Book 6 Chapter 29.11

Book 6 Chapter 29.11 - Ordinary

Time quietly flowed on, the lighting in the garage flickering between bright and dark, the shadows tangling together never separating.

The sky darkened, and then it brightened again.

The intense battle had just ended, but the atmosphere was still full of a great charming and gentle feel. Su laid on his back, his line of sight already passing through the ceiling, unknown what he was thinking about. Persephone laid there lazily, her naked body beautiful to the point where one almost couldn’t stare straight at her. Even though her abilities were powerful, the suppression and resistance process continued for an entire night, leaving her completely drained. This was already the end, definitely not some break for rest. Of course, if Su insisted on turning this into a battlefield, she had absolutely no way of resisting.

“I guess I’ll just enjoy it then!” She lazily thought.

Even though her body was weak and powerless, Persephone stuck closely to Su like an octopus to its prey. Her excessively full chest had no place to settle down, and as such, they might as well be placed on Su’s body. One hand was firmly grabbing Su’s genitalia, grabbing so tightly it was as if she was scared there wouldn’t be a tomorrow Her body was soft and smooth, cool to the touch. When pressed up against her body, one would feel a mysterious excitement, which was why Su remained forever hard and hot. He knew that this would make Persephone feel more at ease. 

A strand of light seeped in from outside the window, landing on the two of them, producing two perfect and endlessly enticing bodies. Perhaps the Adam and Eve of the olden era legends were nothing more than this. Persephone’s eyes were half opened, already on the brink of falling asleep, but she still never truly slept. A moment later, Su finally noticed this, and as such, gently asked her what she was currently thinking about.

“I am thinking about the future…” Persephone said.

“Future? When I defeat Bevulas, our future…” When he spoke up to here, Su couldn’t continue anymore. The final form of Bevulas he saw gave him a feeling of endless fear. In the end, his instincts erupted for the first time, completely seizing over his body, and then he immediately ran! If he had remained, perhaps Su would have truly died, unlike the Land of Rest battle where he would awaken and regenerate soon afterwards. How could Bevulas be this frightening? It was to the extent where the pressure he exuded already exceeded the apostle!

Su had already thought about this problem countless times, and his thoughts also provided him with a possible answer: Bevulas might very well be an existence of a similar origin as Su. As for what kind of existence he was exactly, he had no idea due to a lack of information. After dying under Bevulas’ hands, Su would still revive, only, it was unknown just how many hundreds or thousands of years would pass before then, nor did he know what planet he would end up being born on. Moreover, what would be produced at that time would be his instincts, or a new consciousness mixed with that area’s world consciousness, and not Su.

In other words, if that had happened, then Su could be said to have already died.

Almost a month had already passed since the battle of Waterfront Castle. The place Su and Persephone resided at wasn’t all that remote, close to the edge of the Blood Parliament’s territory. However, with Bevulas’ terrifying perception ability, if he couldn’t find it, then even if Su was standing right next to Waterfront Castle, he wouldn’t be detected. If Bevulas was pursuing him, even if Su crossed the great sea and fled to the olden world’s Eurasia, he would still be found. That was why it wasn’t all that important where he was hiding anymore. He was more than willing to spend the last bit of time with his loved one, waiting for the final battle to arrive.

Persephone was extremely smart, guessing quite a bit just from Su’s bit of hesitation. However, she didn’t considerately remain quiet, instead directly asking, “You can’t win against Bevulas?”

Su hesitated for a bit, but in the end decided to tell her everything as they were. Persephone was not only a pretty face, before bigger matters, she definitely didn’t lack decisiveness.

“In reality, I already fought a great battle at Waterfront Castle against Bevulas once. En, speaking like this is a bit unsuitable. In reality, as soon as Bevulas appeared, I immediately ran, not having any thoughts or strength to resist.” Su said with a bitter smile.

Persephone’s beautiful eyebrows locked together. She understood Su’s strength well, and even more so understood that his strength couldn’t be measured with the standard system of abilities. This meant that there was only one possibility.

“Twelve levels?!” When Persephone spoke these words, even she herself couldn’t help but gasp.

Twelve levels of ability was something Dr. Rochester had only theorized about when he was  formulating the ability system. Just like the difference between nine and eight levels, or ten and nine levels, above eight levels, with each increase in level, the difference would increase several-fold. Meanwhile, as a former dragonrider general and successor of one of the three great influential families. Persephone knew many of the Blood Parliament’s core secrets. For example, the reason why the Spider Empress took up long term residence in Dark Red Castle, not appearing again, was precisely to verify the existence of twelve levels of ability.

To leave Su who had eleven levels of Perception Domain with no choice but to run, only with twelve levels would something like this be possible. However, did twelfth level abilities truly exist? Eleventh level ability was already power on the level of gods, so what would twelve levels be like?

Su couldn’t answer Persephone’s question either. He only shook his head, saying, “Regardless of whether it is twelve levels or not, a final battle against him is unavoidable. All I can do right now is wait, wait until he finds me.”

Su gently caressed Persephone’s face, saying, “You don’t have to worry either. My strength is still growing during this time, so it isn’t like I definitely don’t have a chance to fight back. I might even have a chance of winning.”

His words couldn’t comfort Persephone at all. She instead gritted her teeth, supported her incredibly tired body, and then moved on top of Su’s body, slowly taking in his hard and hot thing, beginning to move.

“Phoney?” Su sensed that she was acting a bit strange. Persephone was still extremely weak, her remaining stamina less than even that of an ordinary person’s, but right now, her body was hot like there was a flame ignited within her, and she even more so used all of her strength to move, every motion able to bring Su straight to heaven, and then down to hell. Only, like this, she might fall extremely ill afterwards.

“Phoney!” Su grabbed her waist, temporarily stopping her from moving. Persephone didn’t struggle either, instead looking straight at Su, asking, “Are you going to have to fight a decisive battle against Bevulas soon?”

Su was momentarily stunned by this question. His instincts were vaguely telling him that this battle was unavoidable, and it was going to come quickly. However, before Persephone’s bright eyes, he couldn’t lie, and as such, he could only sigh, and then nod his head.

“Then how confident are you in returning alive?” Persephone stared at him, not relaxing in the slightest.

Su hesitated once more. After thinking for a long time, he said, “30%, maybe a bit less.”

“Since it’s like this, then let go! Let me properly enjoy myself!” Persephone was practically ordering him now.

Su revealed a bitter smile, and then he finally let go, allowing Persephone to completely immerse herself in this. He gradually let everything go as well, letting the moment of passion engulf him.

At this time, only a few people knew that Bevulas, the former chairman of the Blood Parliament, had already entered eternal sleep before Dark Red Castle. Perhaps this, was the deepest desire that had been buried at the bottom of his heart during all these years.

Inside the garage, Persephone was still dripping with sweat, her body even more so dyed in a layer of captivating redness. When she was about to rise to the peak of orgasm, she suddenly opened her eyes, looked at Su, and then said, “Su, you don’t have to worry about me. Even if you die, I will still properly continue living. I have to take care of our, as well as your other children.”

When at the pinnacle of despair and joy, one’s intuition would often become exceptionally sharp.

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