Book 6 Chapter 30.6

Book 6 Chapter 30.6 - A Chaotic End

Unlike the shoddy cigarettes, the bottle was a rare fine alcohol, and after experiencing Lafite’s special ability processing, the smell became rich, completely like top quality goods of the olden era that had been aged for more than a hundred years. Curtis drained half the bottle with a single gulp, and then he closed his eyes to enjoy the flavor for a bit, and only then did he release a long breath. He gave the bottle in his hands a look, and then reluctantly returned it to Lafite. Who would have expected that Lafite wouldn’t even turn around, instead saying, “No need, it’s all yours!”

Curtis was stunned. He knew that this bottle was something Lafite had saved for many years, not willing to drink too much from it even when near death in the battle of Blood Dusk. It could be said that this bottle’s meaning might only be secondary to Helen. Allowing Curtis to drink a large gulp was already unexpected, but he was actually giving it all to him? If it wasn’t because he already drank a large gulp, sure that this was the genuine article, Curtis would have really thought that Lafite gave him a fake. The captain gave Lafite a serious look, and then slowly asked, “Lafite, you alright?”

Lafite stared into the night shrouded distance. He laughed self-mockingly, not responding to this question and instead asking, “It was just yesterday that I thought of killing you. Don’t tell me you don’t hate me at all?”

Curtis also laughed, responding with a question as well. “Did you make a move though?”

“I was about to.” Lafite admitted frankly.

Curtis laughed loudly, and then said, “I just knew that you were someone who valued sex over friendship. Forget it, let’s just call it even with this bottle.” After speaking, he immediately put away the small bottle, his movements fast and swift, not like someone who had just got off from an operating table.

Lafite turned around, giving Curtis a deep look, his eyes bright like burning stars. Under the penetrative gaze of his eyes, Curtis only cracked open a large smile, laughing silently, revealing a mouthful of white teeth that were extremely dazzling under the darkness of night.

Only after staring for an entire minute, did Lafite turn around, nonchalantly saying, “After finishing it, the bottle can just serve as some type of commemoration.”

Curtis moved over to Lafite’s side, now standing shoulder to shoulder with him, also looking into the endless darkness. A moment later, he sighed, and then said, “If you have something to say, then just say it! If you don’t say it now, who knows, you might never have a chance to.”

Lafite looked straight into the distance, and then said with a heavy voice, “This means that you’ve become aware too? However, since I can sense it, then you should be able to as well. Speaking honestly, what I want to do is to just fuck Helen, regardless of whether she is willing or unwilling. If I don’t do it with her once, even if I truly die, then I really won’t be able to accept it!”

“Then just go and do it!” Curtis replied without any hesitation.

“Walk over your corpse and go?”


Lafite nodded, and then said, “I just knew that it would be like this. However, if I really wanted to, I won’t hold back at all.”

Curtis patted the bottle in his clothes, and then with a laugh said, “I won’t blame you if you take action after I finish this bottle. It’s enough if you just remember to do my share of killing in the future as well.”

When Lafite heard this, he became silent. Then, he suddenly slammed his head into the concrete column a few times. The blows were extremely heavy, the concrete column immediately covered in blood! As long as Lafite wished it, it would originally be the concrete column that completely shattered, while his head should be completely unharmed, and not this completely opposite result.

A spray of blood splashed onto Curtis’ hand. He casually wiped it on the bandages covering his body, and then said impolitely, “Wounds of the body can’t replace pain of the mind, only adding more to it. Self-harm isn’t something the smart would do! Don’t think that I’ll sympathize with you!”

“Smart? I wasn’t a smart person to begin with!” Lafite turned around and looked at Curtis, suddenly asking, “Have you ever felt regret?”

“Of course!” Curtis replied. “My greatest regret is that back then, I didn’t understand how to be flexible, my temper terrible, falling from a colonel all the way down to captain. And I’ve always been fucking stubborn, feeling discouraged for more than ten years, not wanting to do anything, wasting a lot of time. That’s why I ended up in this type of pitiful state.”

“Then if you could do it all over, what would you do?” Lafite asked.

Curtis’ reply was just like before, responding without taking the time to think. “I would’ve lowered my head, it’s not even that big of a deal. Then, after obtaining the resources that I ought to have gotten, I would have continued to train myself like when I was young, and then I should be able to beat you until you shit your pants!”

Lafite laughed, and then with a sigh, said, “I am also full of regret. Back then, I shouldn’t have entered prison just to vent out a breath of resentment, waste more than ten years there in sleep. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even be scared of Morgan.” Only, as soon as he said this, Lafite immediately added, “Of course, the current me doesn’t fear Josh Morgan either!”

Curtis chuckled, expressing his understanding. Lafite shook his head, and then sighed again. “I can’t defeat him, but that doesn’t mean that I am scared of him, those are two completely different things. It is just like… just like how even though I saved Helen’s life, it doesn’t mean that I have the qualifications to go to bed with her.”

“I understand.” Curtis’ smile still revealed his white teeth.

The balcony became quiet.

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