Book 6 Chapter 29.5

Book 6 Chapter 29.5 - Ordinary

O’Brien was momentarily stunned. “You are talking about the child? This is obviously not a problem, weren’t you unsatisfied with the first few times? Perhaps after the war ends, we will have an extremely smart child.”

Eileen shook her head and said, “It doesn’t have to be smart, it is enough as long as we have one. Afterwards, our agreement will end.”

“You are leaving?” O’Brien really was shocked this time.

En, after the war ends, it is time for me to leave as well.” After speaking her mind, Eileen seemed to feel much more relieved. She gave O’Brien a careful look, as if she wanted to remember every detail about him, and then said, “After all, I used to be someone on Bevulas’ side, previously helping him kill many people. After he is defeated, those enemies will all come looking for me. Even if they don’t immediately act out, they will still bring you quite a bit of trouble. This is just how politics works. Even though I do not like it, I understand it. Also, once the war ends, you should be able to find Madeline’s whereabouts too. The current you is extremely remarkable, and also extremely outstanding, not inferior to Su. I believe that you have a good chance of obtaining her. Only…”

“Only?” O’Brien asked with a smile.

Eileen released a light sigh, and then said, “Your body, especially your heart, already reached their limit, so you have to watch out. I’ve already done everything I could, there’s already nothing else. If your heart receives any greater burden, I fear that you… only have three more years to live.”

O’Brien revealed a faint smile, saying, “A lot can be done in three years.”

Eileen stared at him, suddenly displaying a beautiful smile and said, “If you die after three years, Madeline will be someone else’s. You have to properly think things through!”

“I’m not that easy to kill! Don’t worry, I will properly continue living, not for Madeline, but for you and our agreement.”

O’Brien’s answer made Eileen’s entire body shake. She looked at him in silence, her voice trembling slightly, asking, “What… do you mean by that?”

O’Brien laughed rather mischievously, saying, “As for what I mean, wait until after the war ends and I’ll tell you. That’s why you have to properly continue living as well.”

“Of course!”

Inside a strictly guarded room within the Blood Parliament’s biochemistry laboratory, the light screen suddenly flickered with large amounts of data. Then, a progress bar reached its end, one of the four breeding tanks leaning against the wall connected up to a power source, and then several hundred self-tests were carried out. When the entire self-examination process was completed, the several dozen test tubes surrounding the breeding tank completely drained, the liquid stored within them emptying into the breeding tank. It was as if a fire was lit beneath the breeding tank, the liquid starting to boil. A small chunk of flesh began to quickly condense, moreover rolling about and continuously enlarging, becoming fist-sized in the blink of an eye. The several thick electrical cables connected to the breeding tank were were powered up, and then a tremendous amount of energy was sent in, the breeding tank absorbing it like a black hole, making the entire experimental laboratory base’s lights dim. With sufficient energy supply, the flesh piece in the breeding tank grew at lightning speed, quickly forming the embryonic form of a biological body.

Soon afterwards, the roof of the breeding tank was opened, a strange creature walking out from within. It had two reverse-jointed limbs, and at their ends were long blades. It opened its four compound eyes, examining its surroundings in a somewhat blank manner, and then staggered forward a few steps, arriving before the light screen and carefully looking at the rows of data. It then walked up to a mirror on the wall, carefully looking at the reflection of itself. It stared for a whole few minutes, and then raised its left arm to examine the blade at its end. With a low beast-like voice, it said, “It only took one hour and fifteen minutes to make a new body, it seems like my power has increased again. This blade, is it an essential weapon of a high level life form? I can sense its power, en, the inner composition is completely different from known creatures, if force is exerted…”

It looked all around, and then walked up to a heavy apparatus, the blade hacking down like lightning! The instrument was silently split in half, the centimeter thick alloy envelope abnormally smooth. It was clearly extremely satisfied with this result, continuing to say to itself, “... it could cut through the highest level alloy as expected. Only, right now, the increase in power is a bit slow, inconsistent with the calculations, what exactly is the reason? Based on my calculations, these genes shouldn’t have a limit to their evolution, and right now, I…” It looked at its own body again, “... might not even have the strength of eleven levels. Why can’t I feel the increase in strength? Could it be that I should’ve made my blood even purer?”

It paced back and forth around the laboratory, appearing vexed and uneasy. A moment later, it finally made a firm resolution. “As long as I have powerful strength, whether or not there is any of Gardner’s blood left isn't important! It is enough as long as I remember who I am!”

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