Book 6 Chapter 30.3

Book 6 Chapter 30.3 - A Chaotic End

Snow also wanted to learn this, even though her roar completely exceeded the natural range of human hearing, and the destructive power of this high pitch frequency was great, all ability users under five levels of defense, once they heard this, the lighter injuries would be bleeding from their seven apertures, while the more serious might be that their brain had a chance of becoming a blast of boiling paste. Even though the destructive strength was a bit greater, it wasn’t sky-shatteringly intense, Snow was still extremely satisfied. Boldness is also a type power, isn’t it?

Just as Snow was feeling quite good, a flash of silver color suddenly passed by its field of view, making its mood instantly sink to the valley floor; it subconsciously increased the power of its roar. However, that strand of silver flame burned tenaciously just like that, tenacious to the point of annoyance, a loathing felt towards the owner of that flame.

Sure enough, below that silver flame was Lafite’s feminine face, and it was currently smiling in an extremely lowly manner. Even Snow had no choice but to admit that regardless of whether it was from a human’s perspective or that of an existence who purely looked at it from a perspective of power, Lafite was extremely beautiful. However, Snow just didn’t like him, and it really wanted to bite down on him. This feeling of dislike was extremely strange, something that normally shouldn’t have appeared on Snow’s higher level body. However, it just couldn’t control these emotions, and these emotions would be provoked by all different triggers. For example, Lafite’s current smile.

In the eyes of anyone else’s eyes, Lafite’s smile was extremely charming, but from Snow’s perspective, it just always felt like there was an ulterior motive behind this smile, an extremely, extremely lowly smile.

Sure enough, Lafite also released a high-frequency roar, the invisible sound waves instantly surrounding all mechanical bugs within. His high pitch frequency roar was even more so filled with barbarous force, and it was also mixed with the powerful vibrations of electromagnetic fields, so this was a destructive attack for all mechanical bodies. If Snow’s cry was one of technique, than Lafite’s was one of a hundred percent power. This type of power aesthetics made Snow feel even more out of sorts. It wasn’t that it didn’t know how to release the type of roar Lafite did, to the extent where it knew seventeen or eighteen high frequency sound techniques that possessed even more devastating power, but it just couldn’t release these types of sound.

Insufficient energy. This was a clear deficiency, and it couldn’t be avoided.

The mechanical bugs in the air fell down one after another, even the mechanical bugs that had been blasted apart by Snow’s roar exploded two more times, this display even greater than the past. After Lafite roared out, everything before Snow’s field of view cleared up, not a single mechanical bug to be seen in the sky, only the miniature aircraft carrier perfectly unharmed.

From Snow’s perspective, this was, without a doubt, the most serious provocation.

However, Lafite didn’t give Snow the chance to get revenge. His figure flickered, and then he reappeared on the ground, standing at Helen’s side.

Helen supported herself against the off-road vehicle, her face morbidly white. Even just simple standing made her feel extremely strained, cold sweat trickling down from her forehead drop by drop. Helen looked towards the sky, but from her perspective, she could only vaguely see the clouds of smoke that rose into the sky, completely incapable of seeing what was going on. Lafite stood at her side, his right hand supporting her waist intentionally yet also unintentionally, his other hand pointing towards the sky. “It is still those strange things from last time, but look, they’ve already been completely wiped out. These things only have some use for the first ambush, nothing else can happen no matter how many more come afterwards.”

Towards Lafite’s excessive movements, Curtis released a heavy snort, and then Lafite returned a fierce look. Curtis’ face immediately sunk, all of the muscles on his body wriggling about, clearly about to take action. Helen first turned around to give Curtis a look, immediately calming this barbaric beast-like captain, and only then did she calmly look at Lafite.

Lafite still had a large smile on his face, his hand pressed against Helen’s waist, moreover moving downwards, to the extent where it was about to touch her bottom. Helen still calmly looked at Lafite, just as if that hand didn’t exist, or if it was just an ice-cold machine.

Lafite’s hand finally reached Helen’s bottom, and even forcefully kneaded it. However, he didn’t realize that his own smile was currently becoming incredibly rigid, and sweat continuously poured out from the tip of his nose.

A strange shrill screaming sound rang out. Snow directly dove down, about to smash into Lafite. It suddenly sensed something, and as a result, instantly stopped in midair, completely defying physics. It looked at Helen, but Helen didn’t say anything, nor did she even give it a look, but her coldness made Snow understand something, and as a result, it quieted down. It stared at Lafite, its blades subconsciously grinding against each other.

“Does groping my buttocks feel good?” Helen asked.

“... of course it does…” Lafite was somewhat lacking in confidence as he spoke these words. Helen’s eyes were extremely calm, but it felt extremely harsh in his eyes. He subconsciously avoided them.

Helen actually launched and said, “Do you want to touch more, maybe some different places? Breasts, or down there?”

Large beads of sweat tumbled down from Lafite’s head, his complexion white as if he powdered his face. His hand was still tightly squeezing Helen’s buttocks, but his joints were turning white, as if what he was touching wasn’t elastic skin, but a piece of hard alloy. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out.

Helen continued to use her forever unchanging voice to say, “Neither Curtis nor Snow are your opponents, so you can kill them, and then forcefully rape me. You definitely have ways to prevent me from killing myself, which is why you can play around as many times as you want, continue for as long as you want. You just need to think a bit to find a way to stop me from killing myself. However, let me tell you right now, I won’t commit suicide, as long as I can continue living, i will continue living.

These words already completely crushed him. Lafite’s entire body went rigid, right hand felt as if it was like lead, heavy to the point where he couldn't move it. He didn’t know how to reply at all, Helen had already peeled open the darkest corner of his heart’s innermost depths.

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