Book 6 Chapter 31.10

Book 6 Chapter 31.10 - Unknown

Right now, in Su’s perception, the several dozen magic abilities’ composition was distinct, trajectory clear, to the extent where even their mutual interference and result of colliding with each other was displayed vividly. Every magic ability signified, at the fewest, a few, at most, hundreds to over a thousand energy streams. Meanwhile, both the male and female who were passionately struggling with each other were Magic Domain masters, releasing not only ordinary magic, but also quite a few powerful high level magic abilities. Among them, the one with the greatest power was a ball of lightning, small and unremarkable in appearance, only the size of a grain of rice. Its flight was also slow, yet its power was enough to flatten half of this small town. When this lightning sphere was released, the user’s identity of being a tenth level ability user was fully revealed.

Su smiled. His thought centers had long been started up, instantly sending out several hundreds of thousands of orders to various parts of his body, and then he guided them to specific areas in his Panoramic View, producing designated energy vortices or special force fields. Once the energy vortices or force fields were formed, it would interfere with or neutralize certain magics and energy streams, shattering their balance, from this turning them into random energy streams without much destructive power. Only a so-called instant passed, a few milliseconds, yet several hundred instances of energy collisions happened, the magic abilities neutralized and destroyed. No matter how small the scale of the energy destruction was, if it was looked at from a calculation perspective, it was still enough to create quite the sizable mathematical model. However, under Su’s over two hundred thought centers’ full speed operation, the so-called energy destruction all happened as expected without any deviation.

Only ten thousand energy streams were needed to destroy several dozen magic attacks, and their strength didn’t need to be that great. Within the range of the Panoramic View, Su could form several hundreds of thousands of energy streams as he wished, and the amount of energy produced would only be equivalent to a few small sparks at most. However, the remaining few hundred thousand energy streams were mainly there to form a large web, restrain the disorderly energy.

As a result, the small church suddenly erupted with dazzling powerful light. Light, wind, and lightning revolved around the church, producing a dazzling and terrifying energy storm. The storm spun powerfully, the terrifying energy aura making one’s heart rate involuntarily speed up. If this energy storm exploded, it wouldn’t be inferior to a miniature nuclear warhead, flattening this small town definitely not an issue. Even the two magic experts who were powerfully embracing each other in the prayer room just now definitely didn’t think the few dozen random magic abilities, when gathered together, would display such frightening changes, these two momentarily unable to even gather the courage to run. The energy storm was extremely sensitive, the balance frail, the two had no confidence whether their movements when running would case the energy vortices to explode or not. If they were within the center of the explosion, they would only be seriously injured at worst. If it was just serious injuries, then this result could already be considered not bad, because if one wanted to survive this great explosion while at the center of it, both great strength and excessive luck were indispensable.

Because of this, the small church suddenly became quiet. The two Magic Domain experts actually remained in place, temporarily at a loss for what to do. The woman’s body was tall, extremely beautiful and alluring, currently standing in shock, hands still maintaining a magic ability activating stance. A sparkling energy light sphere already formed in her hands, yet she didn’t dare release it. The energy crystal radiance trembled slightly, but it didn’t fly out, nor did it go out, maintaining this activated yet not activated state, displaying the user’s extremely deep and exquisite energy control. However, the woman was just that close to climaxing, her body still completely naked, so this stance completely exposed all of her most sensitive parts in front of everyone. One had to admit that her figure was close to perfect, her full and giant breasts exceptionally perky, the curves of her waist first pulling together fiercely, and then quickly widened, eventually leading to two long legs. Apart from her skin that was a bit rough due to overexposure to the flames of war, as well as the dozen or so scars of varying sizes over her body, there were almost no flaws that could be found from her body. Even her skin and scars added a bit of a wild feeling to her sex appeal.

This woman wasn’t that famous, yet the upper level figures of the Blood Parliament all knew her name. It wasn’t because of her good looks and body, but rather because of her terrifying abilities and strange character. Eileen, the talented killer previously under the chairman’s control, a dangerous individual who could only be controlled through deep-freeze hibernation, was just standing there right now. Meanwhile, the male at her side, was handsome and refined, extremely young, yet at the same time seemingly experienced many things, this person naturally O’Brien.

Even before the energy storm, Su’s smile remained unchanged this entire time. Every bit of transformation within the energy storm had already played out in his consciousness, moreover under his control. That was why Su was aware of all possible changes that could happen to it like the back of his hand. The moment the energy vortex operated to its most unstable instant, all of the energy burst forth at the same time, the tremendous power even directly tearing apart space, ripping open a dark crack! Berserk energy poured out from the crack, the vicious energy storm that was comparable to a nuclear explosion smashing into it, yet there was miraculously no powerful explosion that happened, instead silently fading away. The small church suddenly grew dark, the energy storm that was about to destroy everything only leaving behind a strand of clear smoke that slowly wafted away. Meanwhile, the shift between light to dark was too fast, the transformations also too quick, everything before O’Brien and Eileen’s eyes instantly becoming dark, no longer able to see anything. The two didn’t panic, instead wishing to immediately put up defense, but soon afterwards, they recalled that terrifying energy storm, and they even more so recalled how it disappeared. As such, they sensibly chose not to do anything that would cause misunderstandings or disputes to avoid follow up attacks.

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