Book 6 Chapter 28.9

Book 6 Chapter 28.9 - Time

The metal platform gradually brought Serendela’s ruined body to the mothership. Right at this time, the clouds in the distance suddenly began to violently surge, an abnormality clearly appearing from the ocean line. A bit later, it could be seen more clearly; this was a row of ocean waves that reached over twenty meters into the air! This scale of ocean wave was a devastating threat for any olden era navy vessel. The mothership’s engine began to rumble, and then the entire hull of the ship rose a hundred meters. All of the mechanical bugs capable of flight began to move around the mothership, the rest submerging deep into the sea. The metal platform began to speed up its withdrawal into the mothership.

When the ocean wave advanced a kilometer, it unexpectedly miraculously stopped. Meanwhile, the ocean water high up in the air only appeared even more frightening. A deep and bizarre voice rumbled out, “Fitzdurk! Why have you invaded my country, harming my child? Immediately withdraw from the frozen sea, leave behind what you seized, and then the two of us can avoid war.”

Several streaks of lasers were released from the mothership, producing Fitzdurk’s complete holographic image. The height of the image exceeded a hundred meters, the loftiness not losing out to the Lord of the Frozen Sea’s wall of waves. He sneered, and then said, “Pridekla, are you threatening me? I still haven’t questioned you for prying into Serendela’s body, yet you are threatening me instead? Do you still think I am the same as my past self when I didn’t recover my body yet? Right now, I, Fitzdurk, am already the complete Great Earth Lightning Apostle. If you wish to start a war against me, then I will be more than happy to accept this decision. Do you think that I have no ways of dealing with you just because you are hiding in the depths of the frozen sea? You have also seen my army now, and before my Starship Valhalla, you will understand that you, the so-called title of Lord of the Frozen Sea, is nothing more than an inferior reptile raised by this world!”

The frozen sea’s skies became momentarily silent, the atmosphere so cold it almost made one freeze. The ocean waves were rising layer by layer. Fitzdurk only laughed coldly, to the extent where he didn’t even move the warship higher, only the three alloy square pillars at the front of the starship occasionally flickering with electrical light.

After a momentary deadlocked situation, Fitzdurk frowned and said, “I still have important matters to tend to. If you don’t want to fight to the end, then let’s just end it here. However, I have to warn you that in the future, regardless of whether it is Serendela or the other apostles, you are not allowed to set your eyes on them. If you dare reach out your hands above us, then I will completely eradicate you from this planet!”

The Lord of the Frozen Sea didn’t say anything else, instead disappearing into the depths of the frozen sea. The wall of waves also gradually fell, the peak of the waves dropping lower and lower until it finally disappeared several dozen meters out. The mothership in the air began to turn around bit by bit, leading the swarm of machines back in the direction it came from.

Finally, Serendela’s ruined body was transported to Valhalla. Fitzdurk immediately exhausted a great deal of energy on her. Serendela’s body had long lost life, but many parts were still full of life energy. After placing her in the breeding tank, Fitzdurk used up an entire day’s worth of time to plan out her recovery. Forget about still having a larger half of her body to work with, even if there was only a small piece of flesh, the apostle could still restore her body. However, Serendela’s body’s degree of complexity was approaching that of even the Starship Valhalla, to the extent where the recovery process might be as long as a month, and it needed the energy supply of a whole spatial furnace, which was why this was something even Fitzdurk had to treat carefully.

A faint silver-colored culture fluid was slowly infused into the breeding tank, Serendela’s recovery process finally starting. This made Fitzdurk feel a mysterious feeling of excitement. When Serendela awakened, with him at her side to offer assistance, her instincts would definitely seize the upper hand again. Even if the consciousness that was affected by the will of this world still existed, it wouldn’t affect her purity.

However, after the cultivation started, Fitzdurk sensed a bit of abnormality from the sea of data, an insignificant but firm will was resisting the recovery process. This strand of willpower was extremely strange. It wasn’t powerful, yet it could connect intimately with Serendela, to the extent where it fused together. It could command and transfer Serendela’s power, yet didn’t belong to her. Moreover, Fitzdurk sensed that this strand of consciousness resonated with the will of the world, belonging to a part of this world.

In other words, it was the shackles that bound Serendela, at least a part of it.

Fitzdurk’s brows were tightly furrowed, fully concentrated on breaking down the data he received from Serendela. In the end, he confirmed the source of this strand of abnormal consciousness. This wasn’t work he excelled at, which was why he used up another few hours before completing it. Whenever he had to do these types of things, he would always long for the day when the brain was here. This bit of work, before the brain, would only be an instantaneous matter.

Fitzdurk’s eyes flickered with brilliance, and then he felt a wave of chilliness, his right hand even more so fiercely hacked down, as if he was beheading someone. This was a completely meaningless movement, but without doing this, there was no way for him to fully vent the rage surging from the bottom of his heart. Meanwhile, following this movement, several hundred mechanical bugs jumped into Serendela’s breeding tank, instantly completing a transformation. Seven sharp stingers reached out from the auxiliary installations, piercing at the young man’s face together! That delicate and handsome face immediately warped, clearly in extreme pain. He frantically screamed, yet he couldn’t open his eyes no matter how he tried, his mouth even more so unable to release any sound.

Countless bulges suddenly began to squirm about underneath Serendela’s skin, as if there were many small bugs hidden underneath, these bugs starting to eat at the young man’s face from the outside. He frantically struggled, wishing to swim away like a fish, but he was firmly nailed in place by seven steel needles, unable to budge an inch, and so he could only allow those little bugs to eat him. Serendela’s body was abnormally sturdy, and this was even more true for the young man’s face, which was why the the devouring process was incredibly slow.

On this matter, Fitzdurk had more than enough patience. This young man and Serendela’s relationship was extremely close, close to the point where it was enough to affect Serendela’s decision-making. The most important thing was that both him and Serendela were extremely intimate with the will of this world. Even though Fitzdurk himself didn’t have a way to completely eradicate this portion of Serendela’s consciousness, if it was just seriously injuring it, it was still something he could do, for example, killing this young man parasite within her.

Time flowed on slowly, but also extremely quickly. When the last bit of the young man’s face was devoured, he finally successfully released a faintly discernible cry. The miserable scream was extremely soft, about the same volume as that of a housefly’s buzzing, but it possessed inconceivable penetrative force. It was to the extent where even Fitzdurk on the other end of the control room could hear it, so clear it was as if it rang right by his ears. Before the young man’s miserable scream completely scattered, the entire starship suddenly released a heart-tearing lung-splitting howl! This time, the sound was incredibly forceful, making the entire starship tremble. The stream of data completely stabilized, countless small machines exploding in the air. However, Fitzdurk was long aware that things would be like this, so he already made preparations. The moment the stream of data was severed, the backup installations had already started up, several dozen syringes piercing into Serendela’s head, injecting a drug with powerful anesthesia and calming effects inside.

Finally, that miserable wailing gradually quieted down, and then the stream of data was reconnected. Meanwhile, Fitzdurk, who was controlling everything behind the scenes, revealed a complacent smile. However, he didn’t realize that this type of smile, in reality, already carried a powerful imprint of this world.

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