Book 6 Chapter 29.7

Book 6 Chapter 29.7 - Ordinary

In the wilderness, there were abandoned small towns everywhere, but within the Blood Parliament’s territory, many of them were recently abandoned due to the flames of war. The soldiers scattered about from the war didn’t have much discipline to speak of, and ability users almost didn’t have any restrictions either, so as long as one’s abilities were more powerful than the other party, the damage from defeated roving leftover soldiers was even greater than that of the war itself. In addition, unlike the olden era, several ability users alone were enough to destroy a small town.

However, at this moment, a small town that had most of it burned down seemed to have developed a bit of life. Inside of a gas station, a diesel fuel generator was currently rumbling, the electric power it produced bringing warmth to the room beside it, also powering an electromagnetic furnace. This was quite the large room, remodeled out of a car repair workshop. The inside was completely swept clean, and there was even a small kitchen inside. The room was filled with the smell of food. Inside of a flat-bottomed frying pan, eggs, vegetables, and spices were flattened into a pancake, currently slowly being pan fried, the waves of enticing fragrance coming precisely from this. Meanwhile, the cook was a woman, long gray hair winded above her head. Even though her tall figure was dressed in the most simple and unadorned clothes, she was still incredibly enticing. She was fully concentrated on the flame, as if this was the only thing in this world that was still worth her attention.

Footsteps sounded behind her, and then a pair of strong arms moved around her waist. With a slight bit of force, she took advantage of this to lean back into the embrace of the one behind her. The male behind her leaned forward, his head of light blonde hair fluttering about, covering the side of her incredibly beautiful face, and then gave her face a light kiss. A ray from the setting sun passed through the window, perfectly landing on the two of them, leaving behind an extremely beautiful scene.

Persephone and Su, even if they were placed in the great river of history, they would leave behind a silhouette.

With a pa sound, Persephone slapped Su’s hand that was lazily placed around her waist, and then with a snort, said, “Go! Stay obediently over there, or else you won’t get anything to eat!”

“It’s enough if I just eat you.” Su said right by her ears, showing no intention of leaving.

Hmph! If you disturb me anymore, you won’t have anything to eat!” Persephone was extremely fierce, but her face still carried a smile. Su obviously wasn’t willing to let go, so he was then given a fierce kick by Persephone. This kick was extremely heavy, carrying at least ten tons of force, sending Su out just like a sheet of paper, fluttering out. After tumbling a few times in the air, he then gently floated down. This foot that could kick apart cement, when sent at Su’s body, was just right.

“That is hard to say! I plan on having a taste of both, you know?” Su moved over and stuck to her again in a somewhat lowly manner. Right when Persephone was about to teach him a bit more of the ‘lesson’, Su’s expression suddenly became serious, unknowingly releasing a bit of killing intent. Even though Persephone was still smiling, she also seemed a bit unhappy.

“Don’t feel so agitated.” Persephone rubbed her face gently against Su’s, and then even gently bit down. Su smiled, not saying anything, but the corners of his face became extremely sharp.

Sigh, fine then, do what you want.” Persephone raised her hand, patting Su’s face.

Waves of strong motor rumbling sounds could be heard from the distance, two off-road vehicles filled with bullet holes passed through the small town, stopping outside of the gas station. Seven or eight soldiers covered in injuries and smoke jumped off their off-road vehicles, looking like starving wolves that saw blood. They raised their various weapons, chatting and laughing as they walked through the gas station’s thick entrance.

The smell of food stimulated their minds. A robust man carrying a heavy machine gun chuckled and said, “I never expected that not only would there be people here, it seems like there’s even some cooking skills! It’s better if we don’t kill and eat this type of person, better to leave them behind for other uses. Of course, if there is a woman, that is even better.”

The surrounding people all roared with laughter. There was even one person that said with a loud voice, “Aren’t you dreaming too much?! As for the women who still dare to stay in this kind of place, even you should know what they look like. When the time comes, you’ll be the only one to enjoy yourself, you have to at least go for an hour!”

The robust man released a pah sound, spitting out a heavy clump of spittle. His mouth muttered something, but he didn’t dare reply to these words, gloomily kicking open the entrance with a foot.

Crash! The door welded from steel reinforced bars opened, but miraculously didn’t separate from the door frame, to the extent where it didn’t even distort. The robust male entered first, the first to clearly see the situation inside. He was immediately stunned!

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