Book 6 Chapter 30.2

Book 6 Chapter 30.2 - A Chaotic End

The sudden breaking made Helen release a cry of alarm, waking her from her deep sleep. Fortunately, the vehicle wasn’t moving that fast, and there was Snow there to protect her, or else she would most likely have been injured. Meanwhile, Lafite had long gotten out of the vehicle, to the extent where he didn’t even have time to open the door, directly smashing it flying and jumping out. Curtis was quite a bit slower, but his large leg pushed out, also kicking the car door flying, and then he jumped out from within the car. As soon as he got off the car, he immediately removed a refined alloy heavy stick from the back cover of the car, gripping it in his hands. Meanwhile, Snow rushed out numbly from the car window, directly jumping on top of the car.

The second wave of energy rain descended from above, perfectly aiming at the immobile off-road vehicle. Snow was laying down on the top of the roof, its body fully unfolded, instantly turning into a blanket that completely covered the carriage, granules of diamond-like substances emerging. When the high energy beams landed on Snow’s body, most of it was reflected or scattered by these crystal granules, while a small portion was directly absorbed through its skin. However, after forcefully resisting a wave of light beams, Snow also released a growl, appearing to be in quite the pain. Even though its actions completely protected the off-road vehicle, its own defensive abilities also decreased considerably. Fortunately, following a low roar, Curtis jumped to the top of the off-road vehicle, raising the alloy rod high up into the air. The alloy heavy rod’s surroundings seemed to have distorted, so the trajectories of the second wave of high energy beams all deviated, striking down on the alloy heavy rod’s tip. The heavy rod made from alloy had an extremely high melting point, but under the illumination of the high energy light beam, it unexpectedly began to turn red in less than a second of time! However, Curtis’ black hand was sturdy and strong, completely unmoving while gripping this entirely red metal rod.

With Curtis’ protection, Snow immediately recovered its original form. Then, with a low growl, several specks of light illuminated from its chest, and then several layers of gravitational force fields pressed against each other, propelling it into the air.

Unknowingly when, mechanical bugs of varying sizes appeared in the sky, the lowest ones less than ten meters from the ground. Meanwhile, in the skies a thousand meters above, there were hundreds of mechanical bugs currently screaming and flying at high speed. There were large and small mechanical bugs, the small ones only the size of a fist, every one of them carrying a flotation engine, as well as a miniature light beam cannon. Meanwhile, the largest mechanical bug was as big as an entire off-road vehicle. It was extremely oversized, its movement speed not fast, its own firepower also lackluster. However, what was frightening was that it carried hundreds of miniature mechanical bugs, completely a miniature aircraft carrier.

Lafite looked into the sky, narrowed his eyes, and then revealed an extremely dangerous smile. He stood in his original location, but then suddenly disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already a hundred meters in the sky, appearing inside the first wave of mechanical bugs. His arms suddenly unfolded, and then he released a silent roar, the rings of sound almost visible with the naked eye scattering in all directions. When they made contact with the mechanical bugs, pi pi pa pa sparks sounded, quite a few of these bugs releasing roiling smoke, losing their propulsion and staggering as they fell towards the earth. From this one strike alone, a larger half of the first wave of mechanical bugs was wiped out. Meanwhile, at this time, Snow was still working hard to float in the air, but it still didn’t reach Lafite’s height. What left it the most annoyed was that before rising up into the air, Lafite even had the time to tidy up his head of blazing silver hair!

Snow cried out, and then the efficiency of the anti-gravity force field increased once again, the speed rising abruptly, instantly passing Lafite, rushing towards the aircraft carrier high up in the air. Its compound eyes continuously flickered about, the radiance fired from within forming a new defensive force field, blocking all of the incoming high energy light beams. Snow displayed inconceivable speed and flexibility in the air, far more nimble than the mechanical bugs. As soon as the high energy light beam cannons took aim at it, Snow would have already moved out of the way beforehand. Meanwhile, the mechanical bugs’ high energy light beam cannons still needed some time before they could recharge and fire, this amount of time already enough for Snow to shift out ten meters. 

The Snow in the air wasn’t all that different from the Snow on the ground, to the extent where its speed was even a bit faster; it seemed like the sky was its true domain. It made its way through the concentrated high energy light beams, like a fish as it evaded these deadly attacks, instantly appearing above the miniature aircraft carrier above. The aircraft carrier-like mechanical bug turned around with difficulty, looking like it wanted to run, but how could it possibly escape with a speed several times slower than Snow’s? Snow landed above it like a ghost, and then its several jointed limbs brandished about, instantly cleaving the mechanical bugs flying about around the aircraft carrier creature in half. Its two blades inserted deeply into the aircraft carrier creature, and then waves of high frequency sound waves were released from its mouth, entering it through the two blades. In that instant, by borrowing the waves that returned, Snow roughly grasped the internal composition of the miniature aircraft carrier bug. Before the aircraft carrier bug could adapt to the changes, Snow instantly changed the frequency several dozen times. Each time the frequency was altered, a miniature intelligence chip inside the aircraft carrier bug would explode as a result. In less than a tenth of a second, of time, this miniature aircraft carrier bug was completely paralyzed, but its propulsion, projectile, retrieving, and maintenance systems were still perfectly preserved.

Snow was extremely proud of its attacks. It couldn’t help but release a silent high frequency roar into the sky! This was what it learned from endless historical materials. Those from the olden era, especially the heroic figures from before the middle ages, whenever they did something they were proud of, they would always roar towards the sky to express themselves.

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