Book 6 Chapter 3.1

Book 6 Chapter 3.1 - Revival

The Arthur Family’s front line command that looked heavily defended on the outside but lax on the inside not only had tens of ability users defending the surroundings, there were also more than ten special forces members hidden. Meanwhile, outside the manor, there were only three small squads, fifteen soldiers in total patrolling about, the range of patrol less than a kilometer. In this era where snipers who could shoot from over two kilometers away were waiting around every corner, this bit of vigilance really wasn’t enough. 

However, when there were enough ability users, defense became a whole different situation. Long-distance sniper rifle bullets were easily stopped by the guards’ special alloy shields. When the abilities were of a high enough level, specially trained ability users even had enough time to rush up a few floors to block the incoming bullet. Even if short-range targeted guided missiles attacked this place, ability users with five levels or higher could use special high-powered machine cannons to blast them out of the sky. 

That was why to break through the front line command’s defenses, one had to either carry out a large-scale barrage of concentrated firepower, which definitely wouldn’t have great results, or use the better method, which was to use even more, even stronger ability users to slaughter their way in. 

Only ability users could defeat ability users. 

During the darkest moments before dawn, the soldiers patrolling around the manor couldn’t help but feel a bit tired as well, their minds unavoidably relaxing. They didn’t notice at all that not too far behind them, a young lady with a large backpack was quietly making her way through. When these soldiers’ patrol took them to the other side, the young lady then passed by from behind again, these soldiers still completely oblivious. When the hour long patrol mission was completed, this group of soldiers had passed right by this ghost-like young lady seven or eight times. 

Pandora circled the manor three whole times, but the perplexed expression she had on her face only deepened. She was now sure that there was something in the manor that she was interested in, but the closer she searched, the more she felt like she seemed to be right yet was wrong. Could it be that the sheep only had something to do with the people inside? If it was only this, she couldn’t directly enter the manor to look for this person. There were several extremely powerful auras in the manor, so not even Pandora had confidence in hiding from those people and secretly entering. While looking at that main building that still had quite a few lights still on, Pandora truly felt quite conflicted. If she raised the attention of the people inside, even if she could slaughter everyone inside, the injuries she would receive wouldn’t be light, and the task of reaping sheep she shouldered would also definitely have to be abandoned halfway. If that happened, she would face the apostle’s most severe punishment. 

Right when she was about to come to a decision over this dilemma, she suddenly sensed something, instinctively turning her head north. 

“Is it in that direction? Guess I’ll try my luck!” Pandora said quietly to herself, turning north and walking in that direction. She passed by a squad of soldiers again, the patrol still oblivious to her existence. 


A continuous mountain region began to appear in the north. The darkness of night surrounded these mountains, and even though it was close to daybreak, the darkness still seemed like it would never go away. 

A single figure stepped onto the mountain peak, the biting cold winds ruffling her long hair. Even though only a silhouette could be seen in the deep darkness, it was still enough to display her reserved, perfect beauty. This was a woman whose appearance could move hearts from just a single look. 

She wore a handmade pair of trousers that, even though the workmanship was crude, fitted quite well and even had a unique style. These trousers were stitched together with many different pieces of cloth, almost as if she sewed them together with parts from other clothing. Her upper body was covered in a similar style short jacket, one able to vaguely make out her full chest. Her long hair was winded above her head, held in place by a grinded piece of wood. A pencil spun about in her hands, only, it was already extremely short, barely enough to write a few words with. The face that was carrying both charm, intelligence, and even a hint of deceit concealed her true mood. If one only judged her based on her clothing material, she was not much different from a wilderness refugee, but the masterfully tailored clothes, as well as the unreplicable intelligent and wild temperament made her stand out from the masses, eye-grabbing even within an endless crowd. 

However, her deep gray pupils with wisps of green now no longer contained arrogance, naughtiness, or unruliness, only an unenthusiastic, sullen calmness after experiencing many things. Another hundred kilometers or so south rested the borders of the Arthur Family. Even though the Scorpions of Disaster stood in between, regardless of whether it was the concocted human soldiers or the commanders, neither of them posed her any threat. 

Everything in the past seemed to be within reach, but she knew that this distance was actually extremely far, far to the point where it could never be crossed. She couldn’t return, because she was Persephone, the fuse that detonated the civil war. As for just how deeply connected the war and Persephone really were, this was something everyone who was at her level of status actually understood well. However, if she returned to the Arthur Family, moreover publicly declaring her whereabouts, even if it was purely due to a matter of face, Bevulas would still attack the Arthur Family with full force, and not just put on an act like how he was right now. 

That was why even though it would take at most only two hours to return, she would still only stand here and gaze into the south. 

The night became more and more concentrated, the thick and heavy darkness circling about Persephone’s surroundings, gently embracing her. Even the frigid winds slowed down their speeds, carefully moving past her body. This wasn’t an illusion, but reality. Even since Persephone obtained True Luck, this type of scene often appeared. 

She suddenly sensed something, frowning and suddenly turning around, walking towards the mountain depths. After walking a few steps, Persephone suddenly stopped, her eyes gradually lighting up, the short pencil starting to spin between her fingertips!

Not far in front of her currently stood the black-haired Pandora. The black-haired young lady stared at Persephone, revealing a serious expression, and then lowered the enormous backpack onto the ground. Persephone’s eyes landed on the backpack, her pupils rapidly contracting. She could smell a faint bloodiness from this bag. She had long grown accustomed to slaughter and blood, but this wave of bloodiness made her feel extremely uncomfortable. The clothing around her body was even tightening around her, as if what was injured and bleeding was herself. 

“The seventh lamb was actually you… en, I’ll be able to return after obtaining you. Seems like my luck isn’t bad.” Pandora said. 

Persephone’s eyes lit up, her gaze more and more penetrating. “Sheep? So you were related to the apostle. However, bringing me away isn’t that easy. You luck isn’t bad, but my luck will only be better!”

Pandora widened her eyes and said, “You can’t defeat me, so please don’t struggle.”

“That’s still something we’ll only find out after fighting!”

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