Book 6 Chapter 3.8

Book 6 Chapter 3.8 - Revival

Madeline continued, as if she didn’t hear what Persephone said. “Later on, I entered the Town of Trials as the empress ordered. At that time, I had secretly sought you out, and also wept greatly, the first time I’ve ever cried. Back then, your encouragement gave me courage again, and I also learned how to make them fear me, which was to kill all who dared rebel. Meanwhile, the first one I killed, was the most powerful of the original three giants, a dark saint. When the Trials Division finally became mine, I killed even more, killing until everyone began to fear me, with even Piccolo and Mitchels going into hiding. It was because you told me that the more I killed, the safer he would feel in the future. I know that you really said that for my good, because it has already been proved that what you said was correct. Then afterwards… you brought him back to the Black Dragonriders.”

Persephone stared fixedly into the deep night sky, as if she was looking at Su who was who knew where. With a gentle, soft, and blessed voice that didn’t carry any regrets, she said, “From the experiences you told me, I knew that he was a man who was worth obtaining regardless of the price, even if I had to use any means fair or foul.”

Then, Persephone turned around, looking at Madeline and saying, “Madeline, I…”

Madeline cut her off. “Apart from this, there are no other reasons?”

“There are. I was jealous.” Persephone calmly admitted. 

Madeline suddenly took a deep breath, and then she heavily exhaled. Following this somewhat childish movement, she seemed to have released a lot of her pent-up frustrations and repressed emotions. She revealed a faint smile, her smile extremely charming. At this moment, it was as if the entire mountain region brightened. 

“Older sister.”

When she heard this address she hadn’t heard for a long time, Persephone was clearly startled, saying, “You…”

As if nothing happened, Madeline said, “It’s nothing. What you’ve done for him, even if it was just half, is already too, too much. Being found by you is also his luck! He… never had such good luck before. Now…” 

When she spoke up to here, Madeline suddenly stopped. Persephone picked up on something with her woman’s intuition, immediately asking, “What happened to him now?”

“He encountered an extremely terrifying enemy, separating from us. Right now, I only know that he is still alive, but I don’t know when he can come back.” Madeline’s complexion became slightly dark, her voice also becoming a bit flat. However, this instantaneous change in her expression was captured by Persephone.

How intelligent was Persephone? She stared at that unchanging scar on Madeline’s face, her entire body suddenly becoming ice-cold!

“You said… that he is still alive?” When asking this, Persephone didn’t look at Madeline, instead turning her head and staring at the mountains on the other side. However, her shoulders continuously trembled, completely uncontrollable.

Madeline remained silent for a long time before deciding to speak. “It is quite likely. After all, he isn’t someone that easy to kill.”

When she heard these words, Persephone instead calmed down, asking, “Then what are you planning to do now?”

Madeline pointed to the west and said, “In that direction is where his subordinates and the other woman are. I want to find them, kill all of the surrounding hidden enemies, and then… come back to participate in the parliament’s war!”

“When you return, count me in.” Persephone said indifferently.

“No.” Madeline directly rejected, moreover not giving Persephone any chance to retort. “If you die, what about the child?”

As she watched Persephone sink into a state of silence, Madeline spoke with a vague proudness and coldness, “When I return, even if I am the only one left, it is still enough to make Bevulas regret ever giving birth to that stupid son!”

Not fearing what Persephone would say, Madeline suddenly laughed, raising her hand, and then pointed at Persephone with a pistol stance, saying, “If he comes back, and I haven’t died yet, then, I want you to step aside once for me!”

“This…” Persephone’s expression immediately changed. Her high levels of Mysterious Fields intuition told her that it was best to reject Madeline’s request. However, before she could speak, the young lady already pulled out the heavy club from the rock, heading west, only borrowing the night wind to transmit words that reflected her unique personality. 

“Then it’s settled!”

Madeline’s figure disappeared into the darkness in the blink of an eye. Cirvanas chased a few steps after her, but didn’t dare continue pursuing her. He gazed towards the young lady’s now already gone rear figure, his face full of anxiousness and helplessness.

Persephone watched all of this, releasing a sigh, and then saying, “You aren’t going to hurry and follow her? If you wait any longer, you might not be able to catch up anymore.”

“But, older sis… no, will she still want me to follow her?” Cirvanas looked at Persephone. It was clear that he already had no idea what to do. 

Persephone couldn’t help but laugh, and then she said, “Just go, she won’t feel true anger. That thing with defiling first and then killing wasn’t anything serious. However, she didn’t scare the enemy off, scaring you instead.”

Cirvanas’ eyes lit up. “Really?!” Before waiting for Persephone’s reply, he already activated his abilities, chasing after Madeline with full speed. 

Persephone shook her head while smiling, but the smile on her face gradually froze. She stood there in a daze just like that, standing for who knew how long. She only knew that the light of dawn rose again, gradually brightening, revealing another gloomy day. Then, dusk fell again. When she woke up from her sense of loss, darkness fell again. 

At the edge of the cliff, in front of the mountains, Persephone sat there, her left arm supporting her body, right hand fiercely clawing at her long gray hair, tears finally flowing. 

She sobbed uncontrollably, crying out, yet no echo sounded between the mountains and valleys. It was because her weeping couldn’t produce any sound. 

However, before this silent pain, the world finally responded. 

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