Book 6 Chapter 29.1

Book 6 Chapter 29.1 - Ordinary

Night had already descended, but the low-hanging curtain of night couldn’t block the flames of war in the slightest, the intense explosions and raging fiery light lit half the sky ablaze.

In the raging flames and smoke, a black clad O’Brien walked out. Fire, wind, and lightning were continuously produced within his hands, ultimately gathering into a fireball that released both blue and red colors before firing out in all directions. The flying speed of the tennis ball sized balls of flames was shockingly great, and whenever they made contact with any obstructions, a ferocious explosion would erupt, the power unexpectedly not much weaker than that of heavy artillery. O’Brien’s face was just as handsome as before, but the previous naivety was now completely gone, the lines and corners also becoming much sharper and clearer....

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