Book 6 Chapter 3.6

Book 6 Chapter 3.6 - Revival

The mountaintop suddenly became quiet.

Cirvanas’ head was so low it was almost touching the ground, while Persephone was completely engrossed with this young man whose exterior was basically a stunning young girl. She could obviously tell that Cirvanas was male, only, it wasn’t too clear from the outside. Meanwhile, what left Persephone a bit puzzled was the fact that she could sense Su’s aura from both Madeline and this young man’s body, especially Madeline. 

A clear smile appeared on Pandora’s face. She began to laugh, right now undoubtedly appearing extremely beautiful. Only, this smile appeared rather harsh and blinding. 

“Cirvanas.” Madeline didn’t even turn around, only indifferently calling out again. This voice that was as calm as water immediately made the young man’s trembling intensify, but no matter what, he just couldn’t take the final step. 

Pandora suddenly laughed, giving Madeline a deep look, her eyes seemingly able to pierce right into the depths of those azure pupils. For some reason, Madeline was unexpectedly a bit scared of the black-haired young lady’s seemingly all-penetrating gaze, subconsciously avoiding it. 

“Since Su isn’t here, then I’m leaving.” Pandora spoke this sentence from her smooth and round lips. 

Want to leave? As soon as Madeline wanted to mock her, her expression suddenly changed. 

Heat suddenly erupted from a certain point in the depths of Pandora’s body, the tremendous energy appearing almost from nothing. In less than a second of time, that bit of warmth rose to several thousand degrees, and it was still climbing higher! In Madeline and Persephone’s perception, it was as if a sun was gradually rising within Pandora’s body! They called it a sun, but this wasn’t really an exaggeration, because that point of heat was already close to the surface temperature of the sun!

In that instant, Madeline already decided that there was no way to stop this process. If she forcefully attacked, a powerful explosion would immediately be triggered, and the explosive power would be similar to a small size nuclear weapon. Even if Madeline had a chance of surviving through this type of explosion, Persephone and Cirvanas would undoubtedly die. 

Madeline clenched her teeth, the large amount of evolutionary points she had amassed flowing like quicksand, filling up the ability vacancies that had long been prepared, immediately producing seven levels of speed. She shot out like an artillery shell, grabbing Cirvanas with one arm and then carrying Persephone by her waist before imitating Su’s Extreme Assault ability, her speed instantly nearing the speed of sound as she shot into the distance. 

Behind her, Pandora’s body already slowly rose into the sky. At the center of her chest was a blazing speck of light, the radiance almost penetrating her body, appearing incomparably blinding in the darkness. A tremendous amount of energy was gathering, moreover becoming more and more unstable, ready to release a great explosion comparable to that of a nuclear bomb. 

Self-detonation, was this Pandora’s final trick?

Madeline’s speed became faster and faster, meanwhile calculating Pandora’s power of self-destruction. She just needed 3 seconds, 3 seconds was enough! After three seconds, even Persephone would be able to endure the explosion’s power. Cirvanas’ constitution was special, he had a portion of Su’s characteristics; as long as his brain and nucleus were preserved, he could regenerate himself.

However, there was no way Pandora would give her these precious three seconds! 

Madeline’s face became more and more cold. She suddenly came to a rushed stop, flinging Persephone and Cirvanas outwards. When tossing Persephone out, she clearly paused for a moment, as if she felt some hesitation, but still ultimately tossed Persephone out. Persephone and Cirvanas were only flung out several meters, the location they landed in drawing out a perfect line between the three points. At the other end of this line, was Pandora. 

Madeline turned around, facing Pandora. She stood perfectly straight, and then opened her arms. When facing the heart of the explosion, this type of action was undoubtedly no different from suicide. The bit of radiance in the distance was already incredibly dazzling, to the extent where it illuminated this entire mountain region! Meanwhile, the long shadow cast behind Madeline perfectly covered Persephone and Cirvanas.


Persephone was shocked. She sat up, suddenly bouncing off the floor, throwing herself towards Madeline, wishing to drag her to the ground. However, the instant she exerted force, Persephone’s legs suddenly went limp, most of her body’s power disappearing without a trace. She only jumped out two meters before falling down, still ending up behind Madeline. Persephone still reached out her hand with everything she had to grab at Madeline’s feet and pull her down, even though this was most likely useless. However, when Persephone’s arm reached out to its limit, it still only barely made contact with Madeline’s leg. 

The energy finally erupted!

The final scene wasn’t the explosion Madeline had anticipated, but rather that Pandora’s chest suddenly opened up, the blazing energy stream shooting out from her stomach. However, the instant the energy left the body, the energy form suddenly underwent a change, turning into a half meter diameter, endlessly powerful blazing high-energy light beam, instantly traveling out several tens of thousands of meters, forming an enormous pillar of light that connected heaven and earth. The energy that was close to a nuclear explosion was restrained into a high energy pillar of light, the total energy that erupted also decreased substantially. However, despite this being the case, the power of this high-energy light pillar was still unstoppable! This was tremendous power that could easily blast through an aircraft carrier!

The high-energy light beam fired diagonally into the sky, the other end even penetrating the thick clouds of radiation, unknown just how far it reached!

The power of this strike already exceeded what ordinary ability systems could explain. The light pillar passed several meters over Madeline’s head, the exceptional magnetic field not only making her gray hair flutter about, it also made the crushed rocks and sand fly into the air, the blazing heat scorching her hair, making it curl. 

An enormous cavity appeared in Pandora’s abdomen, now pretty much only her backbone connecting her lower body, the outside of her body all burned into crystals by the high temperature. However, by borrowing the recoil of this energy blast, she flew backwards, immediately traveling several kilometers. When Pandora landed, she quickly disappeared into the darkness of night. Her speed of departure was unexpectedly still at nine levels. 

Meanwhile, the moment before she left, Pandora smiled towards Madeline, carrying an ambiguous meaning. Then, those small lips pursed together, unexpectedly blowing a kiss. 

With Madeline’s seven levels of speed strengthening, she already reached the level of an ordinary ability user’s nine levels. After a several hundred kilometers pursuit, she had quite the confidence in catching up to Pandora. However, since Pandora appeared nearby, it was quite likely that the apostle wasn’t far. Meanwhile, Pandora had previously called Persephone the seventh lamb, clearly the apostle’s target, so could she just leave her here?

Madeline hesitated for an entire second, and then finally gave up on the pursuit. 

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