Book 6 Chapter 29.10

Book 6 Chapter 29.10 - Ordinary

As the two gradually disappeared into the darkness, the smaller male continuously voiced his grievances towards the empress. Under the cover of dusk, not far out from where the two were just standing and chatting, a rock suddenly flipped over on its own, a giant wasp the size of a fist crawling out from underneath. Its compound eyes that were flickering about continuously stared at the departing figures, only after a moment had passed did it rise into the sky, disappearing into the depths of the night. It didn’t follow them, because the order it had just received was that this wasn’t necessary. This wasp was less than ten meters from those two individuals, yet the scout who had six levels of perception didn’t notice it at all. However, this wasn’t the best way to describe the situation, to be more precise, it was that he already discovered this giant wasp, but he overlooked it. In his perception, the giant wasp’s biological reaction was extremely similar to ants hard at work underground. If he paid attention to even this level of biological reaction, then that meant that he had to process over ten thousand signals. For example, if the small-built male’s perception range increased by another ten meters, then the number of signals might increase by another order of magnitude. After all, on this planet, the various mutated bugs could be said to be the creatures that were best at adapting to their environments, their numbers even greater than before the war.

At the same time, everything the mutated giant wasp saw and heard already completely appeared in Su’s brain. Su didn’t divert even 1% of his attention to this scene, to the extent where the several dozen scenes that appeared at the same time in his brain didn’t even take up 1% of his attention. Right now, most of Su’s attention was focused on Persephone, a small half placed on the egg pancake on the dining plate. The egg pancake was extremely delicious, perfectly cooked even amidst the chaos. Persephone didn’t cook that much, but this didn’t hinder her exquisite culinary skills in the slightest. When intelligent people used a bit more attention, they could do anything extremely well. However, the challenge Su faced was extremely unusual. He had to concentrate all of his mind to prevent his excessively sharp perception abilities from interfering. For example, when a piece of the egg pancake entered his mouth and its chemical components appeared in his consciousness, no one would feel happy. Su even had to control his own body, and only then could he ensure that the egg pancake would smoothly enter the digestive cavity in his chest. Otherwise, before it even entered his throat, the egg pancake would already be completely broken down and absorbed. In reality, its fate when it entered the digestive cavity was the same, instantly being ignited by energy, and thus releasing the energy contained within to the greatest extent. 

“Does it taste good?” Persephone had one finger on her lower jaw as she looked at Su.

“You made it, so of course it tastes good.” Su replied with a smile.

Persephone released a snort, and then tapped the top of Su’s head with a scoop, and only then did she begin to work at her own plate. “Hmph! You’re getting better and better with words.”

Su held a fork in his left hand, calmly eating the food on his plate. Meanwhile, his right had reached over, quietly grabbing Persephone’s hand. She also held the fork in one hand, pretending as if nothing happened.

The evening meal was completed in silence. The sky had long grown dark, lights turned on in the room. Even though it wasn’t that bright, it was warm and comfortable. Under the lighting, Persephone’s face suddenly flushed with an abnormal redness. She could feel Su’s hand gripping tighter, the hand becoming hotter and hotter as well.

Suddenly, that joke that was made when the two first became extremely intimate entered her mind. Persephone was suddenly startled, and for some unknown reason, her fine hairs all began to stand on end. She didn’t think too much about it, the fork in her right hand already stabbing towards Su’s chest. At the same time, she got up, a knee striking towards Su’s underbelly.

Su’s hand was gripped extremely tightly, tight to the point where she couldn’t struggle free. Meanwhile, there was still a smile on his face, only, his expression became more and more passionate. His left hand moved slightly, and then Persephone’ attacks were already blocked. What followed was a powerful counterattack.

With a pa sound, Persephone landed heavily on the bed.

It seemed like both of them recalled that joke. This could also be considered a type of tacit understanding, right?

While watching the calmly approaching Su, Persephone’s heart was about to jump out of her chest. She began to feel flustered for some unknown reason, to the extent where she didn’t dare think about what was going to happen next. Her instincts made her jump out, and then throw herself at Su. She released a barrage of attacks, power surging crazily, but all of it aimed at areas of Su’s body that weren’t vital; these types of attacks wouldn’t hurt Su. However, Su’s speed suddenly became a bit faster, instantly sticking together with Persephone, and then she fell back down onto the bed.

Persephone bit her lower lip, stared straight at Su, and then with a voice that was somewhat trembling, said, “Su, let’s discuss something!”

“What is it?” Su didn’t stop, already arriving by the bedside with two steps, reaching out a hand to grab Persephone. She avoided him in panic, but still couldn’t avoid those evil fingers.

However, she was still putting up her final struggle. “I, I want to be on top…”

Su still pressed down. After he heard Persephone release a groan that was almost one of grief from her throat, only then did he say, “Sure, as long as you can win against me!”

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