Book 6 Chapter 30.1

Book 6 Chapter 30.1 - A Chaotic End

War often erupted unexpectedly, and it often quieted down unexpectedly as well.

More than two hundred kilometers from Dragon City, a run down off-road vehicle was currently moving forward with great difficulty, the several dozen bullet holes on the car demonstrating just how intense of a battle it had just experienced. The road was rugged and uneven, the off-road vehicle’s engine continuously releasing abnormal rumbling sounds as it trudged along, dragging its ruined body at a turtle speed of less than thirty kilometers per hour. At this speed, it would still be a few more hours before it would arrive in Dragon City.

Even though the body of the young man who was driving was burnt black and covered in injuries, his head of silver hair was still dazzling like a burning flame. He drove while grumbling and cursing. A while later, he finally couldn’t endure it any longer, shouting out without even turning around and saying, “Black Steel! You should just get off, your weight alone is already three times that of the two of us added together! If we continue like this, the bit of fuel that remains won’t be enough to bring us back to Dragon City! I won’t drive too fast, you can definitely keep up!”

On the entire back row of the vehicle sat Ben Curtis alone. Despite this, the originally spacious back seat still didn’t have much space left, to the extent where it even seemed a bit crowded. After this period of time, the captain’s build seemed to have become even larger than before, his muscles displaying even sharper lines, as if a piece of rough steel was forged with the roughest of methods.

When he heard Lafite’s grumbling, Captain Curtis only chuckled, pretending he didn’t hear anything. Helen sat in the passenger seat, her face pale, already fallen asleep. She looked extremely tired, frowning even while asleep, unknown what she was thinking about. She wore ordinary off-road combat clothes, her clothes dyed in large patches of blood. Judging from the damage on the combat suit, it seemed like the blood was hers.

Compared to Helen, regardless of whether it was Lafite or Curtis, their injuries were many times greater. However, Helen didn’t have any abilities, nor did she have any defensive strength, so even the shockwaves of Lafite and Curtis’ battle were enough to take her life.

Lafite grumbled continuously, but he was careful to control his volume to avoid waking Helen. His voice even more so gathered into a stream, moving around the layers of obstructions before being directly transmitted into Curtis’ ears. Curtis decided he might as well fold his two ears forward, completely covering them, acting like a scoundrel. Lafite sent his voice blasting straight at Curtis’ ears, relying on the vibrations of the ears and skull to make the other party hear his words.

Snow was laying in Helen’s embrace, tightly snuggling up to her chest, her body continuously releasing heat. Its warm body made Helen feel extremely cozy, and as a result, she inadvertently hugged it tighter while sound asleep. Snow’s current form was already no longer small, even if its tail wasn’t included, its body was still close to a meter long. Its long mouth was covered in sharp teeth that looked extremely terrifying. Meanwhile, both Lafite and Curtis knew that these over a hundred teeth were actually even more frightening than how they looked, a single bite enough to easily tear apart five centimeter thick alloy plates. Right now, Snow’s mouth was currently continuously wriggling about, chewing at a piece of metal plate. This metal plate’s characteristics were quite special, even after being chewed on by Snow for a long time, it still only changed shape, not ripping apart. One had to understand that after all this time, even a top level alloy armor plate would have long been chewed through and eaten by Snow. Occasionally, a drop of saliva would appear by Snow’s lips, but it would be absorbed by its skin again before it even dropped.

Lafite continued to grumble continuously, but the corners of his eyes captured every movement Snow made. When he saw that a drop of saliva secreted out, his eyes couldn’t help but twitch. Lafite understood well how powerful the corrosive strength of this drop of saliva was; if it fell, it could easily eat away the floor of the vehicle, far more powerful than the various acids in existence. Moreover, Snow’s saliva’s composition was still continuously changing. As it chewed the alloy, all types of components would be analyzed, and then its body would produce a liquid that could eat through it. When needed, not only its teeth, its claws would similarly carry corrosive liquid, to the extent where even the surface of its body could secrete it.

If the previous Snow could be considered a vicious beast, than the present Snow was completely a nightmare, a nightmare that gave Lafite headaches. When Snow’s entire body was covered in corrosive liquid, it became a completely untouchable barrel of gunpowder, something that could only be dealt with through energy attacks or projectile methods. Meanwhile, Snow’s speed was extremely fast, the rigidity of its body long surpassing that of ordinary people’s, so not even Lafite could harm it with his energy attacks unless he used all of his strength. After living together with Snow all this time, it could be said that Lafite saw it grow from a young irregular creature to its present form that could be considered terrifying from any aspect. 

Lafite immediately tried his best to stop thinking about this, because Snow was Helen’s child. Of course, as for why Helen had this child who was clearly not human, Lafite wisely chose not to pursue this any further, especially after the ‘Clairvoyance’ Helen imitated completely crushed him. Moreover, he definitely wasn’t willing to associate Snow with the beautiful Helen. In reality, even if she wasn’t Helen’s ‘child’, Snow was extremely beautiful, at least from a biological perspective. It could perfectly adapt to this world’s surroundings, it was strong, intelligent, fierce, and possessed wisdom, not having any flaws. However, it was still Helen’s ‘child’, so Lafite had too many reasons for disliking it, to the extent where he hated it. It was because of the word ‘child’, apart from signifying a mother, it also signified a father. Who was Snow’s father?

For no reason, Lafite thought of Su again, and he knew that Su was Snow’s father. Even though this was a completely baseless speculation, he just knew this was the case.

Snow finally chewed through the alloy plate, completely devouring all of the particles, and then released a satisfied whimper. It stretched out its body, and then looked out from Helen’s shoulder. Its compound eyes gave Curtis who was sitting in the back a look, and then it released a light cry. Curtis’ large mouth cracked open, quietly chuckling, and then he reached out his hand towards the trunk, removing a sheepdog sized badly damaged mechanical bug, handing it over to Snow. Snow released a cheer, and then its blades moved like lightning, piercing the mechanical bug and dragging it over.

When Lafite saw this scene, he couldn’t help but stop them. “That is an experimental specimen Helen prepared for examination! You cannot eat it!”

However, his words were already too late. Snow had long bitten down, biting off a small half of the mechanical bug, starting to chew at it with crackling sounds. The sounds of sharp teeth grinding against metal were earsplitting, making one’s teeth become sore from listening to it. Moreover, to prevent Lafite from stopping it, it even hid to the other side of Helen so that if Lafite tried to do something, he might very well rouse Helen awake.

Lafite helplessly shook his head, and then continued driving forward. Only, before they moved that much, his mind suddenly trembled, immediately stepping on the brakes! The off-road vehicle came to a screeching stop, the two wheels about to leave the ground, but they still stopped in the end. Several dozen streaks of high energy beams poured down like rain from the skies, drawing out deep grooves on the ground one after another. 

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