Book 6 Chapter 3.6

Book 6 Chapter 3.6 - Revival

The mountaintop suddenly became quiet.

Cirvanas’ head was so low it was almost touching the ground, while Persephone was completely engrossed with this young man whose exterior was basically a stunning young girl. She could obviously tell that Cirvanas was male, only, it wasn’t too clear from the outside. Meanwhile, what left Persephone a bit puzzled was the fact that she could sense Su’s aura from both Madeline and this young man’s body, especially Madeline. 

A clear smile appeared on Pandora’s face. She began to laugh, right now undoubtedly appearing extremely beautiful. Only, this smile appeared rather harsh and blinding. 

“Cirvanas.” Madeline didn’t even turn around, only indifferently calling out again. This voice that was...

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