail go. If the creation and disappearance of the energy vortex just now was because of Su, then things were definitely serious. Forget about knowing how to do something like this, he couldn’t even begin to think about how it was possible. Even though the events unfolded quickly, the fact that Su could get within a few meters of them without their notice, moreover easily neutralizing both his and Eileen’s joint attacks, what did this mean? This meant that if Su wanted to kill them, it was an extremely easy matter.

O’Brien suddenly revealed an extremely bright smile, saying, “Su, I never expected it was you! It’s been a long time! However, meeting in this type of matter truly is rather unexpected.”

Su smiled and said, “Isn’t meeting in this way quite good?”

In what way was it good? O’Brien really couldn’t tell. In his eyes, Su’s originally pretty face suddenly seemed extremely harsh, especially Su’s smile, which made him feel extremely uncomfortable, almost intolerable. This type of feeling was extremely abnormal, the instant he developed this feeling, O’Brien immediately became on guard, his brows locking together, starting to search for the source of discomfort. O’Brien was able to quickly pinpoint the source: Su’s smile. This smile had never changed, not even in the slightest. From the very beginning, it was as if a photograph was displayed before him. Su smiled, spoke, and then continued smiling, displaying a smile that was exactly the same before O’Brien. His sharp perception told O’Brien that if Su’s face was turned into data, then the two smiles, regardless of what magnitude of resolution it was that compared them, millions, tens of millions, or even several billion or tens of billion pixels, there still wouldn’t be the slightest difference that could be found.

This definitely exceeded the natural limits of the human race, toppling common knowledge. It was precisely this phenomenon that went against normal reasoning that made O’Brien feel Su’s smile was that offensive. When he discovered the source, O’Brien obviously understood the reason why Su smiled like this, he was informing O’Brien about his strength in an extremely ambiguous manner. To put it more simply, this was a demonstration. The demonstration was extremely effective. O’Brien couldn’t subdue the pressure he felt in his chest at all, yet had no way of moving his eyes away from Su’s smile.

“So you are Su?” Eileen suddenly spoke up from the side, perfectly breaking the small church’s silence, thus also freeing O’Brien from the ensnarement of Su’s smile. Only, a moment later, cold sweat completely soaked O’Brien’s body, making his breathing hurried and face pale.

For her to be able to rescue O’Brien from his predicament left Su slightly surprised, this was something he did not expect. Su carefully looked at Eileen, and then his eyes returned to O’Brien. This bit of a surprise, for Su, could be said to be negligible.

Even though he was extremely weak, O’Brien still smiled and said, “Seeking me out at this time, there’s no way you only wished to send me your evening greetings, right?”

Su also laughed, this time restraining the formless killing intent, and he no longer maintained that precise smile. Like a normal person, he said, “Of course not. I came to bring Persephone back to the Arthur Family. In the future, we might have to fight together, this will be beneficial for everyone. As for this type of meeting method… I was hoping that you wouldn’t do anything more to Persephone. After all, there was a prior incident, am I wrong?”

O’Brien knew what Su was pointing at. He laughed, refusing to comment on that, and then asked, “Possible future battle?”

“Correct, and it might also come extremely quickly.” Su said seriously.

O’Brien frowned. “With who?”

“I do not know.”

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