Book 6 Chapter 3.5

Book 6 Chapter 3.5 - Revival

Pandora held Madeline in her arms. She released a light groan, and then her taut body suddenly became soft, only by leaning against Madeline could she prevent herself from falling. The two young ladies with entirely different styles displayed an ambiguous scene that made one spray out blood, to the extent where even the faces of both parties became slightly flushed. However, from Cirvanas who didn’t get up after collapsing as well as the blood on the corners of Persephone’s lips, it was clear that behind this charming and gentle scene was tremendous danger. 

A sweet feeling welled up in Madeline’s throat, a faint fishiness continuously surging, but it was forcefully suppressed by her. The powerful collision seriously injured Pandora, but the amount of injuries Madeline received wasn’t light either. The nucleus within her body was covered in bloody wisps, as well as fine cracks of varying sizes that continuously released bloody mist. Even the nucleus was injured, so her other organs were naturally even more so covered in injuries, half of her lungs also practically smashed to pieces. Only the piece of flesh attached to the nucleus wasn’t affected, the strange layer of force field around it almost impossible to damage. At times, Madeline even suspected if it existed in another spatial plane. Madeline knew that this was a fragment of Su’s Heart of Darkness, but after it attached itself to her nucleus, it became completely quiet, not displaying any activity. 

Madeline moved slightly, but this action only caused another mouthful of blood to surge. She forcefully swallowed this mouthful of blood down, but she ended up triggering a wave of intense pain in her chest. For her body that had undergone a complete transformation, the damage she suffered could already be considered extremely serious. However, the battle already ended, the energy system in Pandora’s body completely defeated by Madeline’s final attack. She didn’t look like she suffered any damage on the surface, but she didn’t even have the strength to stand on her own. Meanwhile, after losing her defensive ability, even a normal strong man could injure her. 

The moment it sensed this wave of weakness, the Heart of Darkness fragment attached to the nucleus suddenly pulsed, sending a copious burst of energy into the nucleus. After receiving the large amount of energy nourishment, the nucleus immediately began to quickly move about, starting to grow at a crazy speed, the injuries quickly healing one after another. After the nucleus was repaired to a certain extent, it began to release large amounts of cells with great vitality, starting to repair the damage to her internal organs. During this process, the Heart of Darkness fragment continuously poured energy into the nucleus, the amount of power that was produced quickly amassing to an astonishing level, as if what was stored within the Heart of Darkness was an endless energy source. Meanwhile, no matter how much energy poured out, the nucleus could convert it into all types of elements it currently needed, and at the very least right now, there was no upper limit to the amount of energy that could be converted. 

Madeline’s body began to undergo a great transformation, but she didn’t display any of this on the outside, only leaning down to gently place Pandora on the ground. She exhaled a mouthful of bloody air, knelt down on a single knee next to Pandora’s body, and then used her hand to gently wipe at the filth covering Pandora’s face, revealing the beautiful little face full of innocence and bewilderness. However, Madeline didn’t stop here, instead tearing off the black-haired young lady’s dress, completely exposing her body. Pandora’s body was glowing, soft, and pure, releasing a gentle radiance under the darkness. Moreover, her defensive strength that reached ten levels made every inch of her body fine and sleek like porcelain. Pandora’s chest wasn’t large, nor was it small, two faint red areas resting at the very top.

Madeline’s hands were ice-cold, continuously moving about Pandora’s body, exploring and sensing the mysteries inside her body. Pandora still had an entirely female body, but there was already a fundamental difference at the finest level of composition. This was especially the case with her bones; they were even lighter than composite material, yet their toughness and durability were comparable to any super alloy. Pandora similarly didn’t have a heart, the energy supply instead coming from several dozen organs similar to that of a heart, scattered throughout her body. In Madeline’s perception, Pandora’s body had many mysteries that were still waiting to be verified, but she didn’t have any plans to further understand her. 

She was different from Su, Su could absorb the genes of any creature and use them to strengthen his own body. Meanwhile, after Madeline underwent the third complete transformation, she already had close to a perfect body, what she needed to do was only to follow her own path of strengthening. Meanwhile, even though the Heart of Darkness fragment that had suddenly activated was a damaged fragment, she could still sense the tremendous, endless energy stored within! Moreover, this energy could be transferred as she wished, as long as it was to the extent the nucleus could support. This was greatly different from the restricted situation Su experienced when using the Heart of Darkness. For the young lady, it was extremely important for her to understand the Heart of Darkness’ use, as well as how to take advantage of the seemingly endless amount of energy, and not try to fish for more abilities out of greed. 

That was why, for Madeline, Pandora already didn’t have any uses. 

While examining Pandora’s body, Madeline’s azure eyes remained indifferent, apathetic without a trace of emotion. Touching Pandora’s naked body was like touching stone or wood. 

When she looked into Pandora’s eyes, Madeline said with an ice cold voice, “I recall that I previously said that if you let me see you again, it will be defile first then kill!”

Pandora’s breathing finally became a bit more smooth, but she still didn’t have the strength to stand up. She looked into Madeline’s ice-cold azure pupils, and then suddenly smiled, saying, “Alright then, where’s Su? Have him come then!”

The icy coldness in Madeline’s eyes was finally shattered by Pandora, a wave of killing intent suddenly flashing past her eyes. However, she calmed down again soon after, saying indifferently, “You don’t have the privilege of negotiating right now. Cirvanas!”

Cirvanas hung his head, summoning the courage to slowly walk up a few steps, his legs seemingly nailed to the ground. He stared at the tips of his own toes, his gaze not daring to shift towards Pandora’s naked body. Perhaps it was out of fear, but his body continuously trembled, stammering for a long time before finally squeezing out a sentence. “Older sis… I… right now… don’t, don’t like… women.”

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