Book 6 Chapter 28.9

Book 6 Chapter 28.9 - Time

The metal platform gradually brought Serendela’s ruined body to the mothership. Right at this time, the clouds in the distance suddenly began to violently surge, an abnormality clearly appearing from the ocean line. A bit later, it could be seen more clearly; this was a row of ocean waves that reached over twenty meters into the air! This scale of ocean wave was a devastating threat for any olden era navy vessel. The mothership’s engine began to rumble, and then the entire hull of the ship rose a hundred meters. All of the mechanical bugs capable of flight began to move around the mothership, the rest submerging deep into the sea. The metal platform began to speed up its withdrawal into the mothership.

When the ocean wave advanced a kilometer, it unexpectedly miraculously stopped. Meanwhile, the ocean water high up in the air only appeared...

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