Book 6 Chapter 29.9

Book 6 Chapter 29.9 - Ordinary

In the distance, a pair of binoculars were aimed at Su, capturing the entire scene. Only when the garage door was closed did the lens move again, landing on the corpses flung onto the garbage heap. The soldiers’ bodies were still extremely complete, without many traces of torture seen, but their faces were completely warped, giving away the unendurable pain they experienced before their deaths. These were all veterans! Normal injuries wouldn’t affect their combat strength at all, to the extent where they wouldn’t even show any signs of pain.

As soon as this was thought of, the hand that held the binoculars trembled slightly, and then became steady once more. The binoculars were slowly withdrawn, a skinnier male putting away the binoculars, and then borrowed the ruins’ cover to examine his surroundings. After seeing that there weren’t any abnormalities, only then did he withdraw from the small abandoned building he was hiding in, borrowing the faint light of dusk to hurriedly head into the distance. Several kilometers out, a robust and formidable-looking middle-aged man was already waiting. He wasn’t all that tall, sturdy, or fierce-looking, but a heavy bloody aura was continuously emitted from his body, this aura making the expression of the skinny male who hurried back change slightly, carefully maintaining a set distance between them.

“Jerry, how is the situation? Are those two delicate fellas easy to deal with?” The middle-aged man asked, his tone couldn’t help but reveal a bit of arrogance. 

“Extremely difficult to deal with, general. The testing group have already found them, but stayed inside less than three minutes. I wasn’t able to see the concrete battle process, but I am sure that there were no explosions, nor were there any gunshots.” The skinny male said respectfully.

The middle-aged man revealed a contemplative look, and then slowly said, “There were but eight of those fellas. Then that means they didn’t even have the chance to use their weapons, but were already wiped out?”

“This should be the case, also…” The skinny and short man was a bit hesitant.

“Also what?”

“The ones who died, there weren’t too many irregularities with their outer appearances, at most some small deformations, breaking a few bones, but their expressions before death were full of pain.” The small man chose his words carefully.

The middle-aged male’s cold expression immediately changed. “Those were all originally soldiers of the Roche Family’s Black Spider troops, with even two high level officers in their ranks. None of them are wimps, and only three minutes passed… are you certain you didn’t see anything incorrectly?”

“Definitely did not!” The small male was full of confidence, and in reality, the middle-aged male also had confidence in him. The situation reported by a scout with six levels of Perception Domain ability definitely carried persuasiveness. Only, if tonight’s circumstances were linked up to the intelligence they obtained before, then it would become information that really wasn’t all that joyous.

“The first two groups of people died in rather normal ways, at least that’s how it looked from the outside. The abilities of this group of people far exceeded the ones before them, yet they died so miserably… could it be that he did this just for us to see?” The middle-aged man’s expression also became a bit ugly to look at.

The small and skinny male immediately said, “It might not necessarily be us, I’ve detected as least four or five other parties in the surroundings during the past few days. There might be one formidable individual who might have discovered me, but the others are all newbies!”

The middle-aged male’s complexion eased slightly, and then he said, “Forget it, let’s give up on this place. Who knows, he might have already noticed our existence, so we can’t take the risk. If we leave now, he might be too busy with the others to bother with us. Someone who can instantly get rid of those eight from the Black Spiders isn’t a person we can provoke right now.”

“However, if we can gather everyone, it’s not like we can’t get rid of those Black Spiders.” The small and skinny male spoke in a somewhat unwilling manner.

“What you said is correct, however, we have no way of preventing the Black Spiders from even firing a single shot.” The middle-aged male said coldly, immediately waking that small male. However, this skinny male still found this a bit difficult to accept. After all, even if the male and female pair were penniless, they themselves were priceless. As a result, he suggested with a quiet voice, “General, what if we pass on the intelligence to other organizations? We should be able to make quite a bit this way.”

The middle-aged man thought for a bit, but he shook his head, and then said, “Don’t do such meaningless things. We will immediately withdraw. I have a strong feeling that this place is currently becoming more and more unsafe.”

“But where can we even go? The chairman’s army is everywhere, and the empress doesn’t care about us at all!” The small and skinny male clearly carried great complaints.

The middle-aged male hesitated for a bit, and then he set his resolution. “We will rely on the chairman. Even though we are already in the final stages of war and it is impossible to obtain any benefits, we’ll at least be able to continue living.”

The small-built male thought for a bit, and then said, “Your distinguished self has the final say, general.”

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