Book 6 Chapter 30.7

Book 6 Chapter 30.7 - A Chaotic End

A long time afterwards, Curtis broke the silence, asking, “Silver Hair, what are you thinking about?”

“I am thinking, if another zero was added to the number of mechanical bugs we encountered, what would have happened?”

“I was thinking the same thing.”

Inside the private hospital, Helen only opened a single light screen, currently in deep thought. The light screen displayed the holographic images of various mechanical bugs, and these images were slowly spinning. Helen’s expression wasn’t good, her normally expressionless face also revealing a rare seriousness. Snow was currently laying in a corner, chewing on piece after piece of metal. These alloys with special characteristics were all things Helen specially prepared to help Snow sharpen its teeth. They called it sharpening teeth, but whenever Snow ate a piece of alloy, it would remember the composition, and from there produce the corresponding recipe in its body. In the future, when similar metals were encountered, it could then rely on specially secreted fluids to increase the speed of corrosion. Moreover, the more special alloy that was dissolved, the tougher Snow’s body would become, its strength also rising even faster. Only, for Snow, eating these alloy pieces was an extremely unpleasant experience, which was why it always hid whenever it could. Sometimes, it was to the extent where Lafite had to press it down, stuff the alloy into its mouth to make it eat them. However, after they came back this time, without Helen’s urging, Snow pulled out all of the remaining alloy pieces on its own, silently chewing on them one after another.

Helen naturally understood Snow’s intention. She inwardly shook her head, not stopping it. She only stared at the mechanical bugs’ holographic images, her expression worse the longer she stared at it.

Snow had a mouthful of alloys in its mouth, silently walking over to Helen’s side, and then floated up into the air, looking at the holographic images on the light screen. A moment later, it transmitted a thought to Helen. “Mama, are these guys really strong? You look really troubled. They aren’t all that strong right, just that there might be a lot of them. However, it doesn’t matter how many of them there are, we can always run, and then slowly deal with them.”

Helen was much more honest in her treatment towards Snow. She rubbed her temples, and similarly replied through her consciousness, “I’m not scared of their numbers, nor do I fear the ruler behind them. Only…” Helen chose her words carefully, something that was rarely seen. A few seconds later, she said, “They give me an extremely familiar feeling. I should have seen them before, but I am sure that I definitely never met them before. This really is something that leaves me a bit perplexed, to the extent where… there is also a bit of fear.”

Snow whimpered a few times, understanding what Helen was saying, and also felt troubled. There was no way Helen would make a mistake, let alone recall the wrong thing, if she never saw these mechanical bugs before, then she never saw them before. However, where did the familiar feeling come from then? Helen’s thoughts could achieve absolute precision, with almost no blurry areas; there was no way this type of logic paradox could appear.

Snow thought to itself with difficulty, but there were no results. It couldn’t help but loathe its own intelligence, deciding to invest all of its newly obtained energy into upgrading its thought centers, this way produce seven second class thought centers. Based on the human race’s standard, this was equivalent to having seven small-scale machines. Of course, this couldn’t compare to Helen at all, but it would at least free it from its current confused state. However, on the other side, it also lacked and desperately needed fighting strength. Even though the mechanical bugs’ structure was simple, their attack methods limited, and their individual strength not all that powerful, their most frightening aspect was that they could be manufactured! When it was thousands to tens of thousands and not the several dozen to a hundred mechanical bugs that appeared, the battles would become completely different. A single Lafite could wipe out several hundred mechanical bugs, but over ten thousand mechanical bugs could instantly erase ten Lafites. This was the difference. Meanwhile, when different species of mechanical bugs could mutually coordinate with each other, their strength would increase exponentially. With the degree of civilization the mechanical bugs displayed, as long as there were enough resources, then their numbers could completely reach the millions, or even tens of millions!

Before this type of omnipresent mechanical army, individual strength once again became insignificant. The relationship between quantity and quality, was forever a dialectical one.

Snow returned to its own place, chewing on the alloy pieces while contemplating whether it should upgrade its thought centers or strengthen itself first. Even though its outer form was different from the human race, it was completely thinking like a child. In reality, Snow knew that it had another method of thinking, one that was precise, highly efficient, and ice-cold, entirely different from the human race’s complicated, messy, and blurry thoughts. If it switched to that thought method, it knew that it could immediately obtain the answer. However, Snow intuitively sensed that Helen didn’t like it when it changed to that way of thinking, and only when it used its human way of thinking did it feel warmth from Helen. As a result, it decided that it might as well abandon its instinct’s method of thinking, because either way, with Helen here, she already planned out everything for it, to the extent where this included its evolution. At the very least, up until now, the Snow born and modified under Helen’s hands, even though the body’s form and functions were entirely different from the choices, its combat strength was no different.

The current Snow obviously didn’t understand what this signified.

Snow suddenly felt that Helen’s heart rate sped up by quite a bit, her blood flow also speeding up, but her body temperature instead dropped slightly. When this happened on a human body, this reaction was called fear.

Helen even felt fear? What was she scared of? Snow didn’t know. The only thing it knew was that some day, it would definitely know the answer to this.

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