Book 6 Chapter 3.2

Book 6 Chapter 3.2 - Revival

Persephone’s figure flashed, already rushing in front of Pandora, brushing past her body. Pandora saw the pencil in Persephone’s hand stab towards her chest, and as such casually blocked. However, the instant she blocked the pencil, it turned and shot down, nailing itself firmly into her waist! The pencil wasn’t that sharp, but the energy attached to its surface was extremely strange, sharp as if it had substance, unexpectedly tearing through Pandora’s defenses, the fingertip penetrating an entire centimeter!

Pandora immediately raised her elbow and struck out, but Persephone had unexpectedly long dodged, moreover grabbing her waist along the way, making Pandora spin two whole circles in place. Before she stabilized herself, the pencil inserted into her waist suddenly exploded, the energy that was attached to its surface actually changing into sheets, the edges as sharp as tangible shrapnel! Moreover, the entire pencil core turned into an energy stream that was several thousand degrees in temperature, shooting towards the insides of Pandora’s body!

With a bang sound, a streak of blood shot out from Pandora’s side. When the blood congealed, an injury the size of a wine cup in diameter, depth as great as five centimeters appeared!

Pandora lowered her head to look at the injury, her originally blank expression finally changing a bit. Persephone only seemed to have about seven levels of ability, yet injured Pandora in their first exchange. This made Pandora think of another experience, the blue pupiled young lady whose abilities were similarly not particularly outstanding, yet possessed terrifying combat skill.

Ten meters out, Persephone was currently staring calmly at Pandora. She didn’t run, because there was no way she could outrun Pandora who clearly had nine levels of speed. Meanwhile, this distance wasn’t far or close, perfectly outside Pandora’s close range of attack, yet didn’t give her enough distance to accelerate. Just this choice in battle distance alone made Pandora’s expression become a bit more serious, finally no longer carrying that naive expression. 

The black-haired young lady’s figure flashed, rushing towards Persephone, reaching out her hand towards her chest in a simple manner. This was an extremely simple attack, but because of the absolute difference in power and speed, it possessed boundless power. Due to breaking through the sound barrier, her fingertips even produced a milky-white ripple! Persephone did everything she could to evade horizontally, and only then did she barely avoid this claw. She used her hands to fiercely smash against the side of Pandora’s arm, but as if she was struck by a speeding fire truck, her entire body bounced outwards, two bloody streaks even more so shooting out from her nose. However, the powerful seven levels of power, when smashed against Pandora’s arm, were just like an insect trying to attack a statue, unable to affect her arm in the slightest. 

Persephone’s hand reached out, grabbing Pandora’s arm, using it to prevent herself from flying outwards. Then, her astonishingly beautiful right leg was raised high into the air, instantly moving above her head. Afterwards, she turned her body halfway, pressing downwards, thus already crushing down on Pandora’s shoulder! The power her leg released wasn’t all that terrifying, yet it moved Pandora’s center of gravity, using the black-haired young lady’s own power to send her fiercely into the ground!

The hard mountain rock was immediately covered in cracks, half of Pandora’s body buried inside the rock layer. Persephone already removed the wooden branch from her hair, stabbing it towards the back of her neck with lightning speed! However, the wooden stick wasn’t the special pencil she was used to using, and as such was blasted into fine powder without any suspense. Meanwhile, the energy stream that was produced wasn’t powerful enough, unable to hack open Pandora’s skin, only leaving behind an unremarkable red dot on the back of her snow-white neck. 

The color on Persephone’s face began to fade. Being able to completely block the energy stream that was equivalent to seven levels of attack meant that the other party’s defenses had already reached ten levels! This was but a monster who could withstand a direct bombardment from heavy artillery! Persephone didn’t have time to think too much, the sudden feeling of danger making her instinctively jump off Pandora’s body, quickly pulling back. 

The crushed rock in Pandora’s surroundings suddenly erupted, and then she gradually rose upwards like a sorceress reborn from hell. While rising into the air, she casually flung her hand out, and then unparalleled power moved ten rocks, sending them with speeds that exceeded bullets at Persephone. This was a decisive blow! As long as a single rock struck Persephone, with only six levels of defense, she would be heavily injured. Moreover, she definitely didn’t have time to activate a defensive force field. If she wanted to avoid all of the rocks, in Pandora’s calculations, there was less than a 10% probability, this type of likelihood pretty much the same as not having any chance at all. 

Persephone’s face instantly turned pale. As long as she was struck by a single rock, her heavily injured self’s flexibility would inevitably take a sharp decline. At that time, she would completely lose the ability to resist, becoming a lamb waiting to be taken advantage of. As for what kind of conclusion lambs had, it was clear from the bag Pandora put down. From the outer shape and the bloody aura, Persephone was sure that what was stored within the bag were six human heads!    

She immediately pulled her body together and held her head in her hands, instinctively dodging towards the angle with the least stone pieces, carrying out a final struggle. Meanwhile, inside her body, a magic ability called Scorch was fermenting. As long as she was injured, Scorch would ignite her body, burning her body into charred coal from inside out. 

As a perfectionist and dreamer, Persephone had previously fantasized countless times about ways she would die, ranging between those that were heroic, sad, peaceful, and lonely. Meanwhile, being surrounded by a raging inferno like a phoenix being reborn inside of a flame, was also an acceptable method. However, regardless of which method it was, it was still better than having her head removed and treated like an experimental specimen. 

While between life and death, her thoughts suddenly began to drift about. She thought back to when she first met Su, what he had said back then: I want to live, but if I don’t have a choice, I don’t fear death. 

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