Book 6 Chapter 3.7

Book 6 Chapter 3.7 - Revival

When the energy light pillar crossed the sky, Madeline knew that she had been fooled. The true power of the energy pillar was less than a hundredth of the power she felt from the energy gathering. This was Pandora’s final trick to deceive the enemy, her dying counterattack and fleeing method. However, despite this being the case, if the energy light beam struck her head on, Madeline would be heavily injured even if she didn’t die, the areas that were struck even more so vaporized under the ridiculously high temperature. She didn’t even know if the important parts that were lost because of this, for example, her arms or legs, had a chance of regenerating. Meanwhile, Pandora was already high in the air. 

Madeline definitely didn’t believe she didn’t even have this bit of precision. 

Persephone released a groan, struggling as she climbed to her feet. Madeline left behind a hidden blow when throwing her out, long calculated that she would jump out, only leaving her with enough strength to jump to Madeline, yet unable to touch her, a position that offered the greatest area of protection. 

Persephone felt a slight numb sensation from all of her bones, a great feeling of limp and painful powerlessness. All of her muscles were shaking uncontrollably, making it hard for her to even raise a hand. Persephone couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with shock; she understood Madeline’s combat strength well, but she never expected that it had already reached this degree. At that time, Madeline only lightly tapped her body, yet it was already enough to make all of her bones shake, immediately breaking down her ability to move. 

Pandora already left. Cirvanas was still laying on the ground, not moving at all, as if unknown whether or not he was still alive or dead. However, his back that was trembling uncontrollably sold him out. 

“Cirvanas…” Madeline calmly spoke, immediately making him jump up from the ground, standing perfectly straight. However, he didn’t dare meet the young lady’s gaze.

Madeline didn’t display any anger or other emotions, only indifferently saying, “Back then, you promised to follow me until you gave up your life. Since you were even willing to give up your life, how could you not even dare do this small thing?”

“Older sis, I…” Cirvanas didn’t know what was proper to say.

“Don’t call me older sis anymore.” Madeline coldly cut Cirvanas off, and then she looked at Persephone, saying, “Let’s go over there.”

Boom! Following a muffled sound, Madeline who was standing at the very top of the mountain thrusted the heavy rod that was already completely deformed into the earth surface. Before her terrifying strength, the sturdy rock seemed incredibly fragile. 

Madeline stood there calmly, her long gray hair dancing about in the night wind, bits of stellar radiance flying out from her hair, sparkling in the air, only gradually disappearing after fluttering about for a long time. The mountaintop that had just experienced a great battle became even more rugged, the warped heavy club also looking especially sinister. Meanwhile, under this type of environment, under the contrast of night, Madeline’s silhouette shed its valiant and ferocious exterior, revealing her soft side. 

Persephone walked over, standing by Madeline’s side. From behind, they looked like a pair of siblings, only, their temperaments were totally different. 

Only after a moment of silence did Madeline say, “Do you remember? The second year after I arrived in Dark Red Castle, you just happened to pay Dark Red Castle a visit. That was when we first met.”

“Back then, you were still an extremely cute little girl! I never expected that in just a few years, you would have become the Trials Division’s Dark Saint. You are the only true genius out of everyone I’ve ever met.” Persephone said. 

Madeline released a light sigh, saying, “You’re right… back then, I was just a little girl. However, including the empress, no one knows that from the moment of birth, everything I’ve experienced, everyone I’ve met, I remember it all.”

The young lady’s voice became quiet and soft, but the contents made Persephone’s entire body shudder!

Madeline continued, “Inside Dark Red Castle, aside from Dyke Avidar, I couldn’t meet anyone else, and the number of times I saw the empress was also extremely few. At that time, I was always scared, and I didn’t know what I was scared of, which was why I frantically trained everything the empress taught me. During that entire year, only when she praised me would I feel a bit of security. In addition, the castle was extremely cold, my hands forever cold. This continued, until you came.

You treated me extremely well, often telling me things about the outside world, speaking about the things you experienced. Meanwhile, I told you everything as well. In reality, the experiences of a ten year old girl are quite simple, and all of my memories were related to him. I spoke about many, many things related to him, and I even drew pictures for you, within them what I had imagined he would now look like. At that time, you said that if O’Brien, who was focused on the arts, saw these pictures, he would definitely feel ashamed.”

When she spoke up to here, Madeline laughed somewhat self-mockingly.

Persephone sighed, and then said, “It is because I saw your picture that I immediately recognized Su the moment I saw him.” 

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