Book 6 Chapter 30.4

Book 6 Chapter 30.4 - A Chaotic End

It wasn’t easy to make a decision, and not making one was a decision of itself. Courage was even more of a strange thing; after Helen shattered his innermost thoughts, Lafite suddenly lost the courage to continue with his plan. Helen was still extremely calm, calm to the point of leaving him completely frightened. In the past, he could never see through Helen’s thoughts, to the extent where he never even understood her. However, there would always be some people who believed they understood Helen, and most of the time, they were correct, because Helen was usually extremely transparent, most people able to understand her. Just like right now, she even told Lafite what she was going to do, and Lafite knew that this was the truth. Helen never lied, or to be more precise, she never lied on major matters, because there was no need.

Then what was there to be scared of? After killing Snow and Curtis, he would then bring away Helen, or perhaps he could be a bit more benevolent, knock Snow and Curtis unconscious, and then bring Helen away, it was all the same. Lafite believed that if he wanted to hide, no one would be able to find him. Then, what followed would be just him and Helen, a life that made him excited just to think about. Heaven knew how badly he wanted to immediately occupy Helen! A small half of this desire already had nothing to do with lust, but rather something one could only find an explanation of from psychology. It was because even though Helen was beautiful, the mechanical feeling she gave off would make most normal men lose all biological desire.

However, Lafite wasn’t a normal male creature.

He frantically thought to himself, his silver hair even really starting to release flames. This was already the fastest thinking speed he could reach, yet it didn’t help him with his problem at all. No matter how Lafite thought about it, he still remained within the circle of logic Helen arranged, as if he was running circles around an empty playground; no matter how fast or how long he ran, he still spun around in place. Normal thinking was already not enough to settle the problem, but his intuition told Lafite that it was definitely not this simple. It was to the extent where Helen might have long foreseen today’s situation, and thus already made arrangements. If Helen’s plans could be seen through by others, then she wouldn’t be Helen.

Finally, Lafite laughed in a dry and rough manner, withdrew his right hand with difficulty, and then said, “That won’t happen.” After a bit, he chuckled in resignation. “Perhaps it might have before, but now it won’t, nor would it in the future.”

After obtaining Lafite’s guarantee, Curtis’ taut body slowly relaxed. Helen only nodded, and then began to collect and examine the mechanical bug remains that continuously dropped from the sky. Snow also recovered from its frozen state, flying about, from time to time fetching a few remains for Helen to look at. Curtis also helped out.

Only Lafite remained on the other side of the off-road vehicle, his body leaning against the car. After lighting a cigarette, he took a deep breathe, and then released a bitter sigh.

A while later, Helen filled up an entire bag of mechanical components, had Curtis carry it, and then returned to the off-road vehicle. When the off-road vehicle started up again, Snow still leaned against Helen, but its head was pointed at Lafite the entire time. Its head wasn’t a vital part, but rather the most vicious offensive and defensive organ, even more dangerous than a blade.

Lafite obviously knew Snow’s intention, but he could only pretend as if he didn’t see anything, calmly and silently continue driving. The atmosphere in the car became more and more heavy, the temperature also quietly decreasing. Helen seemed even more exhausted. Her eyes were slightly narrowed, continuously massaging her head. Right at this time, Curtis suddenly asked, “Helen, how did you know there would be these strange fellas here?”

The captain’s deep and resounding voice shattered the off-road vehicle’s silence, to the extent where even Snow was given a scare. At the same time, the suffocating atmosphere was somewhat alleviated, to the extent where even Lafite quietly strained his ears, carefully listening.

A week ago, Helen suddenly left Dragon City, bringing Lafite, Curtis, and Snow towards the northwest to take up long-term residence. Only when they were several hundred kilometers from Dragon City, moving away from the great lakes region and entered the northern mountains did they stop. Only, when they passed through the great lakes region, Lafite’s face had previously displayed a momentary displeasure, because this was where he had been locked up all this time.

Their journey had gone extremely smoothly all the way until they reached the edge of the northern mountains, but the very first day they entered the mountain region, their group suddenly encountered an attack! The attacks were also coming from the mechanical bugs, the numbers only around a few hundred, but they caught Helen’s group completely unprepared. The powerful high energy light beams were almost impossible to evade, because they had to pretty much charge straight through the first rain of light beams. If it wasn’t for Lafite whose battlefield intuition was sharper immediately throwing himself over Helen, using his body to block the high energy light beams that shot down, Helen would have died a long time ago. Moreover, the mechanical bugs’ intelligence and reaction ability were both completely unexpected, these bugs immediately adjusting their tactics, moving together and firing high energy light beams everywhere, almost eliminating all dead corners. When the second wave of attacks descended, Curtis was also seriously injured. For the sake of protecting Snow, he used his body to block the few high energy light beams that came later. Back then, Snow didn’t defend itself in time, so its body was pierced by two high energy light beams, thus seriously injured to the point of near death. Meanwhile, with Curtis’ terrifying defensive abilities, even after being directly hit by those high energy light beams, there would only be a few more wounds that were a few centimeters deep.

When the mechanical bugs adjusted their formation again, about to launch their third wave of attack, Lafite, who now reacted using his own high speed evasion, rushed into their troops to unleash a great slaughter. Apart from the mechanical bugs’ great attack power and overwhelming numbers, their individual defenses were actually extremely frail, their thin shells not all that much sturdier than armored cars. This degree of defense, for Lafite, was no different from that of an eggshell. That was why in under a second of time, he already destroyed a large amount of the mechanical bugs, the number of mechanical bugs that could fire the third wave of high energy light beams less than fifty. This time, it was Curtis who used his body to protect Snow and Helen again. From start to finish, Curtis’ body suffered close to a hundred high energy light beams. If not for his freakish build, he would have long been blasted into a sieve.

The mechanical bugs couldn’t release a fourth wave of attacks, Lafite didn’t give them this chance.

The attack happened suddenly, the battle momentary and intense. From start until finish, the entire battle didn’t even last a minute. Curtis was seriously injured, Snow also heavily wounded, Lafite similar not having it that easy. Helen was the only one who was only injured slightly, yet she was the one in the most danger. Even if a single high energy light beam struck her vitals, she would immediately lose her life. When the battle ended, faced with the mechanical bug remains everywhere, Laftie and Curtis couldn’t recognize just what they were. They had never seen things like this on this planet before. They were made of metal, clearly some type of machinery, but this couldn’t explain their fast reaction speed and intelligence no different from living creatures. Moreover, many of the metal components their bodies were made of didn’t exist on this planet.

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