Book 6 Chapter 3.4

Book 6 Chapter 3.4 - Revival

Suddenly light, suddenly heavy, the ever changing anti-gravity force field appeared in Pandora’s surroundings once again, interfering with her movements. What left her irritated was that Cirvanas’ support had clearly become stronger, now not only disturbing her offense and defense, but even able to, from time to time, amplify Madeline’s offensive power. This little insect who originally could have been completely overlooked had now finally begun to display usefulness. 

However, one couldn’t ignore the fact that there was still Persephone!

She joined the besiegement without any hesitation. In the beginning, she was also startled by the anti-gravity force field’s changes, moreover similarly receiving interference. However, soon after, she adapted to Cirvanas’ rhythm, to the extent where she even started to draw support from the gravitational field to strengthen herself. From then on, the only one who was affected negatively was Pandora alone. Meanwhile, what was even harder for Pandora to accept was that this seemed to prove that Persephone’s combat talent was also above hers. 

Bang bang bang! Muffled strikes continuously rang through the mountains, the ground surface made of hard rock continuously cracked, shattered, and then flew into the sky by the ravaging energy storm. Destructive energy ripples spread in all directions. Before this berserk energy, the rock was as soft as cheese. Cracks quickly extended into the distance one after the other. 

Madeline, Pandora, and Persephone tangled together, making it almost impossible to differentiate who was who. Each muffled strike represented an great energy eruption, everything within more than ten meters around the three of them becoming a region of death. Even Cirvanas who had fifth level defensive force fields had no choice but to withdraw to 20 meters away. If he got any closer, the chaotic energy streams flying everywhere might destroy his defensive force shield and tear apart his frail body. Cirvanas understood his role well, and as such, wasn’t greedy for accomplishments, instead gradually retreating. However, the gravitational field’s unpredictable changes never stopped. In this type of tangled fight, the gravitational field’s use was quite limited, but Madeline and Persephone definitely had the advantage. Even the smallest advantage might very well display decisive effects. 

As soon as the close combat struggle began, Pandora sensed that the situation wasn’t good for her. Madeline changed her style of combat, constantly forcibly clashing with Pandora, each time a clash of strength without any tricks. Even though Pandora occupied the upper hand, she was still struck until she rocked about unsteadily. If this was all, then Pandora still had confidence in seizing victory from a war of attrition, but there was still a Persephone to deal with!

Aside from her strength being inferior to Madeline’s, Persephone’s skill in close combat was unexpectedly not any inferior to Madeline, at the very least in Pandora’s eyes possessing overwhelming advantage. Persephone didn’t try to fight Pandora head on at all, instead continuously attacking at her center of gravity. Each time Pandora’s center of gravity was disturbed, Madeline’s heavy strike was bound to follow! Persephone and Madeline’s coordination was already not just well coordinated, it was simply like two sides of the gemini constellation! From time to time, Persephone’s attack would look like it didn’t display much use, but it actually cleared the way for her follow up attack, the following few strikes would often make it difficult for Pandora to control her body. Even though Persephone’s strength was far inferior to Madeline’s, it made Pandora feel even worse. 

After just a few seconds, Persephone seized the opportunity to raise Pandora, and then slammed her heavily into the ground!

This fall was a conclusive blow. Madeline seemed to have long foresaw this attack, the heavy rod roaring down. As soon as Persephone withdrew her hands, the interweaving steel beams already smashed down on Pandora’s legs! The tremendous force smashed open a several meter long crater in the mountaintop, while Pandora was buried deep underneath!

This strike landed on her weak point, and it also happened when the black-haired young lady’s entire body’s defensive power declined to its lowest point. Madeline finally heard the light sound of bones fracturing. Only, when Pandora’s leg bones cracked, what was produced was actually the sound of metal rupturing!

Madeline jumped to the bottom of the hole, raising Pandora up with one arm, and then sending a fist smashing down on her back. This fist carried her customary high frequency vibration, making Pandora’s entire body’s bones immediately vibrate in resonance. However, her body’s defensive strength exceeded expectations again. Madeline had originally thought that her fist could shatter a larger half of her skeleton, yet it was endured just like that, with not even a single bone breaking! It was to the extent where not even the already split open leg bone’s injury was worsened. 

Madeline’s face also became a bit pale, the tip of her nose starting to produce beads of sweat. Meanwhile, a new drop of blood appeared on that scar on her face. The fist she released just now exhausted close to a fourth of her stamina, yet it didn’t bring the battle result she expected. She clenched her teeth, and then with a fling of her arm, she suddenly tossed Pandora out. 

When the black-haired young lady flew out from the hole, Persephone suddenly appeared behind her back, using her elbows to press against her back, instantly stopping her momentum midair, and then immediately dodged horizontally. 

A strange and overcast roar sounded below the night sky. Madeline already rose from the pit like a demon god, in a flash already charging into Pandora’s chest, fiercely smashing into her! Meanwhile, the tips of her long hair almost brushed Persephone who was evading at full speed!

A muffled thunderous noise erupted once again under the curtain of night, the terrifying energy blast wave sending Persephone flying out. It was to the extent where even Cirvanas who was twenty meters out was affected, his defensive force field suddenly exploding. The young man’s face immediately flushed red, bits of blood also appearing at the corners of his mouth. Under Madeline’s incomparably ferocious attack, Pandora miraculously didn’t fly out, instead sticking closely to Madeline’s body. Madeline’s display of force was fierce and short, forcing the black-haired young lady to endure the entire attack. 

When the terrifying energy shock wave scattered, the battlefield suddenly became quiet. 

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