Book 6 Chapter 3.3

Book 6 Chapter 3.3 - Revival

Persephone was someone who clung onto life, but she similarly didn’t fear death. Not even she herself was aware just what kind of affect Su’s words back then had on the series of decisions she made later on. From that moment on, from when she brought Su back to the dragonriders, to when she owed a large debt to save him, and then to when the parliament seized her military rank, carrying his child and fleeing for her life while running a thousand miles, all types of things happened while she was escaping pursuit. All of this flowed through her mind like water at this moment. 

She released a light sigh deep down, only thinking, “Seems like I didn’t take advantage at all, instead suffering a great loss!”

Scorch was already on the verge of activation, but it wasn’t activated yet. The direction Persephone instinctively evaded towards was the trap Pandora had set. After those rocks collided in the air, they would change their trajectory, shooting towards where Persephone moved. However, when the crushed rocks collided together, one of them couldn’t endure the tremendous energy, exploding into powder with a bang sound! The other crushed rocks also changed their directions as a result, brushing past Persephone’s body, only leaving behind a few scratches. Even though there was blood that trickled out, these were just flesh wounds, not affecting her combat strength. 

This conclusion was was clearly outside of Pandora’s expectations. In reality, in this short and fierce battle, events that should only have a small probability of happening had already happened more than once. The black-haired young lady’s perplexed eyes revealed a forceful light for the first time, saying, “You actually have Strengthened Luck… no, Strengthened Luck can’t do this, your ability is True Luck!”

Every single person with True Luck were darlings of this world. 

Persephone stood up again, facing Pandora proudly, not giving an inch. True Luck could change one’s fate, but it couldn’t decide everything. For example, the great disparity in strength between her and Pandora was definitely not something luck alone could make up for. If it was before she had Su’s child, Persephone wouldn’t be feeling such despair. Before encountering Su, within those endless battlefields, it was unknown just how many experts fell before Persephone. Even though Persephone’s strength at the time wasn’t comparable to Pandora’s, she was well-known for her craftiness, able to set down countless traps for this somewhat naive black-haired girl to jump into. 

However, when she thought of that child she didn’t even have time to name, Persephone calmly accepted this conclusion. She wouldn’t feel regret. 

Scorch was still brewing, Persephone preparing to carry out a dignified embrace of death. Before dying she would do everything she could to injure the enemy. 

Pandora was undoubtedly extremely beautiful, and Persephone who had similarly experienced the smoke and flames of war was even more charming than before. When two beautiful women like these clashed, everyone would inadvertently compare them a bit inside. Meanwhile, on this aspect, Persephone had overwhelming confidence.

Persephone straightened her body. Just this change in stance alone already fully displayed her uncompromising pride and loveliness. Moreover, her chest that would already make men feel suffocated actually swelled again, making her loose short jacket seem like it was going to split open!

Pandora’s face became more and more pale, suddenly shouting coldly ‘I’m going to kill you!’ before reaching out her hand to grab Persephone’s neck!

However, as soon as her hand was raised, it froze in the air. The killing intent she felt behind her was like a scorching hot branding iron that was right next to her skin. She didn’t dare make any movement.

Persephone suddenly laughed in a somewhat indolent manner, saying, “See, turns out my luck was better than yours!”

Pandora’s expression became grave. She slowly turned her head, staring at the two figures who walked out from the darkness. Those were old rivals, Madeline and Cirvanas. What Madeline dragged wasn’t a heavy sword, but rather a steel beam. One end of it had been twisted until it became thin, used as a grip, while the other end were three steel beams forcibly twisted together into an extremely heavy club. Compared to the heavy sword, this weapon was more crude and barbaric, full of violence. When she saw the weapon in Madeline’s hands, Pandora became even more serious. Lastly, her eyes landed on the eye-grabbing scar on Madeline’s face. 

“What should we do?” Cirvanas asked with a low voice. After the recent experiences, he already quickly gathered killing intent.


After Madeline coldly said this, the terrifying three meter long heavy club left the ground, whistling through the air as it smashed towards Pandora’s waist!

Pandora frowned. She slightly leaned downwards, using her left hand to block the heavy rod’s strike.

Bang! A muffled noise that was so heavy it could make hearts drop rang into the distance. The heavy rod made of interweaving high-strength steel beams, diameter over half a meter actually became bent, while Pandora was pushed a meter to the side by the tremendous power, her feet drawing out two deep grooves in the mountain rock. With this exchange, Pandora discovered with shock that Madeline’s strength was actually already not too much lower than hers, already comparable to nine levels!

Pandora immediately sensed danger, the difference of a single level of strength not enough to compensate for the tremendous gap in combat art between Madeline and herself. Madeline’s strength was already powerful to the point where it could injure her. This meant that Pandora could not rely on reckless brute force to fight, let alone the fact that Cirvanas and Persephone were here as well. Persephone, in particular, would not only be a side character.

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