Book 6 Chapter 30.5

Book 6 Chapter 30.5 - A Chaotic End

Regardless of whether it was Lafite, Curtis, or Snow, they were all geniuses in battle and destruction. Even though Helen couldn’t directly fight, the effects she displayed in battle seemed to be even a bit greater: she commanded others how to fight.

That was why when the second wave of mechanical bugs approached from above half a day later, it changed from an ambush to a one-sided massacre. Lafite with his high frequency vibrations and electromagnetic attacks already became the bane of these mechanical bugs, turning everything in a ten meter radius around him into a domain of death. Compared to Lafite’s area of effect attacks, Snow’s combat strength was reflected more in individual or small scale battles, just that cutting apart one by one obviously couldn’t match Lafite’s massacre. Curtis was left in a completely awkward situation, the captain who was known for his thick skin was seriously wounded under the first wave of attacks, his injuries serious to the point where even Helen felt helpless due to a lack of essential tools and medications. However, Curtis was naturally optimistic, not treating his injuries like something major at all. Moreover, he could also display a bit of use, for example, protect Helen, shield her from the light beams that were occasionally overlooked.

After making it through two rounds of attacks and collecting the essential specimen, Helen immediately demanded for their full speed return. With only one off-road vehicle and Curtis being heavily injured, the so-called full speed didn’t exceed forty kilometers an hour, so it would be another day and night before they would return to Dragon City. When they were finally about to enter the Blood Parliament’s territory, a late third wave of attacks arrived from the mechanical bugs, this time, aside from ordinary combat machines, there were also a few small-scale aircraft carriers. Even though the scale of the third wave of attacks increased, it still ended with their party being more scared than hurt. Only, after the battle, Lafite’s strange behavior clearly exceeded everyone’s expectations, and thus also made the following trip full of danger.

Lafite undoubtedly had feelings for Helen, but once one’s restraints were lost, and then under circumstances where no consequences were undertaken, excessively powerful emotions would often become a double-edged sword. It could turn one into an angel, but it could also change one into a devil. Meanwhile, a silent and oppressive atmosphere, was undoubtedly the strongest catalyst.

That was why even though Helen was exhausted, when she heard Curtis’ question, she still opened her eyes, using a somewhat rough voice to say, “At first, I would occasionally indirectly receive some strange signals, their structure and method of transmitting information entirely different from ours, as if they came from some strange civilization. Meanwhile, the northern mountain region was where the signals were the most concentrated, which was why I wanted to see what exactly happened there.”

Curtis laughed loudly a few times, and then said, “It sounds like some extraterrestrial intruder. However, if it was the olden era, it might make more sense, but what value is there in invading this rotten planet? In my opinion, they are destined to have to take a loss.”

After listening to Curtis’ joke that wasn’t all that funny, Helen revealed a faint smile and said, “I do not know what they wish to do exactly. Perhaps this planet still has some secret treasuries. Even though I am eighty percent certain that they came from outer space, it still isn’t complete certainty. Our planet’s evolutionary process has already been sped up by hundreds to over a thousand times, many mutated creatures starting to develop intelligence, to the extent where the beginning stages of societies have been formed. How can we be sure that some ultra life form that possesses even greater wisdom than the human race hasn’t appeared from some unknown corner?”

Curtis shook his head, just feeling like there was some part of Helen’s logic that didn’t make sense. With a frown, he said, “Your words do make sense, but I just feel that things are a bit strange… these machines… machines! Right, those mutated creatures, if they evolved and transformed into powerful beings, then that is easy to understand, but there is no way they can produce these mechanical flying bugs, right? Engines, metallurgy, and energy weapon technology are things that need to be accumulated through several generations!”

Helen nodded. She sighed, and then said, “Science and technology do need time to accumulate, but it isn’t necessarily like us who relied on paper, computer disks, or other material mediums to accumulate. Perhaps there are some species who can pass on their civilization through methods we do not know of. For example, passing down through genes, storage in some type of secondary space, to the extent where one day, someone among us might even touch upon a type of symbol that possesses a large amount of civilization inheritance, when that time comes, a new civilization might very well start. That is why on our planet, if a certain species makes a civilization breakthrough, it is entirely possible. Only, if that type of civilization really did exist, then for them and our human race, this planet will seem too small.”

Helen’s implications were extremely vague, yet also extremely clear. With the aggressive nature the human race has displayed up until now, they definitely couldn’t coexist with a new civilization. This was unless the other party was extremely powerful, powerful to the point where it was enough to wipe them out.

“However, these mechanical bugs shouldn’t be a product of a mutated species civilization from this planet, instead definitely from outer space. From their behavioral patterns, they should have a unified backbone, which could also be called a brain.” Helen then added.

Curtis sighed, and then said, “This really is fucking terrible! I would much prefer it be some wolf or monkey that suddenly became smart and made these fellas.”

Helen remained silent, not saying anything. The atmosphere in this off-road vehicle became heavy and silent again. Even though it was somewhat different from before, it was still just as stifling. A civilization from outer space, no matter what angle one looked at it from, it might still be much more advanced than human civilization. At the very least, in the olden era before war erupted, the human race had never settled on another planet. Even though neither Lafite nor Curtis knew much about science and technology, all ability users from the age of turmoil, if placed in the olden era, would be considered incomparable geniuses. When they saw batch after batch of mechanical bugs that were made with great precision, workmanship simple and clear-cut, the two of them both felt a formless pressure weigh down on their minds.

The remaining journey was extremely calm, not encountering any more attacks. It might be because they lost track of them, but it might also be because the mechanical bugs moved within a formless boundary, and thus never entered the Blood Parliament’s territory. The ruined off-road vehicle miraculously returned to Dragon City, and only then did it collapse into scrap metal. Their journey was also miraculously peaceful, with almost no traces of battle to be seen. The ever-present chairman’s army seemed to have suddenly vanished.

When they returned to Dragon City, Helen immediately carried out a surgery for Curtis, and then dragged her exhausted body to her own room to rest. Ten minutes after the surgery was completed, Curtis jumped off of the hospital bed, dragging his body that was wrapped in bandages, and his half shattered heart out from the emergency ward. On the balcony at the end of the corridor, Lafite was currently standing alone, silently smoking. The smoke smell was strong, clearly of shoddy quality. However, in this war engulfed land, having a cigarette to smoke was already not bad. Curtis dragged his heavy and numb body to Lafite’s side, and then asked with a stuffy voice, “You have any more cigarettes?”

Lafite didn’t even give Curtis a look, only bringing out three incredibly wrinkled cigarettes from his pockets, throwing them to Curtis. The captain chuckled, threw one towards his mouth, and then with a snap, a flame appeared from his fingertips, lighting the cigarette. He took a deep hit, his giant lung capacity almost burning down half the cigarette, and only then did this breath come to an end. Curtis held his breath for a moment, and then released a thick blast of smoke. “Really feels so fucking good! If there’s some alcohol, it would be even better!”

Lafite turned around to look at Curtis. He silently fetched a flat little silver wine bottle from his inner pocket, and then threw it over. Curtis unscrewed the lid, releasing an extremely rich alcoholic scent; this immediately made him reveal a mouthful of white teeth.

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